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Both of mine are named after family members.  DD is named after my grandmother, I always adored her name and especially the fact that it was uncommon. DS is named after my dad, I adored him but didn't want to use his name as it made me sad, but it was the only boys name dh and I could agree on liking, it is a classic but thankfully underused name.

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Naming was really difficult for us. We come from different cultures and it's very difficult to find names which work in both.


Our first daughter's name is a variation of MIL's, though that's not why we chose it. We just heard it and liked it. It's very short & simple, and both sides of the family can pronounce it. We agreed to it very quickly and in hindsight I wish I'd given it more thought. I still love the way it sounds, but if I could do it over I would choose something more substantial and insist on adding a middle name.


DD2's name has no family connection. We had an even harder time naming her - she was nameless the first 5 weeks of her life! We finally managed to agree on something that wasn't high on either of our lists. Funnily enough, I'm actually much happier with it than I am with our first daughter's name. It's grown on me a lot. It also has several good nickname options, so she can go by one of those if she chooses to do so when she's older.

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DD's name has meaning to us personally and in history:  "Life" in Greek.  It is a special significance for us because we suffered several miscarriages and she was a fighter even in the womb.  She lives up to her name.  She  will always be about living to the fullest...we can see it now.  As soon as her gender was identified, we knew who she was, both in name and spirit.


Btwn:  I really do believe that individuals live up to their names.  My parents choose a name that I feel totally describes my person.  It is Hebrew and I feel I'm my namesake.  Weird.  

"Lawyers, I suppose, were children once." Charles Lamb.
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With me, it just felt right in my belly.

With my son, I just knew...I knew I was pregnant two days in and that I would have a boy...about a month later I knew his name would be Aristotle. (metaphysics changed my life forever...so did he...). I kinda felt like I should name Socrates or Cesar since those are both family names but it didn't resonate.

With my daughter, I kept looking and looking and looking until one day I saw it and I knew it to be the case. I really wanted Vasalisa like the story but it only seemed good as a womb name not HER name.


I do know I wanted names that weren't common but it didn't matter since the names I really wanted were picked by...something greater than me.


However, my husband wasn't sold on either name so we came up with a list of five names and he had his favorites (Bryce and Estrella) After the babies were born he took them while I slept and was told to figure it out. With Aristotle, I woke up and he shook his head and said, "he just isn't a Bryce or anything else on this list but Aristotle...it's just who he is" and with my daughter it took him 3 days because he REALLY wanted Estrella but finally, "she just doesn't look light and ethereal like an Estrella but like a warrior...Zafina it is." In both cases I said he could go with something else on the list but in both cases he said it just didn't go. I had final say on the list. He had say on the final name.


I like saying I have the complete collectors set from A to Z


Oh and I will say...their womb names were Mongoose (son) and Vasalisa (daughter)

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My husband thought he invented "Everly" as it turns out it is an old english boys name.  We had that name picked out 2 years before Everly was born.


We wanted our children to have unique names but also names that were easy to pronounce, read etc.


For my second daughter we just went through the baby book until we found a name we liked.  I had taught a Maisie in the past and when that one came up we were done looking. 


We also liked how Everly and Maisie sounded together.


Their middle names are more personal.  Maisie shares my middle name, and Everly shares her middle name with several relatives.

Me: Shannon (33) mom to DD Everly born May 9, 2007 and Maisie born May 26
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Originally Posted by Shannie77 View Post

My husband thought he invented "Everly" as it turns out it is an old english boys name.  We had that name picked out 2 years before Everly was born.

Do people ask you if that name is for the Everly brothers?

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Our twin boys are named after people, both first and middle names. They are also both classic names, without sounding old-fashioned (James and Bryan).

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Both DH's grandmother and my own (who partially raised me) died when I was pregnant with my daughter, the middle child.  We also loved their names, and DD's first and second names are after them, which was very special.  Our oldest son had a combo of names we liked but were also after family/friends.  Our youngest was a tricky naming.  We couldn't decide on Kenji (after a family friend) or Alexander.  We decided we'd go by what felt right at birth.  Alexander means mighty roar, and our son's birth demeanor settled the matter (he's still pretty rowdy, and shortens his name to "Xander")

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DS is Ian Thomas. Ian because DH wanted Ethan and I wanted anything but Ethan and Thomas because it's DH's middle name and FIL first name. DD is Marley Marie. I loved the name Marley since I was first pregnant with her and when she was born it just fit her so perfectly (and still does). Then she has my middle name with also happens to be SIL's middle name. No idea what we will do next time.

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Basic names rules were:

  • Anyone who saw it would know how to pronounce it
  • Anyone who heard it would know how to spell it
  • One syllable nickname available
  • Not used by anyone in either of our families
  • Initials wouldn't spell anything
  • No name similarity (DH, DS, DD and I have names without similar sounds or starting/ending letters)


Beyond that, we took a list of names to the hospital and then figured out which name they looked like :)

WOHM to DS11 and DD9, both T1Ds

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We wanted something uncommon but not weird.

Something easy to spell.

A name that had a nice meaning.

Something that seemed to fit the child.

For a girl, something feminine but not too girlie.


We chose a few girl names and a few boy names and made the final decision after our DD was born. We love the name and it fits her well. Her name means passionate and expressive and she is definitely both of those.


The middle name we decided because while my wife was pregnant my nephew was hit by a car and seriously injured. He almost died and fought hard to not only live, but thrive with severe brain damage. We felt that the qualities that he had as a determined fighter was something we wished for in our future child. Her middle name is a female version of his name.

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