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Hey ladies!

Does anyone here have a blog? I do, and I find writing there very refreshing. When I have no one to talk to IRL about something that is bothering me, I go there and just let it all out. Great therapy!


What blogs do you guys read (if you read any?)


Also - does anyone read the blog MckMama ( if so - what do you think about it? There is a MckMamaWithoutPity site - and going back and forth between the two is kind of nuts!

"Damn it man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" -Bones McCoy. Ds1 6 bouncy.gif Dd1 4 energy.gifDd2 5 months baby.gif
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I like to read AskMoxie and I also check out Free Range Kids from time to time.  They're not strictly mom blogs, necessarily, but close. 

Mumma to DS July 2010 and expecting another baby boy late July 2012 belly.gif

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I have a blog :) Mostly about baby, though lately it's been more about me. Here's the link. I find blogging to be a huge relief... probably one of my biggest stress relievers, since I don't seem to have time for much else. Sometimes I rant. Sometimes it's short snippets. Sometimes I carefully write out an essay. I am so glad to have had this record since DS was born, and it is a good creative outlet.



If you want to share a link to your blog, I'd love to check it out!


We had significant infertility (DS was IVF), so I keep track of a few infertility blogs. Many of them are friends from the online world, but the well known ones are and (they both have kids now)


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I blog. Lately all I post are posts in my "Spotlight on Homeschooling" series and "Year of Pleasures" posts, but I promise I will start posting other posts soon. blush.gif


Pretty much every blog I have on my blogroll is a mama blog, so feel free to peruse those ones too!

bedsharing, knitting, toddler-nursing, nerdy, babywearing mama!

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I blog, too!


I am trying to get in the habit of more product reviews and DIY stuff, but mostly, the blog is a home for my musings and photos about/of my daughter.  I think of mommyblogging as a sort of reinvented baby book for the 21st century.  Lol (as is apparently from my monthly letters to Cady).


It has led to some cool things, though; starting at the end of the month, I'll be contributing regularly to Offbeat Mama (one of my favorite sites).


Other blogs I dig include Heather Armstrong's (, Kelle Hampton's (Enjoying the Small Things), and Simple Mom... all linked on my sidebar.  There are others I surf to, as well.  I LOVE the community that mommyblogging brings with it, and I LOVE being a part of it all; I'm excited to check out what you all have to say on your blogs, too!


Great topic.  :-)

Part hippie-chick, part type-A career woman, all mama. Enjoying life as a wife to my partner of 11 years, and a mama to our smarty-pants toddler, Cadence.

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I have a blog, but it's really only a baby book online, so I'm not sure if that counts smile.gif I've kept up with it much, much better than I would have with a paper and printed-out photos-type baby book. I do very much like to read mom and/or birth blogs with good content about things that make me think, though.

I'm looking forward to browsing everyone's blogs!

I read these pretty much every time they come out with a new post:

  reading.gif, mama to Amelie (May 2010), early loss (October 2011), and James (September 2012) vbac.gif

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I blog! I started blogging in 1999 right before I moved from Canada to Australia for a year and a half. It was mostly to keep family updated on my adventures. My current blog is mostly mom and baby related stuff. I write about the usual suspects for the most experience with attachment parenting, natural living, some craft stuff, my opinions on baby stuff and a smattering of queer parenting topics. I love the mom blog community and have learned a lot reading along with others' experiences!


My blog is in my profile.


A few of my favourite mom blogs are:


Hobo Mama

The Artful Parent

Code Name Mama


Look forward to finding some new blogs to add to my list!

Me joy.gif, DP treehugger.gif, S bikenew.gif and L babyboy.gif
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I have a blog I started pretty recently It's kind of a mishmash of natural living topic and personal baby stuff.  I haven't been keeping up with reading many blogs lately, but one of my favorites is

Lori ~ wife to DH 5 yrs ~ DS born naturally 11.20.10!
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i blog. it's such a good outlet at the end of a long day with dd. it's a combination of daily life musings, soapbox rants, and occasional photos and recipes.


my favorite mom blog to read kandeeland.

betsy:  wife to tony, mama to haven (7/6/10), arlo (m/c 1/21/12), and expecting valencia in late december.

"we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" - arthur o'shaunessy
"if there is no dancing then it is not my revolution" - emma goldman

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@mamadiamond -- I love the name of your blog. I'm sorry that you're not even able to Skype with your DH this deployment greensad.gif My DH is seriously thinking about the JAG, but the thought of deployment is something I keep pushing out of my brain.

@BarefootGirl -- I have a reusable coffee filter, but before we got it, we just composted the filter and the coffee grounds, so I'm going to call it basically a wash. Good luck selling your nursing necklaces!

@carmen358 -- I'm thinking of trying to make some upcycled pants for my LO out of old sweaters, too, but unfortunately I do leave projects unfinished quite a bit of the time ... yours look great, however, and I'm mucho impressed with you adding the waistband.

@Lyndzies -- Holy crapola, your baby DOES look like the gerber baby! Mine also loves, loves, loves the bath and there is more than one bath-time blog post.

@Cecilia's Mama - I read your posts frequently and it was fun to take a peek at your blog smile.gif

@rachael07 - I'm also in academia (just a masters-level adjunct) and I might be searching for work for the next school year -- when I know it'll be too late. I hope that you snag a good position in the next few months.

  reading.gif, mama to Amelie (May 2010), early loss (October 2011), and James (September 2012) vbac.gif

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I love reading new blogs & can hardly wait to check out some of your blogs in my spare time! joy.gif


I blog too - about life as a Christan, EBF, CD'ing, co-sleeping, baby wearing 1st time mom - most of which are polar opposite to the Babywise community I'm surrounded by. 


I agree with others; it's SO nice to have a place to share and to find others that understand your voice. smile.gif

First time Mama, in love with my DH and we're in LOVE with our baby girl!!!
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I have one, but I only update when I feel like it, not regularly or anything.

Mama to Elsa Louise: 2/10, 13lbs 8 oz  energy.gifand Oscar Allen: 7/12, 13lbs 8 oz  babyboy.gif

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I'm at where I do all things DIY, creative, children-oriented, and budget-wise!  Check it out!

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I blog, but it's not strictly parenting related.  I post about what I'm up to as a homemaker (sewing, cooking, crafting, organizing, gardening etc...).  I have a lot of blogs that I read when I have time (the links can be found on my site) but I love OhDeeDoh for kid related decor ideas and Angry Chicken for family activities, and crafts. Can't wait to check out some of yours.  Cheers!

Mama~Blogger~Artist~Homemaker. Family = DH (married 6 years), baby Elinor, and our puppy Frances.
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