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Support in parenting and in life generally. Who is your 'support network' if you want to call it that? I guess mine would be my extended family who live nearby and we visit often, a church community sometimes as we don't go very regularly (probably should), and a couple of other moms who have kids the same age as mine from our kids school. Not feeling a lot of support lately, so wondering who other moms get support from? (beside your partner ofcourse) Religious community you belong to maybe? Or some other community? 

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My friends.  I love my girlfriends, they are like sisters to me.  We are all around the same age, with the same age of kids. 

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Friends that I met through my mom's group. I love.gif them & I'm pretty sure I could not survive without them.

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My weekly cleaning ladies. Seriously. Knowing that they will be here every Friday makes all the difference to me.

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My family is across the ocean, so no luck there. My DHs family is too old to be able to help. Luckily, both sets of grandparents are loving and wonderful with the kids, they just can not be there as support due to distance and age. I have some close friends who can help out if needed. I have a dear younger friend who has kids same ages as mine, and I have some close older friends, who are supportive in different ways. 


Oh - I take that back. When the daycare went on strike for 4 weeks, my mom and dad flew over and babysat for 2 weeks, so DH and I could go to work!

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Mostly fellow homeschoolers and a couple of other friends. We were a military family and have moved a lot, so family wasn't around to help. We were mostly on our own, with a random military wife who would swap for babysitting and help out in emergencies.


We've actually been living in the same state for seven years now, so we do have a smallish support network....but now that my kids are older we haven't needed it as much. Most of the assistance we get from friends in recent years has come in the form of helping to chauffeur kids around.


When I was in the reserves, Ex-H's mom would come visit to babysit sometimes. Other times, Ex-H simply had to take leave from work so I could fulfill my commitment.

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We are military so family is non existent at this point due to distance. We have been here for 7 months now and I still haven't really found anyone I clicked with so right now its no one outside of DH. Last month he was gone and that was the first time for that long of time and it sucked. To the point that I decided if he deploys that more then likely I will move back home so I have help. Although that bothers me too because I do like where we live..lol Just the thought of having the two 13.5 months apart scares me that I know for my own sanity I will need some form of help. And well I suck at making friends. So its even harder for me. 

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The school we've been attending since dds were about 3 (twins) is really our community.  DDs are 5.5 now and entering K.  I feel very connected to this set of like-minded families.   It's my dds, and therefore my, social network.   We are connected with a few families that can be relied upon to help out when needed.  We also have dh's parents living close and really participating in our family life.  For dh they are support --- but to me they need support.

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