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What would you think if...

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Originally Posted by neverdoingitagain View Post
Well, if it was my child...I would be relieved. Glad to see its not just my kids that run up other children and hug or kiss them.

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Originally Posted by thyra View Post
I could see that thought with an older child, but what about an 18mo? He doesn't have any respect for personal space, but I don't think he has any special needs - he's just not old enough.
Yeah no kidding.

At that age especially, they are used to having love and kisses showered on them, and think that is how they will sometimes approach other people (especially other kids, I think because they are small and just like them) because, well, that is their perception of things. Special needs? Come on.
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I'd think it was adorable. I live in the south though and an affectionate, friendly child is desirable here. When my son goes up to strangers and holds his hands up to be held or hugs people he doesn't know it's considered by everyone I've seen to be an attractive personality trait.
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At that age, I would think it was cute. My DS is the same age and likes to give kisses. My DD is 5, and she likes to hug and hold hands with friends (not strangers). I had to let her know a few times that she can't force people to hug or hold hands, but she understands now, and it seems like a non-issue at this point.

We had a neighbor girl who was 4 or 5 that would hug all the kids and parents, and something about it made me uncomfortable. None of us knew her well at all, and she would always come and sit in my lap and hug me and tell me, "I love you." She didn't seem to have any concept of personal boundaries, and I got an odd feeling from it.

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