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leafwood's Avatar leafwood 12:34 AM 08-28-2010
Hi Mamas. I am posting to share this survey with you for anyone interested in completing it. As a psychologist I am involved with the study as a mentor to a high school honors student who was interested in seeing the way in which birth weight may impact attentional capacity through early development. Specifically, she is hoping to observe correlations and work towards earlier intervention with the hopes that fewer children will eventually be diagnosed with or receive drug treatment for ADHD.

I am a long-time member here at MDC and just wanted to share in the event that anyone has a few minutes to participate. Should take less than 10 minutes and the survey intro has a lot more info about the study.

While any parent of a child 2-6y is welcome to participate, we are particularly in need of information for children that were born at a low birth weight or small for their gestational age.