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My mom always monitored what I read. It wasn't a problem until lower school!

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My kids are pretty good with choosing their own books without my help, but I would provide guidance if they chose a book at the wrong comprehension level or with inappropriate content (although the chances of that are pretty slim since the children's section is divided into comprehension levels corresponding to the comprehension levels from the schools exams).  If I do voice my opinion, it's usually to suggest my SD read a book to help her with problems I'm having trouble helping her with (language barrier mostly)--she's a pre-teen, gah! 

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Nope, DS10 is free to check out what ever he wants.  I think the library cards have a limit of 35 or 50 items depending on which library system we are at.  He can read whatever he chooses.  Right now he wants 'thick' chapter books and is on the cusp of YA fiction.  Don't worry, he still loves Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss too along with adult non fiction!


This child can easily read 500 pages a day.  I dont censor.

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My 7 year old I censor as far as how many books he gets to take out. I used to let him take out 10 or so at a time, but we never got to all of them or we would misplace them and get fines until we found them. Now, it's 5 books at a time and we talk about whether he wants books to read on his own or books he wants ds and I to read to him.

My 9 yer old, I let him take out what he wants. I cringe sometimes, because he has recently taken out all sorts of children's books about WWI and WWII. It just makes me a bit nervous, but I've looked at them and they are non-fiction and informational, and as much as I'd love to stop him from learning about war, it's his interest. sigh.

My 11 year old, I can have no issues with. He take out what he wants and is very responsible with his books. He doesn't usually take out more than he can read in two weeks, and if he does, he makes sure to reniew it on line.

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