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My mother's parents are Lal and Pap - same as they were in our childhood. (Lal was because one of our cousins couldn't say Gran and the mispronunciation stuck, and the other is short for Papa/Pappy).

DH's mother's parents are B_ and B_ (first names). They wanted to be called great-grandma and great-grandad but it's too much of a mouthful for DD1 so she just calls them by name - they're okay with it now!

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Anyone we are not very close to is just Grandma/Grandpa FirstName which would be my Dad, DH's Mom, DH's Grandmother.

However, we are close to my Grandparents (the kids' great grandparents) are Nana and Pappy.

We also call my Mom Mamaw and Dh's Dad is Papaw Buddy.

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DS has two great grandmas. My maternal and paternal grandmas. We don't see my maternal grandma very often. But we see my other grandma on a fairly regular basis. We have started calling both of them grandma great. But my grandmas already had quite a few gr grandkids before DS was born, so neither of them take any issue with the idea of being a great grandma.

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we use G.G. too

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My parents and DH's parents both like Nana and Papa. That's what they call themselves.

I hate Nana and Papa. I always say grandma and grandpa.

Our kids use a combination of both right now. I suspect that since we don't live close anymore the kids will eventually use grandma and grandpa all the time since that's what they hear the most.

Our two oldest children differentiate their grandparents as the ones that "live down the hill" and the ones that "live up the hill". DH's parents live at the bottom of a very steep hill. We don't have a car and walking from DH's parents' to my parents' is twenty five minute walk entirely up hill.

We always called my great grandmother by her first name. She was Gramma or Grammie Ethel.

DH's living grandma is French. So his mom is Grandma Lastname to our kids and his grandmother is Grandmere Lastname... or just grandmere.

I have both of my grandmas still living. My mom's has a unique last name so she's just grammie with her last name (what I called her growing up, though she prefers nana as a title). My mom and my dad's have the same last name, though I distinguish them with grandma and grammie... and it's not so bad because our kids don't see her a lot.

Our girls call their one great grandmother who is dead "the greatest grandma" because she is the oldest. I'm not sure what started this, but it seems to have stuck.

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My only living Grandmother has always been called Mommom, DS and eventually DD will just call her Mommom since none of their grandparents used that name anyways. We do sometimes call her Mommom the Great too, but in general she is just Mommom to everyone.

DH's Grandmother is Grammy, which is what she has always been to him as well. We haven't added a Great to either name since they aren't really needed, since they don't conflict with the Grandparent names.

Oh and my parents are Nonnie and Pom (DS couldn't pronounce Grandpa so he ended up Pom or Pompom, DS sometimes says Grand Pom now too). My in-laws are Dahdi and Dahda, so Grammy and Mommom really don't conflict with what they are being called and isn't confusing.

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On DH's side of the family, they all go by Grandma or Grandpa <first name>.

On my exDH's side of the family, they all go by Grandma or Grandpa <last name>, except for a step grandparent that goes by Grandpa <first name>.

On my side of the family, I have one living grandparent (my paternal grandmother). She is called "G.G.".

My dad is called "Papa". We're still struggling to figure out what to call "Papa"'s fiance. Any suggestions? She's Sicilian and her first name is "Marie".

My mom is known as "Grandma Crazy". We don't talk to "Grandma Crazy".
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My children have a Gramma B (my grandmother, last name starts with B), a Gramma Anne (my Mom), a Grampa Chris (my Dad), and a Grandpa (ex-husband's Dad- we see him most often, but when we need to specify, he's Grampa Frank). They also had a Grampa B (my grandfather who died two years ago) and a Grandma Katherine (who died before any of the children were born, but is still very much talked about). My side has Grammas and Grampas, my ex-Husband's side has Grandmas and Grandpas. I will eventually be "Gramma Krissy". (When my stepdaughter was younger, when the subject first came up what my grandparent name will be, I was "Gramma Kissy". I'll answer to that, also. )

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We're french-canadian...

My mom: Mamie
DH's Mom: Grand-maman
My dad and DH's dad: Grand-papa (though my kids call my dad "Grand-papa with the Oxygen" because he has an oxygen tank)
My step-dad was Pops
My Mom's mom: Mémé
My Dad's mom: Grand-maman "Lastname"
Dh's dad's mom: Grand-maman "Lastname"

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My paternal grandfather is GG (geegee = great grandfather)
My paternal grandmother is Ouma (i call her that too)
My maternal grandmother is Koko (i call her that too)
My mom is Babushka (her choice)
My dad is Oupa (his choice)
MIL is Nkunu (Sotho for grandma)

Dh's grandparents have passed on.

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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
our grandparents are called Grandma + first name

We went with this so that they and we could distinguish a specific person more easily in conversation. There were so many grandmas and adding the last name didn't add much clarity.
That's what we do. Although my kids don't know my dad's parents.
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They call them the same thing that I do. My parents are Grandma/Grandpa.
The great-grandparents are MeeMaw/MawMaw, and before they passed, both great grandfathers called PawPaw. (I'm from the South, so that where the names come from)
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Same thing that I called them as a child, Gran and Granny.

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All of ours have different names. My children's great-grandparents are still talked about, even though only 1 is alive, and they don't really know him (he lives far away and is too old to travel). He is Papa. The others were Mimi, Nana, and Granddaddy.

My children reused Granddaddy for my father (we called his daddy "GD"). They differentiate by saying "your Granddaddy" and "our Granddaddy".

My own great-grandparents were very young, and they didn't die until I was 30. I called them Mamama and Pappa. Which was dfferent than my grandparent names.

We're obviously from the deep south. I can't imagine calling them all Grandma Faye and Grandma Gloria. Seems weird to me. LOL cause, honestly, PawPaw is a little odd. LOL
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I used to call my great grandmother "Gramma Great."

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