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We saw Sesame Street Live last winter when DD was almost 4. She loved it (she's never been allowed to watch SS because I find it too flashy, but we have books with the characters)

There were plenty of younger kids there, but few truly enjoyed the show the way the older kids did.

It is much cheaper to get tickets to a show like that if you go directly to the box office. You pay insane fees if you buy through ticketmaster. Also the cheaper seats at SS live would have been fine. You don't need to be near the stage (I paid for the most expensive seats) If we go this year, I'll get the cheapest seats.

As for movies, we went to the movies for the first time this summer when DD was 4, and the mall offered free matinees of older movies. We saw Curious George, Clifford, and Veggie Tales. I am not taking her to Princess and the Frog though we have the books and dolls already. (I'm not a fan of disney movies)

Most of DD's friends went to SS live at age 2 and started movies around the same time. I think DD got more out of her experiences because she was ready. But every mom and every kid is different.
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Just tell her you think it is a little early for something so big. at least fr your child. and that you cannot wait until the kids are both ready for such a fun experiance andf to make such cool memories. then suggest a childrens theater or library story time/puppet show.

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My kid's probably pretty average on attention span, and my parents offered to pay for the 2 of them, the 2 of us, and her to go see Sesame St Live (about 30 per ticket!) She was 3 years and 2 months. Best time ever. Can't imagine she would have had as fun a time a year or more earlier, though. I'd try to save your money, if you can do so while sparing feelings.

Good luck!
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The first play/show we took K to was the Backyardigans LIVE early last year, so K was a bit over three. Oh and a friend took him to a Laurie Berkner concert last year too, a little after the Backyardigans show. He did very well for both of them. But the Backyardigans has the intermission and the concert might of too, or just was shorter than a movie would be in general. The first movie was Madagascar 2, I think that was last year too. He made it about half way through and we left. Even at home he doesn't sit through a whole movie, he has to move about. He made it all the way through UP but that was because he had the space to walk around a bit. He's now four and we just saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. Made it all the way through, but not sitting the whole time.

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We went to see Wiggles Live when my oldest was 3. She loved it. I surely wouldn't classify that as anything 'theatrical' though. There is no expectation of quiet or paying attention, as there would be with a movie or play. It's more like a concert or sports game, where movement and singing along is appropriate.

That said, I have a 20mo now, and I'd not specifically bring her alone to any of the above, but would bring her to dora or ss if I didn't have to pay for her ticket- not sure of the likelihood of that though. I certainly wouldn't buy her a movie ticket, though likely I wouldn't bring her in the first place. She can't sit still to watch any tv, which imo is a good thing, but at the same time, I certainly wouldn't want to bring her and ruin my time or anyone else's time there.

That said, my other kids have been ok at the movies about the same time they have potty trained- between 2-3 depending on the kid, lol. We still don't really go see movies though, I can't see spending the money very often, we go see the free ones in the summer mostly. But, we do see lots of live productions, mostly around 1hr in length, and my 4yo can sit thru as long as it is fast moving and kid appropriate. The last thing we saw was Annie Jr, and she LOVED it!
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Originally Posted by Latte Mama View Post
I'm kind of with you on this . It's DH's cousin's idea and she's a FTM also. I never took my liitlest sister to a play/show until she was like 14 and it was on Broadway so $$$$. But it was "Rent" and it rocked and she loved it. I'd rather just wait and take him in a few years to something he at least has a chance of remembering!

ETA: Now how do I tell her we should wait without offending? Hmm....
Wow, those tickets are pricey.

I'd just say the kids are too young--which really, they are to young to get much out of it, even if they can sit through it. I'd wait until 3 yo at least (and only for Backyardians, DS loves that show and I don't mind it).

You might want to try a movie in the summer time--a lot of movie theater will do free afternoon or morning movies for kids. Sometimes the public libraries will do movie viewings too.

We have a free concert series and we've taken DS to that before--free is good because you don't feel bad at all about leaving early!
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First time my DD saw the movie in home at the age of 2, I was scared to take her to theatre because I felt she may get scared with the oud music.. Planning to take her this week end, hope everything turns out well..
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I can't say anything that hasn't already been said before, but just wanted to add in another vote that it depends on the child. My 6 year old still struggles sometimes with sitting through a play or a puppet show, and my 3.5 year old had fewer problems with it then he did.
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We started at birth, literally. My kids were ~a week old the first time we took them to the movies, and we've continued bringing them with very small gaps here and there when they were especially active (so between 12-18 months). I had to leave a movie ONCE with my daughter, when she was 6 months old, and that's the only time in 7 years of parenting.

We've done plays as well and again, never had to leave. My son was an infant for his first one, and by 2, he cried at the end of one performance because he didn't want it to be over -- that's how much he loved it.

I should also say that I am extremely aware of whether or not the kids are disturbing others -- I have no tolerance for that from other people's children and don't expect people to have tolerance for mine. So, we would absolutely be out in a flash if there was crying or other disruptive behavior, kid's show or not.

I would go for it, if I were you -- it sounds like a great experience in the making!

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Originally Posted by lilyka View Post
thats the sort of thing that would be really fun and memorable for a 4 or 5 year old but I would waste my money taking a baby.
Agreed, but depending on the kid, even as young as three could go and enjoy it IMO. OP, I'd only consider the Sesame Street one as opposed to the Backyardigans - regardless of which has better music, if your dc knows the music and characters of SS then that will be better.

But it is just too much money to take a 19(?) month old!! I agree with a pp to suggest doing something else together, and telling dp's cousin that you'd love to do Disney on Ice or Sesame Street Live or whatever together when your dc is three or four.
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I dont know if someone has brought this up already but many theaters (well at least some that I worked at) do not allow kids that young into the theater at all for plays.

I personally would not take my child to the theater at that age. My kiddos started going to cry baby matinees at a few months old but to real movies we didnt start taking Kate until she was almost 3 and we knew she would let us watch and not bother other patrons.

ETA- I just saw that this is for a kiddie show, I still would not do it for a child that young. I think that 2 and a half is the youngest that I would do that for. Possibly even 3.

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This will depend on every child. As a baby baby - sure! My son would have just slept the whole time! lmao... Now, no. He has a great attention span but isn't really interested in films/etc. So I personally will not bother until he is about 6 and understands that we have to sit there and be quiet, etc.

I just saw a film in 3D - it was FAB! I really want his first film to be a 3D one too! hehe As for a 'play' - well his first will probably be a panto ...but probably not next year (unless he goes without me) because ill have an 8 month old on my hands! hehe
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Originally Posted by Latte Mama View Post
To a children's movie and where they can actually last the entire time?

Or a play?

DH's cousin wants us to get together in April to see a play, her daughter will be 2, my DS will be 19 months then. The tickets are pricey so I want to kind of know that he'll get some enjoyment out of it. I'm thinking of taking him to a movie first to see how he acts.

I figure the movie is cheaper and can be a test run.
I haven't read any responses yet...

We didn't take either of our girls to the movies until they were three and I was confident they would sit relativley still and remain interested through a full length film. At 19 months or even 2 years old, neither of them would've had the attention span for a full show.

As for the play, I took DD #1 to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway last year, at 4.5 yo. I was actually worried that still might be too young (it's a pretty elaborate production) but she did great and loved it! I will take DD #2 to a Broadway show as well when she is older. My guess is she'll be ready more around age 6 as she is a little bit less mature than her sister was at that age.
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We started taking DS to children's plays when he was about 18 months (he is now 2.5). We have since taken him to several short plays, ballet and symphony performances.

He has not been to a movie. I do not know that he would be able to sit through a movie. Live performances seem to keep him more engaged.
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Only skimmed the first few entries. Sesame Street Live was in town just after DS' 2nd birthday, and on "Dad's night out", so I took DS to that. We weren't up in front, but it held his attention pretty well. He did enjoy walking during the intermission. About twenty minutes before the end he got restless, and at ten minutes to the real end he was walking to the door.

It's not something I'd ever gotten to see as a child, so I wondered about taking him... but he LOVES Elmo. It was something new, and different. I don't know how much he'll remember, but I hope when we go to plays again he'll remember a little more.

We haven't really taken him to watch a movie himself. He's been pretty sensitive in our home movie nights, so I'd want to preview the movie first.

ETA: DS loves, loves, loves Elmo. For Sesame Street Live, I got home for dinner, asked him if he wanted to see Elmo, and he went for shoes, to the garage, and sat in his car seat with NO complaints WHATSOEVER. At 24 months, that was pretty amazing by itself.

As I said, we were not right up front. If we were right up front, he'd have had an opportunity to dance with one of the characters. I can only imagine how much he'd enjoy that. Back where we were, he saw enough. I'm not sure what he thought about the pre-show, but once Elmo was up there he was pretty engaged. It was a little loud for both of us, but I don't recall any issues the entire first half. And he started the second half okay.

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