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poorlittlefish's Avatar poorlittlefish 09:33 AM 01-21-2011

I am going to be throwing my DD a Dora themed birthday party in a few weeks for her 3rd birthday.  We are having our usual group of friends of (parents siblings etc) and it will end up being about 6 kids ranging from 2-4.  What are some good, indoor activities that might work for this age group?  We have a small house and it is too cold to go outside but I do want to plan 1-2 activities or games for everyone.  Any help would be appreciated!

reezley's Avatar reezley 11:54 AM 01-21-2011

For my older son's 3rd birthday a "hunt" was very fun for all the kids.  I put foam bug stickers all over the play room, some kind of under stuff and hidden, but many just in plain sight. Gave each kid a cup with their name on it (written on a big butterfly sticker on it) and gave each a plastic grabber to grab the bugs with. Amazing how much fun they hadrunning around finding them. For Dora theme you might have Dora stickers to find, or a "Map" for each kid, showing them where to go to get a few different little prizes.  Prize idea from another birthday we had - a treasure hunt (was more complicated, for 5-year-olds) where they found different pieces to a puzzle I made for each kid out of a photo of them - I put photo on cardboard and cut each up into 9 squares, very simple.  It's a puzzle we still have and use.


Classic party activity to start with - blow up balloons, play a fun CD, let them bop balloons around.     :)   Keeps 'em busy for a while!

LiLStar's Avatar LiLStar 11:34 PM 01-21-2011

I'm planning dd's 4th bday party that will be in a couple weeks. We're renting the neighborhood clubhouse which involves all the benefits of a home party (its next door, its free, its simple/basic/not over the top) without, well, any built in "stuff to do"..argh! So its quite literally 4 walls and 19 kids (we're inviting all the cousins... big family) so unless I provide specific activities... it won't be a good thing! 


So here's my agenda:

make your own edible necklaces, I'll get some kind of naturally dyed knock off version of froot loops and maybe some gummy life savers for that.


got some plaster magnets and paint and each kid can paint their own magnet


(These two will just be set out on tables for each child to come do when they feel like it, not structured, everyone sit down together activities)


I'm making a homemade pinata (haaaate to cardboard ones! they dont break!) and will have inside each child's goody bag already filled/tied up, and candy free floating. Pick *1* bag, and fill it with as much candy as you can manage ;) 




all crafty activities put away, and everyone thoroughly sugar high on cake, blow up a ton of balloons and let them loose for the kids to throw around like crazy. Goody bags have bubbles so I'm sure those will be happening.


We'll probably have a couple snacky things out, chips and dip, veggie plate, something like that. it'll be a non-meal time party. 

mtiger's Avatar mtiger 12:23 PM 01-22-2011

I did a Dalmation party at that age for my youngest. Do a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey (we did Pin the Spot on the Puppy). Face painting may or may not go over well. Any games they like - Duck, Duck, Goose, Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, etc. Plan for twice as many activities as you think you'll need. Some may go over well, some may not. So have alternates. Yes on the scavenger hunt (we did Hershey's Kisses).


And, just in case they are all gamed and partied out long before the end time? Or over-hyped and in need of calming down...  Have some Dora videos to pop on.