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cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 09:55 AM 04-26-2013

We want to create some "Mothering in..." guides as a community resource and need some help from our community members. Like, :Mothering in Santa Fe" for example. What I have in mind is to compile a list of places and activities that are natural family living and attachment parenting friendly for different cities around the US and the world. Based on our analytics for the past six months, these are the cities that bring in the most site visitors:


New York City 

Los Angeles 

San Francisco 



Hialeah FL




Southgate MI



Columbus OH


We can start with these cities or we can start with the city you live in. Right now I'd like to get everyone's ideas about what would be important to include in such a guide, what info you find to be important for a family new to a city and looking for AP/NFL activities and resources, information, etc. Then we can start threads for individual cities to share info and compile into guides to be published on the site. smile.gif

michelleepotter's Avatar michelleepotter 10:27 AM 04-26-2013
I think an obvious place to start would be pediatricians, family doctors, OB/GYNs, midwives, birthing centers, and hospitals.
Maybe also homeschooling groups and play groups.
Maybe links to calendars of fun family activities, festivals, special days (like free museum days) etc. Or information on things that recur every year (like Renaissance Festival, or Houston's annual Azalea Trail).
Amy@STL's Avatar Amy@STL 12:35 PM 04-26-2013

Adding on to what PP said:


  1. Stores selling cloth diapers, natural toys etc
  2. Consignment sales and used kids stores
  3. Earth friendly/green living/ organic/family friendly restaurants
  4. Existing ACTIVE moms groups and playgroups
  5. Links to blogs run by mothering.com members for that city ( if those moms agree! and if those blogs are not personal but more about the city life/resources).

chiromama01's Avatar chiromama01 08:13 PM 04-27-2013
In addition to what PP have mentioned, how about AP childcare centers/ providers, momtessori and Waldorf schools and homeschool organizations.
Polliwog's Avatar Polliwog 05:50 PM 04-28-2013
Having lived in South Florida and worked in, and around Hialeah, I am completely surprised that town made your list. Baffled is more like it.