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Originally Posted by KaylaBeanie View Post
On the same note, I won't have those obnoxious "little man, tough guy, etc" type shirts for any sons. My poor sons will be hippies with long hair, baby dolls and purple's all part of the master gay plan, right?
You just described my son.

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Yep had those comments as well....sadly from family and strangers. I love the comment about his penis is going to fall off- to perfect!

My littlest kiddo is 2 1/2 almost 3 and he's got 2 older sisters and a brother...well the littlest- Jacen loves to be "pretty" and that includes MAKEUP (you can't say that word here or he has to have some lol) hair accessories, and for a long time he had long hair and loved to have it played with, finger nail polish, dress up and heels. He says HE is the prettiest girl in all the movies, lol, and will carry babies, stuffed animals and optimus prime (transformes) around in his sling and stop to nurse them all. He is also crazy- jumping, running, eating bugs/boogers/dirt- before I can stop him, and he loves all the "boy" toys as well.

I've wondered if he may be gay, but I doubt it. His dad says "Well, if he keeps it up with the makeup and hair he will make a killing! You know how many girls would LOVE to have a STRAIGHT and CUTE hair/makeup guy????" lol and if he's gay- he will always be Jacen. I will love him no matter what.

I too wish there were more boy dolls, toy strollers/prams, boy barbies (although there are boy TWILIGHT dolls in the barbie section....does that count??? yuck.) and just more boy colors for crying out loud! I am so sick of the cutzie pink goo goo gaa gaa baby dolls- yuck. Sigh, if only the toy manufactures would listen

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My son (almost 7) loves dolls. We've gotten many negative comments.

I have sometimes say (in response): "If a man carries around a baby and is nurturing to that baby, does that mean the man is gay?" Or I'll leave out the gay comment and add " that a bad thing?"

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We get those comments all the time. Both of my boys have dolls and baby slings to carry them in which of course yields comments. They asked for a dollhouse for Christmas last year, which was critiqued by many a family member. My oldest has decided to try a dance class this year and yes we get way more comments about that then his choices to try swimming, soccer, others "sports". My youngest has never had a hair cut and has beautiful long wavy hair. EVERYBODY tells us we need to get his hair cut (including the specialist at his last appt....ummm does that affect his health?), but the best part is that he now holds his head and says "no hairtut for me" anytime he hears someone say it. They love dressing up as princesses when given the chance with girl friends (hey what kid wouldn't love the sparkles), and both my boys can rock any jewellry, pink itmes, or painted toenails.
Seriously what kind of mother would I be teaching my children that their life choices needed to be based on the fact that they were born with penises, and not what interests them.

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the whole pink is for girls is nuts. if you do dress up a girl all in pink, people will still ask if she is a boy if she is bald! lol (my dd back when she was a baby)


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