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I am certainly no purist, either. Which traditional curriculum did you end up going with? I wish I could send my youngest to preschool. The only one I know of here that I would trust is like $6k a year even for preschool!

I have soooo much homeschooling stuff. I need to clear out a lot of what I have and will never use and get more user friendly materials.

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We're nearing the 1/2 way point in #5's pregnancy (18wk tomorrow), and it's not looking like our 1200sf (+/-) will be growing before then.

We've started our 2010/11 school year in order to get as many days logged as possible before the baby comes. We're required to do 180 days by June 30, and I'm feeling pretty confident. My oldest is pretty independent, and my 7yo isn't of compulsory age yet, so I'm only nervous about my 8yo, who will have to do state testing for the very first time.

I have 20-24 weeks or so to get #4 fully potty trained (at least during the day). Right now, he does great if we keep him naked, but seems pretty opposed to disrobing in order to use the toilet. I don't mind 2 in diapers, but I HATE one in diapers and one mid-training!

The heat has been killing me, but dh finally put the downstairs A/C unit in. We're still debating putting the master bedroom unit in. We only use it on the hottest of days (didn't use them at all last year), so it seems like such a waste of effort.

I'm trying to organize plans for a large stash of freezer meals, so I can start shopping for odds and ends now (containers and what not) and prep them in September, but my brain doesn't want to cooperate. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Carrie .. 
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I'm in awe of how you all can HS large families. I've often considered it but just can't commit. I know myself well enough to know I don't have the self-discipline to do everything I'd need to- or the funds to, how I'd like to. The closest I can get is my eldest doing online Hg School and leaning to having my 11 yr old dd do it next year. She's entering 6th (middle school) and I remember how horrible it was for me and my oldest 2. I worry a lot about my 3rd grader (who has been attending a Montessori based public school since K and last year it closed)- she was advacned to the point where she was doing all 4th grade work in 2nd and going into a "regular" class where you have to work at the others pace WILL hold her back. NOt many opts otherwise. And my entering K ds is already starting to read so going into K where they start w/letter recognition and sounds will be a step backward for him. IT's all so close to starting and really very frustrating.

We upgraded homes a few months back so have now doubled our space- went for 2+ brs to 3+ and added a whole floor. When baby gets here dd8 will move up w/the big girls (finished attic space about 20ftx 15ft)and lo will move in w/ds5 but this makes me a bit uncomfortable since lo won't be quite 2 and will have to move out of his pac&play to a bottom bunk. The only issue/thing I'd fix about this place is adding a bathroom (we have one smallish for 8+ ppl) and the laundry is shared so, way down in the basement (4 flights of stairs down) and traversing the stairs to wash in the 3rd tri will not be fun. Luckily I'm already training DH and DS15 to bring the baskets up and down for me!
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I have 5th, 3rd, two in 2nd and Kind, along with a preschool-who normally I would skip or do fun workbooks but he WANTS real school books so.
We use a mix of lifepac and Switched on School house mainly.

Michele, wife to my soul mate, hero and solider, momma to
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on homeschooling: we are going to begin homeschooling in september. my Kindy girl & grade 3 boy..
its our first year. we are part of a home-school network that supplies (if you want) curriculum and funding for lessons, art classes and sports.ect.
im probably going to use a LOT of what they supply for this year, see how we like it and how it all fits, since I have never done it before. I know I will need the support of the "teacher" what with a new baby and im glad it worked out this way!
the kids will go to class 1 day of the week with other home-schooled kids, they get to do field trips and go to lessons together, but otherwise we do what we want with whatever they provide and whatever else we want to use. im going to use oak meadows with my Kindy DD and see with my boy.. I think oak meadows may not be his thing bit we are going to try out a bunch of things..i like the idea of un-schooling as yeah.

Our house reno is nearly complete.. we have to find our tub (I have a specific one in mind!) and install it and still and do some paint touch ups and trim around the house and tiles in the kitchen (back-splash) as well as installing a new hearth for the wood-stove and then putting it back into the living-room...but its livable and cozy and im loving having my own place..and being able to nest to my hearts content! im 24 weeks now..thinking time is going way too fast!
trying to catch up on laundry before Friday when we go away for the weekend and then Monday i have a friend with her 2 kiddos coming to stay a week so i need to get a few things organized for that..

life seems crazy at moments and way too lovely and peaceful for being a mama of 3 & 1 on the way.. so i try to just take it all in stride and be thankful for what we have..because we have a lot!

Once in while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.... mama of 4 lovelies, an angel, and one on the way.

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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
I am certainly no purist, either. Which traditional curriculum did you end up going with? I wish I could send my youngest to preschool. The only one I know of here that I would trust is like $6k a year even for preschool!

I have soooo much homeschooling stuff. I need to clear out a lot of what I have and will never use and get more user friendly materials.
Learn at Home. It's actually not as workbooky as it looks. Every day I feel better I want to chuck it and pull out the Waldorf stuff, and every day I feel like crap I want to just do workbooks all year long. I am nothing if not conflicted.

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for family fun, homeschooling, books, simple living, and 6 fabulous children, including twin toddlers

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I have the girls' list to do the back to school supply shopping. I'm in denial since it is only July. Maybe on Thursday I'll have time to get started.

I'll have a 2nd and 4th grader. the 5 yr old will attend preschool.

Michelle: wife to J, mom to M (2001), E (2003), C (2005), S (2007) and O! (2009) And someone new in 2011!
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I had the most amazing experience this month. My in-laws, who I adore, took my 8 yo, 6 yo and 4 yo (her own decision) for a week. During that week at home with just a baby, I took every single thing out of our crammed, messy, dirty garage, put everything in piles, got rid of garbage, junk and some treasures, then cleaned the garage, installed some new shelves (with spousal assistance) and put everything back. And I still had time every day to read the paper, drink my coffee in peace, get enough sleep, converse with my spouse, etc.

On the one hand, it was such a great, satisfying experience to purge and clean like that. And to make a space so much more usable and tidy. On the other hand, I know I could never accomplish something like that when my children are all at home. It made me more relaxed now that they are here because I know I have the energy to do a lot, but that my energy is pretty much tapped out when they are all here.

And I'm not sure I'd do it again. My 4 yo adores her grandparents and I know they did everything for her, but it was hard on them. I probably should have dragged her home with us.

I am also sort of contemplating what our lives would be like, and what my life would be like if I got more help. Say with cooking, laundry and cleaning. Right now I have a sitter when I work (10-12 hours a week) and when the baby's napping and the others need driving around (another 8 hours maybe). It's hard enough to have the help we do, though she's excellent, because I'm happier when everything is done a certain way.

Teacher, Mother of 4
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Ack, summer...slow down!
Jubilee (3yo) broke her arm jumping like a bird off the couch. The older kids have been my little heroes trying to distract her from her cast, which she hates and wants to cut off with scissors.The compassion they show brings tears to my eyes...I think I am hormonal too, which doesn't help.
I feel like this summer is wonderful but then it seems to be racing by. I am planning for homeschooling and we are switching things a bit. I will have 7th, 6th,5th,3rd,1st, and pre-k plus the baby and my nephew.
The farm animals are doing good. The horse foundered earlier this month, and one of the pigs had a recluse bite, but both are mending/mended and other than the extra chores that the heat brings we are in a good routine. Which is an issue for me because I hate feeling scheduled and want to be a free spirited,fly by the seat of my pants person...but I can't be and keep things running. I am amazed at how well things go when we use our routine...albeit a loose structure.
I Love reading how everyone else is doing...I have no real life large family friends and it is good to connect through the screen with y'all.

Wendy,loving wife to Brian, happy mama of Trinity(15), Christian(15), Gavin(13), Logan(11), Griffon(9),Jubilee(7), Epiphany (4), and Lucian Danger( born 18 April 12) <3
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Hi Mamas. I'm happy to have found you. I'm feeling a little lonely in my sphere. I'm newly pregnant with a surprise #5 and I'm trying to come to terms with it. I always feel like I'm not doing enough, that my kids aren't getting enough time alone with me and that we I don't do all the "good mom" things I should like reading to them, going to museums (the few in our town), cooking with them, etc. But I was just starting to feel energetic enough to do all that, and my baby was getting independent (he's 2), so I was doing more with them and feeling great about our future.

Now, I'm pregnant and I feel really depressed about everything. I was considering homeschooling them next year, too (I've done it before, but just with my oldest, never with all of them) but now, I. just. can't. I feel like I'm barely holding it together with all of this morning sickness. Plus, my dh is very busy with work (though he's a great dad and husband when he's around). Anyway, I'm sorry for the pity party, but I wonder if any of you have felt this way, and if so, how did you get to a happy, hopeful place?

I really want to be excited about this new little one. . . and I am. . . but I want to be excited about our future as a family. Babies take up so much time and I'm worried that for another couple years, I'm going to be on the sidelines of my kids' lives. Sigh.

I love homemade: cute skirts, apricot jam, and family! 
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Welcome Homemademom! I'm due in Sept. with our surprise #5.I've been sick this whole pregnancy and have been so guilty and upset that I haven't been my usual fun out and about mommy self.I'm finally able to see the end of this pregnancy and its starting to get better( but now Im freaking because there is so much to be done and I am too weak to do it).I know that I'll be able to do some things soon after the baby is born and really be back in the swing ( hopefully) once she is 6 months.The good thing is babies are so portable and if you breastfeed you have instant knockout drops.
DH is now a civilian, yesterday was his last day but he starts up next week doing pretty much the same job as before.Its going to be an adjustment for us for a couple of months since pay will be different and of course we'll have to switch insurance.Right now we have none until Mon so i'm hoping the kids and baby will behave for these couple of days.
My oldest started 3rd grade today and I forgot that it was a short day so he had to call from the office.My second starts Kindy tomorrow.I want to squeeze him to me, he's getting so big!My 3rd is in the process of PTing and its still hit or miss.I also weaned her so at least I won't be dealing with nursing 3 again!My 4th has mastered reading the alphabet and has discovered Thomas the train ( he calls it "choo-choo").This baby is coming soon and moves around so much( even my MW has a hard time tracking what position shes in), I really hope that she isn't going to make me chase her everywhere!I'm still sick too and it makes me so cranky because there are so many things I need to do to get ready still.

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Subbing. Just found out I'm expecting #4. DD1 is 4, DS is 2, almost 3, and DD2 is 18 months. I'm due in April and my oldest will be starting kindergarten that year. I haven't thought much about how I am going to school them although we're really going to have to watch the finances.

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Mama to DD1-4y DS-3y DD2-21m
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For those ladies that sub, the new August thread is now available

Sam, mum to: Ian, James, Lottie, Maddy, Jack, Ruby, Bronte & Sophia and Nate
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