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Ceinwen's Avatar Ceinwen 02:12 PM 05-18-2010
Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
I leave the kids in the car while I run back inside on regular basis. I also frequently leave my purse on the front seat.

tjjazzy's Avatar tjjazzy 07:15 PM 05-18-2010
Originally Posted by Lady Mayapple View Post
My mom is like you LOL. Apparently I'm supposed to keep all of my windows shut and locked at night, even when it's 75 degrees outside on a July night. We don't have central air conditioning, and I told her if she's that concerned, she can pay for the A/C. Until then, the windows stay open. She's convinced that someone is going to crawl in our windows at night and rob or murder us. This would be a huge mistake for the person who would attempt it, believe me. Besides, our hardwood floors creak and crack and I wake up easily, so I think I would hear someone trying to break in. I just can't go through life being paranoid like that.
i've always been very anxious about what could happen (even as a child.) i've never broken a bone or really hurt myself because i've always been so cautious! at home, though, the house is childproof so the kids run free all day in the dining room, living room, kitchen and playroom. my older son, 4, goes anywhere in the house he likes. he can open the gates and roam freely. my mom actually will follow them from room to room if she's watching them but i leave them be. out of the house though? i'm very paranoid. even when people stop their cars for us to cross the street, i appreciate it but am always really cautious about it. you just never know what other people might do. i don't want to one day be saying "if only i'd..." you know? but i do get a little overboard imagining fires or robbers and killers sometimes! it's just in my nature to worry.
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