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You might want to look into minimizer bras for your DD if her breasts are more prominent than she likes. They can make a big difference. I'm large breasted and embrace it now, but as a teenager I would have preferred a smaller bust!
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I like Lane Bryant bras and I wear a 40DDD--they're cute, reasonably long lasting and are often on massive sale. They also have matching undies and come in a variety of cuts.

I find that VS bras are not really supportive.

As others have said--baby doll and peasant tops may be a problem and smocked tops too. For t-shirts, I cut a v-neck in them and gives the bust more space so the top doesn't pull, but yeah, that can be hard when they're required.
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Your daughter is so lucky to have a mom who is helping her out!

I'm large chested. Somewhere around an E cup I do believe (I need a fitting badly) and my mother is smaller than an A cup. She never really tried to help me because she didn't know anything about bras since she never wears them. She bought me them when I needed them but they were always really flimsy with no support (like she wore the very few times she ever needed them) and didn't help at all. I wish she could have taken me somewhere to get a fitting or something, or even just talked to me about it. I was really ashamed of my breasts because my mother always made it seem like they were my fault, talking about how I had to be careful because boys will stare and it's disgraceful to show too much. I remember one day a classmate made fun of me because my boobs were "saggy" and I didn't wear a bra and I went home crying to my mom and she just told me she thought I was smart enough to know to wear one 24/7.

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Great going on the well fitting bras. When I was a teen, I just couldn't find any bras that were really my size except horrible old lady ones. I ended up wearing 36Ds even though I was really a 32DD. 36 was the smallest band size available in a D outside specialty stores. The size range is much better these days, though it was still an issue for nursing bras .

If she wants any shirts or dresses that button up the front, you can sew hooks and eyes in the gap between the buttons to keep them from pulling across the chest.

You might want to talk to her about handling unwanted attention from boys.

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just wanted to step in and second Lane Bryant/Cacique. They have 36DDD and right now everything in the store is 40% off.

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Thirding Lane Bryant - even if she's not anywhere near a lane bryant clothing size, they are like the Vickie's for bigger boobs. Cute!

Also, Walmart has significantly larger bras than Target. I was thrilled to buy a $5 38DDD or a 40DD there. The largest Target sells is a DD. It's not a Wacoal - love them! - but it covers the territorry while the other's wash.

Also seconding Nordie's Rack. That's the only place I buy Wacoals anymore. They are amazing bras. Occasionally they have nursing bras, too.

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Originally Posted by LROM View Post
I understand that, but please make sure you DO talk to her about discomfort and pain and that she needs to tell you if she ever starts to feel back pain or shoulder pain or notice that the bra is leaving actual indentation marks that don't just go away after a little while.
Good idea! I'm hoping that by having well fitted, supportive bras and decent posture, we can head off back problems, but I will talk to her.

The thing the bothered me the most when she went through her hunched over phase was what she would do to be back, and if walking around like that while she is still growing could mess up her bones somehow.

She doesn't get a lot of attention from boys. She has some special needs and is on the autism spectrum. She has no desire to be part of the social loop. I think it would be a very different issue for a girl with a bubble personality.

I really appreciate everyone's input!

but everything has pros and cons  shrug.gif

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Big bosom here, too. It is FABULOUS that you've gotten her fitted properly so early. I didn't get fitted properly until I was 27 or so. I had many, many years of ill-fitting bras making me uncomfortable, really bad under-boob-sweat, as well as looking and feeling heavier than I am. Pre-pregnancy I was a 32G-H. Now that I'm nursing I am 34L. Yes, L. I could probably use an M if I could find one.

I'd say buying 2 at a time is fine. I only buy 2 at a time for myself. Sometimes 3 at once if they're really awesome and/or I am in dire need, for example, if my size has changed drastically.

And yes, the price range is always $50-100 each. Sucks, but it's worth it to have well-fitting brassieres.

I bought my bras pre-preg from Nordstrom. Excellent size selection and good customer service. They didn't try to push me into buying anything that didn't honestly fit. (Total opposite of VS -- the pp who said VS sales associates will cheerfully tell you you're whatever size they have in stock is correct! That's happened to me so many times, right as the bra falls down my ribs b/c it's too big around and sags my boobs b/c the cups are too small.)

Since needing maternity/nursing bras I've frequented www.herroom.com and www.figleaves.com. They have some excellent videos on bra sizing that might make your DD feel better about herself and her size too.

HerRoom: http://www.herroom.com/bra-fitting-advice,901,30.html
FigLeaves: http://www.figleaves.com/us/fitting_...a4_fittingroom

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I want to throw www.decentexposures.com into the mix here. I am also large breasted - 32 G right now, I was a C in middle school, a D in high school, a DD in college and now a G. I was a super tomboy as a kid and hated developing breasts and of course I was one of the first to do so. Anyways I love, love, love my Decent Exposures bras. They are not at all pretty (which may very well appeal to your DD, I know they would have appealed to me at that age) but they are very, very comfy. And they make custom tank tops and swmsuits as well. A bra from them runs about $50 so a bit cheaper too.

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I am throwing my money in with Lane Bryant, as well!
The ladies there have always been more than helpful! My size (40G) is never carried in-store, but they always cheerfully order my bra and have it shipped to my house (sans shipping!) because I am usually buying a few other items at the same time.

"Modern" cut shirts are also a blessing (as a PP mentioned) because it keeps larger chested ladies from looking like we are wearing a potato sack! I have also had some good luck with the Just My Size shirts at Walmart, and the "Plus Size" section at Target offers some really cute stuff every once in a while.
OH! And Old Navy has super cute plus size shirts that fit fabulously!

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I also LOVE my lane Bryant bras and make trips to the US to buy them when they have crazy deals. I once got 6 bras for like 60 bucks! I wear a 42 E now, well actually that's what I wore before DS and not sure what I wear now.

I developed very early, I wore my first bra in grade 4 and was a 36 DDD by grade 8.

I think you are doing fantastic. Just wanted to add that I love my Enell sports bra it is like armour but I get no bounce when I run! My breasts and the pain and embarrassment of them bouncing is why I stopped being active in school I wish I had a good sports bra when I was growing up. Really really important!

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I agree that you are doing a great job. I didn't get professionally fit until I was an adult I think this majorly effected my self image. She probably only needs a few bras at a time as she is likely to change sizes quickly as she grows. As for sports bras, I like the Enell (sp?). Another tip, your DD may find sleeping in a tank with a shelf bra more comfortable than nothing at all. I actually starting sleeping in nursing tanks when pregnant and wished I'd been doing it sooner.
She's lucky to have you!
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A few posters above mentioned talking to your daughter about unwanted male attention, and minimizing/dealing with that. Nobody mentioned talking to her about the converse - what happens if the attention that she is getting becomes wanted.

I was a shy, awkward kid with few friends - until I developed and boys were interested in me. Because I wanted some positive attention, I was pleased to have this attention and did, in fact, become sexually active earlier and with more partners than I might have otherwise.

I would put the conversation to her as you would have a conversation with any teenage girl (ie, it's not about her breasts), but the time to start having ongoing conversations about healthy relationships and sex is now (if you haven't already).

ps - Nordstroms has lingerie sales quarterly, I got 4 36DDD bras for $200 at the end of July
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You got some great advice already. I think it's fantastic you are taking the whole situation seriously. I think it will make all the difference for your daughter.

Originally Posted by gbailey View Post
OP, I admire how you are handling the situation with your DD....
Me too!
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Thank you!

I feel like I'm walking a thin line on the "we are happy to pay for this" BUT "these are really expensive so please please take care of them" issue. It's tricky.

I do feel lucky and blessed to be able to spend so much money on certain things and I never want to her to feel guilty about it, at the same time, she's 13 and left her $98 swim suit on the bath room floor twice last week. It's age appropriate, and I try not to nag her more/differently than I do her sister for leaving her $14 suit on the floor. I'd love to buy one on clearance this fall for her, but I really don't know what size she'll be next spring so it seems a bit pointless.

I'm excited to have so many more stores and options to check out with her.

I do talk about relationships, sex, etc. When we watch movies together, we talk about the characters and what she thinks of their choices, whether the movie seems realistic etc. I read some of the same books she reads and those are often spring points for conversations too.

I also bought a couple of very open books on puberty related issues and have them where the kids can look things up when they want to. She has access to solid information and knows that the choices she makes are her own, and that we will always love and support her.

One of the things that I've tried to teach my girls is that sex can change the way you feel about a person, making the emotions more intense, and as painful as it is when a relationship ends, it can be even worse when they relationship was sexual.

I've let them know that I have their insurance cards and if they ever want to go on the pill or whatever, they can just say so. I've shown them where condems are in stores, how inexpensive they are. None the less, I've encourage them to wait until they are adults and to be very selective. It's a thin line. Sex is a natural part of life, and yet I don't think anyone is best off being ruled by their whims. I think sex is best as part of a solid relationship where you care about the whole person, and you know that they care about you as a whole person.

Still, we don't get to make those choices for our teens. What ever choices she makes, I want to stay as safe as possible.

but everything has pros and cons  shrug.gif

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