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You are truly a hero!!!

I agree with the PP who said to contact the media. I think they will do some sort of expose about the safety of pools or whatever. I hope that something good comes of this horrible situation. Although, Thank G-d the boy is ok.

Melanie wife and mama
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Originally Posted by mammal_mama View Post
It's become so depressing at our local neighborhood pool. They won't let the children wear waterwings or use kickboards or anything. Our 10-year-old's a strong swimmer, but it'd be so nice for me if our 5-year-old could wear the wings so I could swim at her side and get some exercise myself instead of needing to stand up and hold her.

Don't get me wrong: I don't "trust" waterwings to guard the safety of my child. I'd still be there at her side to help her should she run into any trouble. But, from what the pool staff has told me, they quit allowing waterwings because some parents think their children don't need supervision if they're wearing them.
Waterwings are dangerous because 3-4-5 year old nonswimmers forget that they took them off, don't have them on yet, etc. and jump into deep water quickly and quietly. Waterwings also slow down swim learning in many children.

They should swim test for the kickboards rather than banning them outright.
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First, you did a great job. I hope I can be that collected if I ever have to be. Second, if you continue to get no satisfaction from the gym, write a letter to the editor at your local paper. Legally, the gym is probably covered. But clearly something wasn't working and this poor little guy paid the price!

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But I don't see how any of this was the fault of the facility. They clearly stated that there was no lifeguard on duty and parents needed to supervise their children. True, a staff person probably should have thought to send you a thank you card or something...

It's irresponsible to have a pool and not have lifeguards. My family doesn't belong to facilities that don't have lifeguards. (Our YMCA has lifeguards and requires parents to be in the pool in arm's reach of kids who are under 7 and are non-swimmers.)

I don't care if they have legal liability or not. I wouldn't belong to a club that has a pool and doesn't have a lifeguard. If they can pay "deck supervisors," they can pay lifeguards. It's only fifty cents an hour more.

It should be the parents' responsibility, but plenty of parents are idiots. If you own a facility, you should take some responsibility for your premises and for the kids on your premises.

I didn't have this opinion because I'm a non-swimmer, BTW. I'm an ex-high school swimmer who is currently trains for Olympic distance triathlons. I was a lifeguard in high school.

It's pretty common for a lot of people to stand around in a drowning situation. People don't know what to do. They panic. They hang back because they're poor swimmers. It's important to have a life guard there, because the life guard knows what to do, is capable of implementing the rescue, and can be the designated person in charge.

OP gets huge props for jumping in when nobody else was willing to do it. You're a hero.
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Just saw your first post - haven't read through most of the replies but just wanted to say that your story made me cry. I just feel so bad for the boy and you. What an amazing person you are.

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OP i havent read the recent replies so if this has already been said please ignore this.

your title is a little misleading. and it was even more terrifying to read.

so instead of saying 'Drowned' (which means past event. which means he is already dead) it would really be helpful if you said 'nearly or almost drowned'.

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I think he did drown and die. They brought him back to life.

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I read this article a few days ago. I hope no one ever has to use the info in it, but everyone should give it a read.

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I only read the original post-
wow, that is horrible. I feel like crying right now from reading it. I am so sorry you had to experience that on every level. I am so sorry that little boy had to experience that. I am so sorry the dad is- I don't have a word for it that is appropriate to use here
I am so sorry everyone didn't help you and the poor little boy :cry
I am so glad you saved his life. This may be in this long thread but have you seen the boy since then? Have you called social services to check his family out? I feel very teary eyed from this story.
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now I re read the whole posts and I have something else to add. Just because the mom seemed nice and had attachment parenting things going on, does not mean the family should still not be checked out by someone- evaluated. From the story you told, that father needs to be evaluated. so sad
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one thing that you mentioned stuck out to me...that you couldn't remember when the breaths were supposed to be done. please don't beat yourself up over that, if you are. even as a full time emt, i have a hard time remembering sometimes, as they keep changing the standards on us. and i think the lay person standards still have the breathing removed altogether with just compressions being done. you acted, and that's what counts!

if you contact the police dept, fire dept, or hospital, they should be able to point you in the direction of someone to talk to who may be more qualified in tis type of circumstance than a regular therapist. around here it's referred to as 'critical incident stress debriefing'.
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I'm coming into this thread really late...and I haven't read all the replies...but after a few attempts at contacting the manager and asst. manager, I would have flat out told them that I was going to the local paper about this. You would be amazed at how quickly people respond when they hear they are going to be in the paper and answering to reporters (especially if it's something bad). Reporters will keep going after the story long after you cannot.

I would totally consider doing that if you still haven't gotten an answer to your, very understandable and concerning, question.

Sorry this happened to you...but that little boy owes you and the others who helped you his life. So while I'm sorry it happened, I'm glad you were there. I hope you are feeling better.
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OH MY GOD! You saved that boys life. That is absolutely horrible what happened! I would definitely try to get the policy about there being no lifeguard on duty changed. You really are a hero!
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Thank God this boy did not drown. The title made me think otherwise.

Your friend's daughter helped to save his life. I hope she understands the magnitude of her courage and strength. You, too.

I would be angry too. I would not join a gym like that. They are not dealing with reality and attempting to cover their a**.... I would ask for my money back and go somewhere where a trained lifeguard is present with children.

Send that little boy an encouraging note about how strong and valuable he is. That was probably traumatic for him and he needs to know how others saw HIM in that situation. Encourage the girl who saved him, too. She is probably shaken up too.
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[/QUOTE] I want to talk to her, but don't know what to say to her. I don't want to upset her more, but am not even sure if she understands the gravity what happened or not! [/QUOTE]

Mandy, you should talk to her, it might help you heal. But I agree with others you should follow your own path-
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