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My best friend despises Disney World and Land. She went multiple times as a child and a couple of months ago with a coworker and she just hates it. We've joked about them putting her face up at the park entrance so they won't ever let her back in. She finds it overcrowded and "annoying." I love Disney theme parks and have always loved going.

Our family just got back from Disney World a few days ago. It was DH's first time. He said he wouldn't blink an eye if he never went again. I found the customer service to be lacking in terms of how great it was about 6 years ago but I think it's great fun for the kids and family.

That being said, Disney movies annoy me.
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Originally Posted by childsplay View Post
My child was found at the opposite end of the park by an elderly lady. How he got there is still a mystery, he said later that he talked to some nice people, but mostly he was pretty shaken.

We left the park immediately and have never bought, watched or promoted in any way another Disney product. I was done.

That's why I don't like Disney.
Sorry for the rant....I can't think about it without getting mad
Oh I am so so sorry. I have nightmares like this.
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DD is 4 and pretty into the Disney princesses and we are heading to DW on Saturday, but I also have a love/hate relationship with Disney.

DD never had character clothing as a baby and learned about Disney princesses in preschool (started around 3) and she started learning about them from her peers, she actually knew the names of the princesses and could ID them without having even seen the movies (she does this now with Hannah Montana ) so when she started getting into it, I allowed her to do so. I agree with what PPs have said about the movies, some are good, some are just weird (pinocchio, so bizarre) we do love the Pixar films, but we do draw the line and try to teach DD to be critical of some things, not so much the messages in the movies at her age, but the merchandising, definitely. I have explained to her that no, she cannot have that Disney item because it is low quality and she gets that. She did not fight me on getting a Disney backpack for school because I showed her how the zippers snapped off her old one and how poorly made it was. We also refuse to buy or rent any of those straight-to-dvd craptastic sequels to the original movies.

Once DD got into the Disney characters/movies, I did buy some character clothes, mainly pjs or underwear. At that point I noticed that the clothing is often low quality (bought some Disney princess underwear, terrible!) AND how gendered the clothing always is. DD loved "Cars" as a toddler, but because it was considered a "boy" movie, all the clothes associated with it were VERY boyish, like no way a girl could ever like that movie or its male characters; all "girl" clothes for Toy Story are of Jesse, "boy" clothes are Woody and Buzz. I hate that script of "girls like these characters, boys like these characters" the kids internalize that and it really bothers me. I get that they want to market the crap out of everything, but if they would make it more gender-neutral I wouldn't hate it that much.

Since we don't push the Disney stuff, just go along with what DD is interested in, I feel like she'll get over it soon and we'll keep talking to her about it and helping her develop a critical perspective about the films, the merchandise and the Disney corporation in general. (For the record, I wanted to go to Iceland for vacation this year, but DD wanted to go to Disney and we figured, why not, we've got a new baby coming, let it be her consolation trip! Iceland next year for sure!! )

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Originally Posted by rightkindofme View Post
So I sat down and watched this. I found it by and large thin and insubstantial. The idea that once a corporation gets above a certain size it has an .... obligation? moral imperative? to become educational in the 'right' way is pretty funny.
Unfortunately it is a common view that giant corporations have no moral imperative to do anything but chase the almighty dollar. I'm sorry, but I totally disagree. I just watched the movie Flow last night about the privatization of water for example...and how this necessary resource is being denied to people because they can't pay for something that used to be free. That SHOULD be free. Disney has a choice with what ethics to value in each and every movie they make. That they choose to push a shallow gendered narriative is unfortunate to say the least.

I think that instead of spending so much time complaining about how Disney represents people/events/whatever badly people should instead work towards having the representations they want. Disney *is* a corporation and they absolutely are focused on making money. If people want to have another focus in their movies they can go do that.
Umm, yeah that is exactly why we are a Disney free household. Which is rather the point of this thread. I think Disney is the devil therefore we boycott Disney. I see no need to replace Disney with something "better" because I am trying to avoid my kid watching any TV as long as possible.

My family has always loved Disney. I grew up with a mother who was a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic. You know what? We owned the movies and there were a couple of framed art pieces and one or two toys. My mom had one Mickey Mouse shirt. One can hardly say that Disney dominated our lives. My opinions of race relations are *not* informed by Disney, thankyouverymuch. I'm well aware that they have some toxic views of other races. But uhm, the fact that I like the movies does not eliminate my ability to think. It's a fantasy. I'm aware of that. I don't think that it was a freak accident that I can figure that out and I think my kids will too.
Your ability to think usually comes after these movies have been internalized. What kids think of as "normal" is shaped by what they see...in many cases...largely in the media. For some kids Disney plays a big part of that. I can't count how many times, for example, my younger cousins used to ask me when I was getting married...because they were trained by Disney that marriage was the most important thing that can happen to a girl. Its the end of every freaking story, bleah. Later maybe you make better sense of it; but the "I did it and I turned out ok" is really never a very strong position to be taking in an argument about, well, anything. Just ask my MIL lol!
Its akin to Barbie in my eyes. When I was a kid my mom made darn sure to drum into my head that Barbie's proportions were unnatural. Intellectually I knew it but emotionally I sure wanted to look like Barbie. I see a similar thing with many of the underlying themes in the Disney movies. Especially in regards to the gendering, which is my hill to die on.

I also used the movie Mickey Mouse Monopoly in my classes (when we did Imperialism usually), and also had a very strong reaction from the students. They were completely incredulous that anyone could have a problem with something they considered to be a pure and sacrosanct part of their childhoods. That in itself would be enough to convince me that Disney was dangerous. Any franchise that sells itself so well that a critical analysis of their content is seen as culturally objectionable is damn scary.
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Because the market the hell of it. The stories are tan-tan - some are honest, some not. But every single thing is marketed under the umpteenth degree. And the thing is of poor quality that breaks easily. So I do not like because it shows what I consider gross consumption.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
I also used the movie Mickey Mouse Monopoly in my classes (when we did Imperialism usually), and also had a very strong reaction from the students. They were completely incredulous that anyone could have a problem with something they considered to be a pure and sacrosanct part of their childhoods. That in itself would be enough to convince me that Disney was dangerous. Any franchise that sells itself so well that a critical analysis of their content is seen as culturally objectionable is damn scary.
I think there are very good arguments against Disney. I don't think this documentary made them. I don't think that Disney is pure or sacrosanct, I just think that criticism should be more substantial and less handwavey. Maybe if the documentary spent less time on showing pictures of entranced movie-watching children it would have had time to do a better job.

I think the main thing this documentary did right was the concrete examples of how negative animal characters are very clearly representing PoC. That was the most specific, substantial criticism in it.

And as for "I came out ok" I have yet to see any actual evidence that the generation post-Disney commercialism (mine) is substantially more sexist/more racist than the previous generations and sexism and racism are two of the biggest problems with Disney materials. It isn't just me. Commercialism is a huge problem across the board and Disney is part of that, but I think it would be nearly impossible to tease out how big of a problem when everything else is going down the same path. My weak media education has me thinking that Disney was part of the early steps of this but far from the only culprit--however they have been one of the most successful which makes them the biggest target.

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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