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Originally Posted by LindsayK View Post
I find the messages in the witch/ghost/skeletons/graveyards/severed body parts/ghoulish brews rather confusing. For example, witches. When my kiddos see a "halloween witch" what are they learning? Most people who identify themselves as a witch to my kiddos are going to be person practicing Wicca, and aren't going to be anything like a "Halloween witch". How about people who were labeled as witches and then killed (we live near Salem)? Are those people the same kind of witches? Are all people who are ugly like "halloween witches" evil? Are people who are pretty always nice? I dunno, just a lot of mixed messaging there!
You can blame Disney (and Hollywood) for most of this confusion, especially the perception of "witches"... not Halloween. I agree that wicca has little to do with pop-culture's idea of "witch".
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You can blame Disney (and Hollywood) for most of this confusion, especially the perception of "witches"... not Halloween. I agree that wicca has little to do with pop-culture's idea of "witch".
The Brothers Grimm predate Hollywood and Disney by a long shot, and there you will find negative images of witches. In all of early Christian Europe and in early America, witches were perceived as evil. Hollywood and Disney didn't make this stuff up. Let's face it, there have been no positive views of witches, at least in the U.S., until very recently. I don't think that the pop culture idea of witches is anything new. Rather, I think recent pop-culture stereotypes (as in 20th century) simply borrows from very old stereotypes.

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Very old stereotypes based off of witch-hunting and a church that wanted to kill the competition.

Chamomile_Girl, this part should be taken to the Spirituality forum so we don't get too OT. If you would like to start a thread still claiming that we owe Halloween to Christianity and how all of us "neo-pagans" wouldn't have anything without the church, then go on ahead.

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Originally Posted by velochic View Post
You can blame Disney (and Hollywood) for most of this confusion, especially the perception of "witches"... not Halloween. I agree that wicca has little to do with pop-culture's idea of "witch".
Yes, true... I wasn't meaning to say that its halloween's "fault" for this kind of messaging - its seen all over the place in our culture, such as in Disney, and we skip those movies, too! But, its very much in your face at halloween.

I like the idea of the PP who describes these witches as "storybook witches" I think I will use that!

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Originally Posted by nicky85 View Post

I too would hand out fruit or baked goods to trick or treaters, but I know people probably wouldn't even accept because of how entrenched the urban legends are. It's sad because I've heard that way back in the day people had a lot of fun getting homemade treats.
I have never heard urban legends about baked goods, though I have about store bought candy and freaky people putting things in it. I wouldn't allow my dd to eat a homemade treat though because I have no idea if the person washes properly after using the restroom, made sure their hair was back so no disease carrying strands got into the treat, or keeps a sanitary kitchen. I have gotten sick so many times from homemade things at potlucks so I really try to avoid them if I am not aware of the cleanliness factor.

I have always loved Halloween, though I wasn't allowed to take part in it until my mother stopped attending small cult-like churches where they believed it was unsafe to go outside of your home on Halloween unless you were going in the car to the church where you would be safe with the other people there for the Harvest Party. My dd also likes Halloween a lot and has even talked her grandpa into decorating the house two years in a row because she is so enthusiastic about it, and he is wrapped around her little finger. Like a previous poster, I think it is really neat that so many people get together to celebrate a day devoted to making kids totally happy. I only wish that fruits and vegetables were as exciting to get as a huge chocolate bar!
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When I was little Halloween did not exist.
We have adopted this tradition over the last 5-10 years or so.
These days most kids i know do the trick or treating.
I think it`s ok, and off course i LOVE to see my kids having fun.
I don`t know if we do it the same way you guys do it.
We haven`t so far bought a pumpkin and cut it to be a face or anything, but I guess we should try.
Many norwegians (especcially the older ones, off course) hates it and think it`s all brought to our contry so that the shops will sell a lot of stuff related to halloween. They have a point, but it still is fun for the kids.

I make my kids draw/paint "scary" images, and we use that as the trick.
We follow in the background as our kids knock on the doors and asks "Trick or treat!" They usually get some candy, some give cookies or fruits. If they don`t get anything they will give the person one of their scary paintings as a trick. My kids love to dress up, and look forward to this every year.
They are NOT allowed to do any other kind of tricks.
Every year complainers write in the newspapers after halloween that they got their windows cowered in eggs and stuff like that. That is not acceptable at all. I guess that is older kids walking alone, and their parents don`t know...

Proud Norwegian mother of four intact boys, expecting a little baby May 2011!
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I've lived in a country where Hallowe'en wasn't a tradition and was a fairly new growing celebration. It is a little odd trying to explain what it's all about. And yes, there were routinely letters to the editor about how obnoxious this imported holiday is and how it shouldn't be encouraged. We didn't do any trick-or-treat or shelling out then, but we did put up some decorations and make some Hallowe'en treats.

I found that without Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving, the Christmas commercials and decorations started to appear in September. Now that seems obnoxious .
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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post
I found that without Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving, the Christmas commercials and decorations started to appear in September. Now that seems obnoxious .
Hell, that happens here even with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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I am not a fan of Halloween for a variety of reasons. Growing up we went to Harvest Festivals (sponsored by local churches) but weren't allowed to trick-or-treat. I remember one year in junior high my mom let me have some friends over for a party.

I don't like the dark/scary/evil decorations and costumes. I don't like the mass quantities of candy made of HCFS/artificial dyes/artificial everything! I do like seeing children dressed up though, and have tried handing out candy although usually only a handful of children stopped by.

My DD will be three this year, 2 days before Halloween. I hate that each year we have to plan her birthday celebrations around a "holiday" I don't even like. We don't talk about Halloween at our house and will not be trick-or-treating. If our church as a Harvest/Fall Festival we'll go to that.

I'm ready for Thanksgiving!

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We are going to hold off on trick or treating as long as possible. We had a smores party last year and it was a blast. We plan to do it again this year.

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We love Halloween here! We always go back to Michigan on Halloween weekend to visit my dad (who loves Halloween and loves throwing Halloween parties for the kids- usually complete with a spooky walk through the woods to hunt for treats). We have taken ds Trick or Treating before and he enjoys it. He doesn't really like candy (just plain milk chocolate like hershey's kisses, hershey's plain milk chocolate bars or milk chocolate dove candies). So most of his candy he gets from Trick or Treating gets eaten by dp and myself or sent to dp's work. This year ds will visit his Grandpa for the few days before Halloween and then on Halloween we'll leave early enough to make it back home before Trick or Treating starts.

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We don't have any qualms against Halloween or ToTing. We just *don't* ToT...not because it's wrong or whatever, but because my kids have so many allergies that it would be pointless. They do dress up and do the Boo at the Zoo thing, because at least the trip involves animals and stuff, even if they can't eat the candy (although this year, we're going with my sister...(HI STEPH!) so the kids can give Owen their plain chocolate and Owen can trade my kids the stuff they can eat. : )

We throw the kids a party every year, and they get more than their share of candy and sweets and spooky fun. And we do the pumpkin picking, and DS usually gets invited to a party or two that his classmates throw, and our church does an All Saints Day thing. So, it's non-stop autumn fun from the end of September through the beginning of November for us. :

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I loved Halloween as a kid and it is still fun for me to pass out candy to the kids. I'm excited to have a daughter now and will definitely take her around when she is older for trick or treating. They are actually doing some trick or treating (out of parent's trunks all decorated) at her daycare this year, so even though she won't really get it, I am getting her a cute dragon costume that I got pretty cheap, so some good photo ops at least

And as I got to be too old to really go trick or treating, I went with my church youth group to a neighborhood and collected canned goods. The first year we did it, it took a lot of explaining, but people really liked it. Now they have been doing it 10+ years to the same neighborhood and they get a TON of non-perishables to donate. It's great since you take out the greed of Halloween that can sometimes be a bit negative and keep all the good stuff like costumes, giving, greeting neighbors, etc.

And when I was little, the candy was fun and my Mom's rule was we could eat a lot that night and then only 2-3 pieces a day after that and after a couple weeks she just put it into a common candy bowl which then my Dad would usually take most of it to work. The candy lasted awhile that way and we didn't get candy really otherwise so it was a nice treat. And it worked ok for me, I still only get candy as an occasional treat to this day.

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We love Halloween and Toting! Like some of the PP's, we live in a neighborhood that seems to be a magnet for all of the farm kids in and around our village. It is great! We are in a fairly small community, so we know a lot of the kids who come into the neighborhood from school and sports, anyway. It is just a really fun community day. The streets of our normally sleepy suburban neighborhood are filled with people, and everyone is happy. I actually wish we had a few more holidays like this to get people out and interacting with one another. Our neighborhood does do an Easter Egg hunt in the park, which has a similar feel, but only the families with young children show up for that one, so it isn't quite the same. For Halloween, almost everyone participates in some way, even the families without children.
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i'm kind of particular about it. i do NOT like Halloween being a holiday all about scary people/witches/devils/vampires. (maybe because i'm from a small farming community and we used to go to different empty farms and scare the crap out of eachother, i don't know) i do LOVE dressing up, having DD dress up and pass out candy to trick-o-treaters. i keep our decorations to "fall fun" with pumpkins and leaves and maybe the occasional FRIENDLY ghost. i don't like it being a holiday about scaring.

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