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contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 09:02 AM 11-17-2014
You need to copy-paste the whole link....

applejuice's Avatar applejuice 11:12 AM 11-17-2014
Every parent should have a right to get a second opinion, or third or fourth or fifth, especially if you're getting a second opinion from another "real" doctor (I can see the argument against homeopathy/herbal options with kids, whether or not I agree with it, but another "proper" doctor?!).
An aside, but I do agree with you.

Homeopathic, naturopathic, herbalists, chiropractic, osteopathic, alternative types are just as valuable in many cases, but I agree it will not look good to go to one of them as a second opinion if you go to a medical type first.

Anecdotally, I had bursitis for years. Very painful. I had three sessions of physical therapy, chiropractic, and all the medical types could offer me was cortisone or surgery, although I had to go to the medical doctor to get a recommendation/prescription for the physical therapy. My chiropractor said he could not help me. He told me that I needed the physical therapy. Nothing helped. Finally, I went to a rolfer, who took care of both shoulders in one session. I was supposed to go back, but I have not had to. It has been six years now. So the very alternative type was the ONLY person who helped me.
contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 08:38 AM 11-29-2014
Wow, one good thing about MDC coming to a virtual standstill, is that its easy to find old threads. This one, for instance was third from the top, even though it is barely active.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!I am always particularly grateful to be with my family when I come across stories like this one involving yet another CPS bungle (or rather crime).


contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 03:01 PM 12-04-2014
http://www.redbookmag.com/kids-family/blogs/mom-blog/tiffany-langwell-baby-cosmo?fb_comment_id=fbc_739146359485081_7391540028 17650_739154002817650#f24df55dc1dfbd4

Yet another one. These articles keep coming up on yahoo. Im not actively looking for them.
What can be done about this?

contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 01:48 PM 12-06-2014

CPS takes nursing newborns away..., because... they can.

Read the comments too. They restore my faith in humanity.
contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 09:23 AM Yesterday
CPS not effective in preventing abuse, and also break laws that require them to reveal information. Comments on the article very revealing.


One comment and discussion from a poster -

"Princess Delilah 1 day ago

""While very disturbing, its not surprising coming from a set of agencies whose corruption, mishandling and prejuduce is legendary. People who pose a genuine danger keep their children until something horrendous happens while hard-working folks doing the best they can,get theirs stolen and imprisoned in a largely uncaring system simply for being unorthodox or otherwise dont fit the Leave It To Beaver fantasy version of the familial unit. Its damn shameful. Its time the agencies are held accountable for their actions regardless of all that shiny funding many states get per child in the system.

  • Joyce 1 day ago 0

    It is the county that gets the money and it's $85K, that's eighty-five thousand dollars per child removed from his home. Just one of CPS's dirty secrets.

  • Elaine 1 day ago 0

    Seeing it with my own eyes the whole system is CORRUPT.

  • concernedinoregon 21 hours ago 0

    The reason they want those children from the hard-working parents is so 1%ers can adopt a "clean" child. Check it out. ..."

".......Just Me N KC 1 day ago 0

The Mandatory reporting system is a big part of the problem. You will get Doctors who report every single Scratch or Bruise on a child regardless of how it happened or where it is. Then the Doctor will flat out tell the parent that they have to make a mandatory report because Junior skinned his knee at soccer practice. We switched Doctors within our Family Practice because the one we were with Hot Lined me 2x in a row over scrapes on my son from Sports. Both were minor and barely there, and had been cleaned and treated. Both were typical soccer injuries. After a few years , we ended up having to see her on a Urgent Appointment for a ear infection and she tells me again, she HAS to hot line me because my oldest had a small scratch on her hand from the Kitten. I snapped at her, NO you dont. You have to legally call in a report when there is signs of abuse. You do not have to report every single mark a normal child acquires. Its out of bounds and its why your losing patients! By the next year she was let go, because none of the parents wanted her!..."


Highflyer16V 1 day ago 0

This is a ridiculously slanted article and fails to even mention all the kids who are harmed AFTER they are taken from their parents. The authors seem to think that child protective services takes these kids and leads them to the promised land. Nothing can be further from the truth. Kids taken from their parents fare very poorly in life. Their rates of crime, divorce, suicide, drug abuse, and domestic violence as adults are about ten times those who remain with their families. Furthermore, there are many CPS workers, doctors and other professionals who truly are zealous and believe they are going to save the world, and have perpetrated heinous "medical kidnappings" and other ridiculous premises for terrorizing children and families. This article is basically being written to poison the well against the likely re-introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment to the constitution in congress next year. This constitutional amendment is desperately needed to avoid nightmares like Justina Pelletier and her family faced in Massachussetts. Of course, the elitist anti-parent zealots love to tell these horror stories about a few children who truly should have been removed. While each of these stories is tragic, in most of these examples, these children were so young that a pattern of abuse could not have been established yet. What these authors actually are advocating is the right of child protective services to break up families with NO due process of law. In wake of the current scandals involving CPS and other "protective' agencies, that would be a nightmarish development....."
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 03:30 PM Yesterday
Interview with Carlos Morales - Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services

contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 08:18 AM Today
Nice to hear from the OP. I appreciate this thread very much. (you may have noticed from the my number of posts ;-)
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 10:26 AM Today
Originally Posted by contactmaya View Post
Nice to hear from the OP. I appreciate this thread very much. (you may have noticed from the my number of posts ;-)
I appreciate you have kept this thread alive. This information is so important to get out. We cannot allow this kind of psychopathy to continue this must be out in the open.
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