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This is a spin off of the confession thread . . . What NFL/AP practices are you proudest of in your home? Have you worked hard to make any changes?


I called the EPA & DEQ yesterday and got the for real emissions report on a factory near my house.


I am proud of being aware of local pollution sources and acting to protect my family where I can.


I have been nursing for 7 years straight and if everything goes well with this pregnancy, I am going for a full decade.


I am proud of the care I secured for myself in both pregnancies, even though the first birth was not ideal . . . I am proud of most of my care decisions period.


My sons have never needed Antibiotics and they get Probiotics every day. I think if you looked @ their flora, it would be amazing!


I am proud that I was able to recognize a vaccine reaction in time, even when I was told it was 'normal', I am proud that I went straight to the manufacturer, where I found it was a listed contraindication . . . 


I am generally thrilled with my frugal organic shopping skills, they could always be improved, but I have scored many a deal in my mama day!


I am happy with my relationship with my sons, I think we have a pretty unique family . . . 


I worked hard to switch us over to mostly glassware @ home and even tho we get plastic out sometimes, it is all about reduced impact.


I graduated from a Master Recycling program this year and we have been composting for 7 years.


And of course: Team Foreskin! That is my greatest achievement, IMO, because my boys will always know they have a body part because of their mama!

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i nursed my dd till her 9th bday.


i still cosleep with my almost 11 year old because she still wants it.


we are both very aware of water issues. we are aware that there is drought in CA even though there is no blurb on this in the newspaper or any media for that matter. we take short showers, brown till you flush, etc. how we wash dishes. 


diet - minimal juice and v. v. minimal processed food. 


recycle responsibly.

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Oh, I like this thread better than the other one smile.gif
My triumphs:

I breastfed two kids for 8 years.


I coslept with both kids for many years.

Never CIO.

I wore both my kids as babies, not for long though, as they got big fast.

I had 2 natural, unmedicated births, attended by midwives; one of them was a homebirth.

We practice gentle discipline, without punishment or rewards.

I raise my kids free range, my 8 yo can play outside by himself and be home alone occasionally.

I try to buy local food as much as I can.

Looking forward to reading all your ap accomplishments
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I managed to buy exactly one package of disposable diapers (and we were traveling) with my first kiddo despite being a busy full-time working mom.  And he was definitely not an early potty-trained kid either, we're talking three plus years!  orngtongue.gif


We produce a ridiculously small amount of garbage for an average American family, I think.  I try to be really mindful of what we buy and how it's going to get disposed of, and I'm teaching the same to my kids.

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DH and I both grew up in "traditional" homes where the first response was to hit when someone did something the parents (or in my case, older siblings) didn't like. If you asked our parents they'd give you the "as a last resort" thing but yeah, we all know about that line. He struggles with the no corporal punishment thing more than I do (he's extremely committed to not doing it, but the impulse was very strong in the beginning and he actually stopped himself mid-swing many times, these days it's not an issue), but we've made it 12 years without ever using it, even when the impulse is there.


Never CIO'd even with colicky twins. The rest of ours have been pretty easy babies but those two were ca-ra-zy!


Recently made the move back to homeschooling and unschooling after we lost our way for a little while. The kids are SO much happier and so are we!


Made a physical move to our dream home with a good bit of land that we can raise more of our food on. Place we've lived before were too small for anything but our horses, and nothing grew in the ground. Now we have this great lush place, tons of room. I wish we'd started earlier, but our oldest is still jsut 12. Plenty of time to grow up the way we've always wanted our kids to grow up.


We generated UNDER a can a month of non-recyclable garbage the last 3 months!


Have breastfed all my kids except one (the oldest, weaned at a year due to being young and stupid and feeling pressured) past 2 and let them decide when to stop.

Peaceful, homeschooling, UC/HBing, select vaxing, breastfeeding, intactivist mama to a bunch of small people.

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I like this spin-off, its a nice balance with the other thread smile.gif

-I had an unassisted birth that went beautifully and made me be intensely aware of my intuition.

-I had a partial lotus birth with my DD--after 3 days i cut it off, it was close to falling off on its own at that point

-Cloth diapering, cloth wipes, gentle home-made wipe solution from the start, never used disposables.

-practiced EC starting at 3 months, she took to it right away and by 18 months of age she was going in the potty using her own free will.

-we have co-slept from the start, still do at almost 2 and a half years

-breastfed until 2 years, she gradually lost interest until i urged her to stop completely, it was an easy transition.

-eat mostly whole foods, not much processed foods.

-practice gentle discipline, a firm "no" is generally enough to stop inappropriate behavior or a brief explanation so she understands.

-practiced babywearing until about 6 months of age.

-mostly use Trader Joe's multipurpose cleaner for every day cleaning which is non-chemical and has essential oils, the same brand for laundry detergent, organic or non-sulfate and paraben shampoo and conditioner, natural soap and Gladrags cloth pads for me every month (i love them, have been using the same dozen for about 5 years now, they're still in great condition).
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Awesome thread smile.gif

I rock at organic/local food and cooking from scratch.

Cloth diapers, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing. Did great at that.

So yeah, I have those areas where I'm not that AP/NFL or whatever, but then there are areas where I'm really on the mark as far as that goes.
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I'm really proud of the gentle, respectful approach we've taken with our son. I've been inspired by both AP and RIE.

We don't punish/time-out.
We give him empathy when he's having tantrums (which are few and far between because we work hard to communicate our expectations and boundaries for him).
We always ask his permission or wait for him to be ready before we pick him up.
We use diaper changes/bath time/meals as opportunities to connect with him instead of just rushing through a chore.
As a SAHM, I provide a routine that follows his natural rhythms and give him lots of outdoor play opportunities.
I make sure he has plenty of uninterrupted time to explore and play without my direction/involvement, so he can make his own discoveries.
I avoid empty praise--- "Good Job" is a phrase that rarely is said by me (although DH still finds himself saying it absently). I celebrate the effort he used to achieve his goal: "You kept trying and trying and then you did it!", and only when he's obviously trying to share his triumph with me.
We waited until he was 13 months before night weaning, and used Dr. Jay Gordon's gentle sleep pattern and night weaning approach.

Our lifestyle as a family may not be as dedicated to natural living as many on this board, but I feel our son's sense of security and confidence has been fostered by our dedication to the philosophy of attachment parenting, even if we haven't strictly adhered to all the practices.

Mom to Henry, born 10/2011 and The Newbie, due 2/2014!
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I breastfed both my daughters, even though the first was was born by c-section, had supplemental formula for 3 days, had trouble latching on and was never a calm nurser--ever!  Stuck with it, and had it easy for dd2 who latched on like a vacuum cleaner (and never let go  orngtongue.gif)


Cloth diapered both, and actually used disposables less often with dd2 instead of using more disposables like more families.  (I did bleach the prefolds occasionally, something I confessed in an older no-NFL thread but forgot on this one).  


Never did CIO. Bedshared with my girls until, well, up to last night in fact.  Wore or carried both girls as much as they wanted as infants.


Unschooling in progress!


Despite some lapses, I think I'm a pretty democratic, compassionate parent.


Most of the food we eat is organic, and we have a huge veggie garden this year.  I also raise chickens organically, and one day my eggs will cost less than $500 a dozen and maybe I'll also stop having to buy eggs one of these years!


Never use Round-up or insecticides-- not even "organic" ones.


Most of our clothes and a fair amount of household goods are from the thrift store.  I knit most of our hats and mittens--and even sweaters.  


I produce about a grocery bag's worth of real trash a week.


I use natural cleaners, and haven't bought bleach in 2 years.  My only regular exception is the window cleaner for the car.


We used to have a grey water system in our older house, but not yet in this one.


We catch rainwater for use, because our well is slow.  We have 3- 2000 gallon cisterns for it.  However, the cisterns are plastic shy.gif.  Can't win them all, I guess!

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I have been breastfeeding pretty much straight through the past 13.5 years since my oldest was born.  The only break was for three months when DS #2 self-weaned during my pregnancy with DS #3.


I have never CIO'd with any of the children, and we co-slept until each boy was ready to move on to his own bed.


No Abx for three of the six boys, and only twice each for the older two (one ear infection and one case of strep throat each).

Tabitha ~ devoted wife to my best friend Stephen ribbonyellow.gif and gentle Christian mom to six DSs: notes.gif E - 2/09/00REPlaySkateboard04HL.gifA - 3/05/03superhero.gifA- 6/05/06 guitar.gif H- 2/07/08 jog.gif J - 11/14/10 bouncy.gif T - 8/23/12 + stork-suprise.gif due 9/20/14!  brokenheart.gif DD Janae 10/19/09 angel2.gif
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Successful unassisted pregnancy and birth at home with just my husband and myself joy.gif


Tried my hardest to establish breastfeeding and kept up the fight for 7 months trying everything. single. thing.  NO regrets!


Proud to co-sleep as long as it takes.


Proud to not have ever given my LO any abx and only the tetanus vax.


Very gentle parenting, every person in this family counts.


Approach illness from a holistic place, always.


We garden veggies every year and pick city fruit each summer on our bikes.  We frequent the farmer's market, to my kiddo it's quite normal.


Love to clean my sinks and tub with baking soda and vinegar.


We cloth diapered and used those lovely soap nuts.


We are thrift store folks, most everything comes from the thrift store if it can.

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Yea for all the intact boys!!

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I nursed my daughter past 3 until pregnant with with my twins and I'm exclusively breast feeding them.

Even my twin birth was wonderful and uneducated! I love hypnobirthing!

I will cosleep as long as my kids want I love our super crowded family bed.

95 percent of my kids clothes are hand me downs or thrift store.

My oldest child had no television or computer before 2 and still gets very limited tv now, babies get none of course. We read, sing, and play. My house is a mess but my kids get a lot of love!
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And if course my boy is intact! I plan on looking into this EC thing - though I an wondering if it is possible with 10 month old twins. PM me with any thoughts in this.
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