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Next baby, I'm buying better quality diapers right away.


And getting professional help installing a diaper sprayer if necessary (things were stripped on my toilet so I couldn't install the diaper sprayer I bought)


I'll also buy clothes sooner. Once Upon a Child has absolutely everything, but I don't seem to get there until after dealing with the hassle of not having enough of whatever it is.


Good carseat, good stroller, been very helpful.


Not having a crib, pack'n'play, or swing saved wasted space.


I did have a good pump, lent from dh's cousin, but I couldn't figure it out so it was useless.

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My nursing pillow.  I bought the more expensive model and it got a lot of use.

My carriers: Used them with both kids.  Saved my sanity

My Graco travel system:  I know lot of people hate theirs but I have a very bad back and the ultra light Metrolight stroller is fabulous.  I later bought a Phil and Teds and I STILL prefer my Metrolight.

My heavy duty baby bathtub.  It had a drain at the bottom and it fitted perfectly on our bathroom counter.  Fill with the hand-held shower and drain out into the sink basin.  My kids still splash in it out in the backyard in the summertime, and they're 3 and 5!


Wasted money on:

A rocking baby seat.  I had a cheap one that didn't hold up to Dd's massive baby weight (20lbs by 4mo), so we bought a more hefty, expensive baby seat.  Turned out that by that time Dd didn't want to sit anymore.


A new playpen.  My mom bought this for us and Dd#2 absolutely HATED it.  Never spent more than 5 minutes in it.  Such a waste.:(


There were other baby things that we bought and used over the years that one could argue that we didn't get full use out of.  However, I'm pretty good at buying things used and selling for them for the same money, so nothing lost.


Mama to Emma (7) and Sarah (5)

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I am SOOOO glad I splurged on a nice woven wrap. ds is almost three and I can still wear him comfortably. I kind of cringe when I think back to my pregnancy and how I wanted a Moby but thought that $30 was too much money.

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* wipe warmer. Daughter born in November --- chilly monkey!

* sling (I eventually ended up with a long, knotted woven scarf)

* good, wooden high chair

* disposable nursing pads -- I was a Holstein for years!



* fancy crib

* bathtub that goes inside the regular bathtub

* tons of fancy baby clothes

* formula Just In Case

* changing table

* lanolin.

* walker, bumbo, etc.



* clothes for when they were older -- always wrong season

* bottles, pacifier, extra diaper bags, baby grooming supplies, baby lotion

* hot sling, Baby Bjorn-like carrier

* pack n play

* a Rainforest Jumparoo

* crappy, cheap toys

* IKEA crib, which we're now using as a toddler bed

* freezer thingies for teething

* mesh bags for eating frozen stuff




* temporal thermometer -- never, ever had to stick something up her butt!!

* Boppy. We nested in that thing for the first 9 months.

* baby blankets

* infant gowns

* a comfy chair for a nursing nest

* diaper genie

* jarred organic baby food

* kid-co food grinder - she started grabbing food off my plate at 4 months, so I just ground pieces of my dinner up for her during dinner

* Graco Travel System -- still using the stroller, at 3!

* carseat mirrors

* sound baby monitor

* zip-up fleece wearable blankets


Part-time WAHM. Live with my workaholic mother, my over-worked husband, and wonderful daughter born in '07.
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It's interesting how some of the lists are quite opposite from each other.  I buy used things most of the time, like from yard sales and the swap meet.  I have always bought new car seats for safety reasons, but even then you don't need the top-of-the-line fancy ones in order to be safe.


Thing I loved:

Maya wrap sling - it fit well, versatile, used the tail for a nursing cover.  I "wore" fussy ds for well over a year.  Couldn't have lived without it.

Swing - didn't use it often, but once in a while I liked to take a shower with an option aside from getting the sling wet or hearing ds scream. eyesroll.gif

Stroller and toddler safety harness - allowed my toddler some choices in public since I had my hands full of baby


Things I should have had:

An infant car seat - I tried to save money with a convertable since I didn't want to carry the "baby bucket" anyway, but babies are more comfortable in an infant seat.

A good breast pump - didn't have the money for a nice one, but the cheap manual one I bought was painful to use and I ended up supplementing with formula for a while. greensad.gif


Things I never used:

Bouncy seat, baby "walker", baby monitor, pacifiers, pacifier thermometer, nursing pillow (never figured out how to use it), baby bathtub

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Things I've loved:

a nice baby swing

ergo and baby bjorn

cosleeping bolster pillow thing


breastpump (medela pump in style)


infant gym (with the dangling toys and such)

breastfriend pillow



things I could've done without:

bumbo seat


$20 a piece sleep sacks


crib for infant---but invaluable for my toddler

play pen (oh he hates the baby jail!)

water floatie pool thing, also a hate, too confining for my little monster

rug for his room- giant cat bed, nuff said

baby monitor

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Things that were winners:


The pack n play. I never thought we would use it, but it's been so handy! We used it as a place to nap during the day, and then as a changing table/clothes hamper after that. It's basically our 'baby station' downstairs; and keeps everything else nice and neat. We have one at grandmas that holds all his changing stuff and toys and they use it as a crib and a safe place to put him a way from the dog. I'm glad that I'll have ot for #2 to put her down for naps without worry of her being poked and prodded by my son.


Papasan chair. DS loved this thing! He could see us and we could see him. He was high needs, so never content to be more than a few feet a way, an this made eating possible for us.


Baby hammock. The only way we got any sleep.


Rocker/Glider. The only way we got any sleep after ds outgrew the hammock.


Moby wrap. I got this at 5 weeks, and wish I had gotten it sooner.


Prefolds/flats. We don't cloth diaper (we planned to, so we have a bunch of these). We still used these so much... leaking breasts, puke, pee, poop, milk in all stages of digestion. It's so nice to have a big stack that you can just wipe up a spill and then toss it into the hamper.


Things that were busts:


Swing. DS hated that thing

pump-- i wish I had splurged for the freestyle.

crib- we bought used, but still 200 dollars for a crib, plus 70 for the mattress, plus 20-30 bucks for sheets. Never been used.

Anything for the nursery. DS hardly goes in there.

I'm glad that we didn't get fancy clothes. DS refuses to wear them.

Texmati-- Knitter, Hindu, vegetarian, WOHM. Wife to superdadsuperhero.gif and mom to DS babyf.gif24 months, and DD boc.gif 8 months! .

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Things I'm glad I bought:

* An Ergo but wishes I discovered it before DD was over 6 months.

* Our Kolcraft stroller that allowed DD to face me when we walked outside.

* Rainforest Bouncy Seat and Swing

* Organic washcloths and crib sheets


Things I wish I never owned:

Baby Bjorn


Things I'm glad I didn't purchase:

* Diaper Genie

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How could I have forgotten the Diaper Genie!?!?!!?  What a waste!


DH saw it at a baby big box store and thought we had to have it.  I was suspicious from the beginning.  I used it for a while but really disliked.  DH never got the hang of it.   The container would fill up and neither of us wanted to empty it.  After about 4 weeks, we just got in the habit of taking out the trash every day. 


I also thought those mesh sacks with handle would be the greatest thing ever.  DS tried it for all of 3 seconds before rejecting it forever. 

Mom to DS, born fall 05 after ,,, wife/best friend to DH We have
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I bought two expensive things with my dd and they were absolutely essential, a nice backpack carrier from REI and a good electric pump.  I used the backpack carrier until my dd was four and she was so tall it got to uncomfortable for me to use it (I am not tall at all). 

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ROTFLMAO.gifto each his own. the very things that were a life saver to me i see in others dont need or waste lists.


baby swing: life was MISERABLE without one. dd had colic and the ONLY thing that could soothe her was the baby swing. before the baby swing, no matter what i did we endured 6 to 7 hours of straight crying. after the swing maybe an hour. 


glad never spent money on a good stroller. dd never ever really rode in one. ever. 


no cloth as we used public laundry. 


the thing i was most grateful for:

a bunch of different safe plastic things (or mostly plastic) - either toys or kitchen items. i would put all of them in a basket and dd would be entertained for hours with them. these are little small things her hands could grasp. 

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I'm glad we splurged on really nice strollers and carseats.

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I have to admit its going to be hard to do these list because DD1 and DD2 were totally different babies. What worked (and was a lifesaver for one) didn't work for the other at all.


Things i'm glad I bought:

bucket car seats- I rarely took them out of the car but when it was downpouring it was nice to be able to cover the carseat with a poncho and run for the apartment.. That way the girls didn't get wet (even though I got soaked!)

Carriers- with DD1 I didn't find a carrier I could use until she was 6 months but that thing was a lifesaver when she went through a "don't put me down or Ill scream" phase. With DD2 I had/have and used: a moby wrap (loved until around 5 months), a beco (my favorite for back carries), an ergo (best thing for DH, he would wear her all day except for feeds) and a mai tei (so sad this one tore really badly while we were hiking once :()

outfits- I know most people just keep their children in onesies/sleepers but I never did. For some reason I never felt like we were "starting our day" until we were all dressed. So, each morning the girls got dressed.. and then changed because they had really horrible spit up. We went through anywhere between 7-12 outfits a day because of spit up and explosive diapers.

With DD1- a swing, we moved from California to Japan when she was 4 months old so she spent time in the swing during packing although not much after we moved (she was to big/old for it when it finally got to Japan).

A breast friend nursing pillow- I had a really bad epidural experience with DD1 that caused some lasting back damage. This pillow literally is the only reason I was able to nurse, it supported my back enough where it wasn't extremely painful for me to nurse

a breast pump- I went back to work when DD1 was 6 weeks old, unfortunately she wouldn't take a bottle and that caused a lot of issues. My second ended up in the NICU and refused to nurse in the beginning. I got better results pumping with my double pump than with the hospital pumps! Luckily I was able to get her on the breast within 12 hours of her coming home and after a week I stopped pumping (and had a great little stash built up)

a bunch of blankets for DD1- she would only sleep swaddled for the first 4-5 months. If she wasn't swaddled she would be up every 5-10 minutes all night long.

An exerciser with DD1- she LOVED this thing and played with it happily every night for months while I cooked dinner.

burp rags- both girls spit up a TON, it was nice having something over my shoulder to at least catch some of it!

bouncy seats- I actually have 2, one in each bathroom. It was the only way I got to shower/go to the bathroom with DD2. DD1 would take off with her if she wasn't in the same room as I was so she had to go into the bouncy seat whenever I wanted to shower or go to the restroom.

A double jogging stroller and a double stroller- I know its controversial on this board but when DH is gone its the only way I can get out of the house. There is no way I can wear one and chase the other. Specially since DD1 is always wanting to be carried if we don't have the stroller with us. I specially can't carry both now that they weight over 70lbs combined and Im 33 weeks pregnant. The joggling stroller is to big for our trunk BUT its great for the long walks we like to take as a family

Things I wish I'd bought:

A carrier earlier with DD1. She loved being in a carrier, would have saved my back/arms.

Books earlier. I was told with my first it was useless to have children books before they started to read and for some odd reason I listed to that advice. Well DD1 LOVED to be read to from a really early age. I use to read Jane Austin and Shakespeare to her when she was a newborn because it would calm her when she was crying. Needless to say I ended up having to invest in some children books when she was a couple of months old. Now if she isn't bringing me a book to read her sister is.

breast pads BEFORE the baby came. I didn't think I would need them right away, my milk came in at 2 days post partum and I leaked heavily. They ended up tracking some down for me at the hospital because I was leaking so bad it was soaking my shirt

A decent diaper bag instead of the cheap one. It was a pain in the bottom black hole but having two in diapers a purse just didn't cut it. DH splurged on me this time and got me the bag Ive been wanting, can't wait to try it out!

A hook on high chair for our dining room chairs earlier than I did. The girls both liked to sit and be with us but it took a while for me to figure it out.. It made life a ton easier when we got one of those chairs and hooked it up. Happy baby, fed parents, happy family.


Things I'm happy I DIDN'T waste my money on:

wipes warmer- never got cold enough to need it. I live in a warm environment with a heater though. Im sure if I lived in a colder place it would be different.

A swing with DD2- DD1's swing was bought used and died before DD2 came around. We decided to wait to get one, tried one of my friends swings out when she was a newborn and she screamed her head off as soon as it was turned on.

tons of toddler spoons/forks. Neither girl would use them so I was glad I only had what was given to us.

A baby gate, my daughter could climb our neighbors gate by 7 months so it would have been a total waste AND been dangerous. I know some people its a necessity but I don't have stairs at our apartment and my daughter is a bit of a monkey.

bottle sterilizer- I was told I "had to" have one never bought one. good thing because I don't think I would have ever used it.

special soaps/powders for the baby- my first didn't have a soap bath (other than at the hospital) until she was probably 7ish months old. Second was around 4ish months old when she had a soap bath. Both times I just the aveeno I had for me on them.


Things I totally wasted money on..

sippy cups! neither girl would use them

expensive bottles for my first. I tried every bottle out there on her and she wouldn't take a single one.

A crib/changing table- it was bought for us BUT it was totally a waste of money/space

a bassinet- I was so convinced that co-sleeping was dangerous that I REFUSED to allow my baby to sleep with me.. just wasn't happening.. until neither of us slept the first two weeks and I ended up falling asleep nursing her one night. After one decent night of sleep DH realized how much better my attitude was/how I felt was that he started insisting we sleep with her in our bed with us.

baby tub with my first-Total waste, used once. It was to much of a pain.

baby monitor, never used then it turns out it was the wrong frequency to use over here so we couldn't use it. Never would have needed it anyway since our apartments have always been small enough where I could hear them all the time.

A jumperoo with DD2- figured it would work just as well as the exerciser (which I had loaned out to a "friend" and they decided to move back to the states with it ughs!). She didn't like it, I didn't like it and DD1 thought it was hurting her whenever she was in it so it was never used

A diaper genie with my first- was told it was the best piece of equipment you could have and since I have a very sensitive nose I figured Id give it a try.. yea it didn't keep the smell away and it as a waste of money.

Cheap plastic baby toys- I didn't want to "deprive" DD1 by not having toys for her. yea not only did she NOT play with them but I ended up giving them away or throwing them out (quite a few ended up recalled) so it was a total waste of money.

Any decorations for a nursery. The room was never slept in. Ended up being a total waste

swaddling blankets for DD2- She wouldn't sleep swaddled and screamed if you swaddled her. She doesn't like being confined, she still won't even sleep with a blanket covering her.

Baby memory books- this time Im just doing a journal and Im finding it a lot easier not to have to find the "special spaces" to fill in. It might actually get done this way!

Baby play mat things- you know the ones with the arch of toys above them. Both girls were scared by them so they ended up being used without the arch as a glorified baby blanket

Shoes for a baby that isn't walking

pack and play--- twice-- I didn't use it the first time, got rid of it then DH convinced me to rebuy it.. Didn't use it the second time, got rid of it. He tried to convince me to get a third and I refused.

A baby food "kit" to make and freeze baby food- both girls went right from Exclusively breast feeding to cut up veggies.

One of those big stand alone baby high chairs. Totally worthless IMO.


Im sure there is more I just can't think of what else.

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love ...

Ergo (gift ... Thanks Fran!) I have used that thing every.single.day for nearly two years!

stokke tripp trapp highchair (We got it for 40% off ... am I ever glad that they're starting to show up on CL now as we plan for #2)

fuzzi bunz dipes

double bed low to floor in dd's room for naps

britax carseat

Lact-Aid supplemental nursing system (essential for low-supply mamas!)


had but never used or didn't like ...

Moby ... dd didn't like it.

crib ... got used once for a visiting baby

Medela SNS ... sucks


wish we'd had from the beginning (especially now that we're hoping to be pregnant again soon!)

a king-sized bed, super comfy

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It sooo depends on the kid!


I am glad we bought/ were gifted:

- crib (not high end, but safe) - DS likes it and sleeps soundly in it, he even tries to climb in when he's tired... it was side-car'ed at first and he sleeps in his own room since 13 months (we had started to sleep in the guest bedroom to not wake him up, a sign it was time to move him to his room)...

- Babyhawk carrier - I used it a lot til DS didn't want it anymore (13 months)

- nice stroller - DS still loves his stroller and sometimes asks to be put in it

- nice Svan highchair - it will come in handy with the new baby, and DS really enjoyed it

- good car seat - still in use, and super safe and comfy and the high end baby bucket will now serve DD

- good infrared thermometer

- medela swing, I had to pump in the beginning and the swing spared me from renting

- boppy and nursing chair


Stuff I wish I had gotten in the beginning

- cloth diapers... I started at 6 months...

- swing - we borrowed one and it was a lifesafer, albeit only used shortly, it was awesome, despite my hate for those contraptions

- babylegs

- baby monitor (I am so nervous without it)

- travel stroller (once DS could walk, babywearing was no option at all for him.  he did not want it) - we fly a lot

- wipe warmer, makes cloth wipes so easy and neat

- Ergo - have yet to find a steal on it


Hate hate hate pr useless

- ring sling

- baby bath tub

-  diaper sprayer - I don't use it with prefolds, pockets nor AIOs, I just squish and dunk, is wayyyy faster and I don't mind

- playtex diaper pail

- microwave sterilizer, yes I used it when I had to pump early on and to put binkies in, bu that wasn't worth it


I never bought full priced baby clothes, all my stuff is from sales, hand me downs or places like TJ Maxx... Even our Stride Rite shoes are from the outlet... ;)

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Oohhhhh...good ones.  We quickly abandoned the diaper genie in favor of just tossing diapers in the trash and taking it our frequently bag.gif  Also, it totally started to smell after just a few months.


And those mesh things, ugh.  Someone told me they were so great, but my DD had no idea what to do with them and then they just made a big mess.

Originally Posted by Caneel View Post

How could I have forgotten the Diaper Genie!?!?!!?  What a waste!


DH saw it at a baby big box store and thought we had to have it.  I was suspicious from the beginning.  I used it for a while but really disliked.  DH never got the hang of it.   The container would fill up and neither of us wanted to empty it.  After about 4 weeks, we just got in the habit of taking out the trash every day. 


I also thought those mesh sacks with handle would be the greatest thing ever.  DS tried it for all of 3 seconds before rejecting it forever. 

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Glad we bought


- Moby wraps, Becco Gemini and gauze wraps. We love them and use them heaps.

- Svan highchair. J has been sitting at the table with us since she was about 4 months old. We propped her up with rolled up nappies initially. We're really happy with the Svan but our main criteria was one which fit under the table so she could sit up with the family.

- good quality pram. We hardly ever use it but, when we do, it is a pleasure to use.


Needn't have bothered with


- pouch slings. We had no way of knowing this but J *hated* lying down in them. She's ok now if I use them for a hip hold but I find it hard to get comfortable. As we have them, I'll keep them in case our next LO like to lie down but, I wouldn't buy them again.


- singlets (sleeveless undershirts). It never got cold enough to need them. They weren't expensive but it still bugs me a bit to have a pile of things we hardly used. Again , I'll keep them until we're finished babymaking but I won't be buying more.


- baby moisturiser. Again, not super expensive, although I did buy good quality, organic, animal friendly, nasty chemcal free ones. We've just never needed it. Her skin has been lovely. I'll probably end up using them myself in the end.

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Things I loved:


PacknPlay-we travel a lot so it is a life saver.

BugaBoo Stroller-got it as a gift from a rich friend. When I saw how much it was I about died. I have used it from day one and it is truly wonderful. While it cost her a fortune, it has been used 100's of times because of my bad back.

Brestfriend Pillow-I HATE Boppies and the BF was so easy to use and really supported my son. My hubby used it as well.

Amish Crib-Never used it when my son was an infant but it converts to a beautiful toddler bed which we use. It will also convert to a twin bed.

Freezer teething rings-useless when my son was small, but now they are the perfect size for him to hold on the inevitable toddler bumps and bruises.

Baby bathtub-my back was so bad that leaning over the tub was impossible. The baby tub fit in my sink and kept all the strain off my back. A lifesaver.


Things I hated:


Diaper Genie-WHY did I fall for that?

Monitors-Used them like twice.

Swing-Used once and sold to a friend.

Highchair-Got a used booster and never looked back. Thankfully it was super cheap at a garage sale.


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Ergo and Beco

Chariot-we do a lot of cycling in the summer and this was fantastic! We also got the infant sling so we could put our DD in there. We bought off of CL, so it wasn't as shockingly expensive as it could have been. But, we use that thing all the time! In the winter, its an awesome double stroller for getting the kids out in the fresh air but keeping them warm and dry.

1.2.3 Swaddle blanket-lifesaver!

Clip-on high chair



Swing-DS loved it, DD not so much


Didn't need:

Bottles! Neither of my kiddos would take expressed milk! (Even though I dilegently pumped three times a day!)

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