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ollyoxenfree's Avatar ollyoxenfree 09:38 AM 10-23-2010
Originally Posted by grumpybear View Post
Yes but the wear on the sole of the shoes won't regenerate itself.
Take for example, my pattern is that the heel of the sole on my right foot gets worn more than the left because of my heel-strike pattern. My husband's has a very different wear pattern on his.
Yes, I agree that a wear pattern can become pronounced. I was speaking of gently used shoes, though, as I mentioned in my first post, that don't yet have a pronounced wear pattern. I should have made that clear in my later post. Thanks for pointing it out.

east carolina's Avatar east carolina 05:28 PM 10-24-2010
I only have 1 DS and when he was smaller, we would always buy him a new pair of shoes for the warmer months and a pair of winter shoes for the colder. And rainboots. Now that he's older, he has more pairs of shoes (like dress shoes for special occasions and crocs and keens and snow boots) and it gets pricey.

I always thought -- everything used except for underwear and shoes, but I've been lucky to find some gently used shoes that were in really good shape and I won't hesitate to get more in the future. But I'll always buy him new shoes as well if we can afford them.

I guess I reevaluated my position on used shoes, hopefully the same won't go for underwear
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