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Knowing that she'd be leaving when her baby was napping, and the neighbor would be babysitting anyway, why didn't she just put him down to sleep in the neighbor's apartment to start with? To me, that would have been the logical thing to do... and the safest.

No, I'd never leave a small child or baby alone in an apartment with a locked door.
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When I was little...my parents used to let me sit in the "special seat" (the arm rest between the front seats) and my mom used to use her arm as a "seatbelt" . Or I'd ride in the "way back" of the station wagon. I was TOTALLY happy (blanket, toys, and the dog rode back there with me) but I would have been a projectile if we'd ever had an accident.

(and the ped started me on OJ at 3 months...yikes)

I think it's a case of "when you know better, you do better." My mom is horrified and defensive when I bring this stuff up, but it WAS the norm (70s, not 80s) I wouldn't leave my kids alone as babies...my own sense of responsibilities (plus legal) liability. Leaving your baby alone in an apartment is inviting social services to visit. Obviously, walking down the hall, etc to do laundry is a judgement call, but leaving for work for the day? I wouldn't go there.

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I would assume they would have tested the monitor to ensure that it was working well. In my apartment complex, we have very good fire alarms (they work a little too well, if you know what I mean), and not so good insulation (you can hear people walking around the apartments next to yours). The neighbors really CAN tell what's going on -- add a baby monitor and they might as well be in the next room.

I would have literally no problem with that scenario at all. All of the "what ifs" are very, very far fetched and the baby was well-cared for.
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I really do not see it as a really bad thing. I do think it would be frowned on a lot more now then then, but really like others have said to me it is no worse then having a sleeping baby at the other end of your house.
I knew a two ladies about 12 or so years ago would almost every day put their babies down for a nap. Both kids were around 1 at this time and then take turns going next door to each others houses to visit with each other taking a baby monitor with them. To me this is worse then what your MIL did.

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It sounds reasonable to me.

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