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ian'smommaya's Avatar ian'smommaya 09:27 AM 02-26-2014

The best one I owned was a baby back pack. You know the kind used for camping? I love that thing! How about you? Was it a sling or a sidecar? Maybe a special little toy your BB loved?

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:45 AM 02-26-2014
Prefolds diapers that became towels for drying my face ! They are awesome!
pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 11:32 AM 02-26-2014
I love my Ergo! It was a lifesaver.
One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 12:40 PM 02-26-2014
I loved my front pack when dd was little and my back pack carrier and the pack and play until she was too big for them. These and a stroller were all the baby products I owned. The back pack.carrier was a really nice one from REI and the one thing I'd consider essential.
contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 01:18 PM 02-26-2014

mei tai hands down.

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 01:34 PM 02-26-2014
I forgot about the Miracle Blanket. That was really great when my son was a newborn.
Lyonsworth's Avatar Lyonsworth 03:51 PM 02-26-2014
We've always loved our Padraig Slippers. Especially up here in chilly Canada.
Baby Carrier is a close second.
threesacharm's Avatar threesacharm 04:18 PM 02-26-2014
Did anyone say the Back Buddy yet?
jtapc90's Avatar jtapc90 05:21 PM 02-26-2014
It has to be the baby carrier w/ the feature that you can also wear baby on your back. It was the only way I was able to attend my eldest child's school events or, before I had a car, ride the train to appointments. Next in line would be the bath sponge for the early months. It was so much better than having to fill and empty and at times carry a regular baby bathtub. I just laid it in my bathroom sink, bathed baby, rang it out, and hung it to dry. You know, for those times you don't feel like bathing with your infant or simply when your babe needs a bath ... and you don't. I have to also give the infant car seat some credit. While I agree baby-wearing is much better, sometimes you don't want to be waking your baby every time you get in and out of the car. My kids were never ones who could just fall back asleep easily after being awoken so that is why I do favor a infant car seat over convertible for babies.
singandtwirl's Avatar singandtwirl 05:51 PM 02-26-2014

You know in 1990 it was a cordless phone!!!! (times have changed!) But in 1988 my best baby product was a cd of the nutcracker suite and boyohboy did my baby love when we danced to the music. It cured so much crying…….and I would say that is something that babies STILL love. I teach Kindermusik and I see babies everyday loving to dance to the music, whether they are teething, sleepy, unsettled because of changing schedules etc. Funny how you don't need much in the way of baby "products"!

autumnfairy76's Avatar autumnfairy76 07:39 PM 02-26-2014
Though I really loved my Ergo for shorter walks, I have to say my Maclaren Volo stroller got more use. I was car-free and in France, so any errands or grocery shopping would take at least half a day to accomplish with lots and lots of walking. It was weatherproof, carried all my groceries, lightweight enough to carry up stairs and small enough to fit through metro turnstiles.
coryjean727's Avatar coryjean727 08:21 PM 02-26-2014
Didymos wrap. And second would be our cloth diaper stash.
happyzenmama's Avatar happyzenmama 07:14 AM 02-27-2014
Hands down my ergobaby wrap! My daughter takes her morning nap in it while I go for a walk. We also use it for grocery shopping,walks into the town's center and traveling (we've already flown internationally 3 times in her first year). She loves feeling close to her mommy and I love having her within a kiss' reach!
qifarmfam's Avatar qifarmfam 09:46 AM 02-27-2014

Ergo Carrier, pretty much could have gone without everything else. 

LunaLady's Avatar LunaLady 01:03 PM 02-27-2014

Ergo for sure!!!

katelove's Avatar katelove 01:34 PM 02-27-2014
Our Beco Gemini is number one, no question.
Second might be the change table my dad made. Controversial, I know, but it's the thing we use most apart from the carrier, it's great for storing all the nappies, wipes, wraps etc in one place and I've never once had a sore back changing a nappy :-)
revolting's Avatar revolting 08:21 AM 02-28-2014

Babyhawk, since you can wear them on your back so little!

capucine's Avatar capucine 06:02 AM 03-01-2014
When we're waiting for a baby, I just want to get the Moby wrap down out of the attic. And the Bjorn bouncy seat. I love our iBert bike seats. Maclaren umbrella stroller. Antilop high chair. A nose suction thing I bought in France.

Those compostable disposables.

GlamourMom nursing tanks.

And...(sigh) my iphone.
lovemylab's Avatar lovemylab 07:03 AM 03-01-2014
Bum genius diapers and the ergo carrier
researchparent's Avatar researchparent 10:04 AM 03-01-2014

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - Expensive, but so worth it.

mercy589's Avatar mercy589 03:27 PM 03-01-2014

aden + anais swaddling blankets

undercover mama nursing tanks

floppy seat for covering shopping cart seats (I use this a ton!)

Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff

Mommy Necklaces

Taqah's Avatar Taqah 10:09 PM 03-01-2014

There are several that have been mentioned here that are the typical baby products anyone will tell you are great because they really are amazing: carriers (all of the ones that don't crotch dangle are great it really just depends on personal taste IMO--though I'm partial to the maya wrap and the Mei tai) cloth diapers etc.


BUT the one product that really surprised me was a thick little washcloth like towel  to put on the baby while I washed her that my mother gave me.  


I am a baby product minimalist-- I really dislike baby gadgets and stuff so we didn't do crib co-sleeper moses basket pack and play--or even really toys until she was almost 10 months old-- nor did I use bottles, pacifier, bouncy seats or a stroller etc. I had a boppy like thing because everyoen said how great it was but even that I would  forgo in lieu of just using our pillows and carrier next time....


SO when I saw this towel I thought "oh please this the dumbest thing that I have ever seen." and just barely kept myself from saying it out loud.  But our apartment the was very, very cold and when I bathed her I decided to put it on her since was there and I thought it would make a cute picture (it was shaped like a duck). Well, my baby loved the feeling of the wet towel over her.  I later experimented with a regular washcloth and it worked but not as well. (I think because the cloth is a bit thicker so two washcloths on top of each other would probably work)  


So I have to say I love this and will buy one again if I ever have another child (when my baby got older I gave it away to another family with a newborn) the one I had was different but it is something like this: 

Maybe everyone knows about these but I had never imagined such a thing was necessary or existed and I really liked it.

MommaKuhel's Avatar MommaKuhel 09:17 PM 03-02-2014
Slings and wraps
Viitamix for making fresh baby food
Breast pump
Bike trailer or jogging stroller to get back into shape and stay healthy.
preemieprincess's Avatar preemieprincess 12:53 PM 03-03-2014

I'm torn between the baby bouncer (a yard sale find gifted to us by a friend), or the jogging stroller. I'm a minimalist when it comes to baby gear.

The bouncer was a lifesaver. Just about every "why do these products even exist?" list out there lists baby positioning devices. For the average parent, it *is* a ridiculous thing to purchase. For the parent of a preemie, it may be a necessity. We were too poor to buy one. Our home health nurse suggested we place the bouncer right next to our bed at night, prop our little 4.5 lb wonder in it with loads of swaddling blankets, and VOILA! we had a baby positioning device. Goodbye, reflux! Hello, sleep for mommy!

The jogging stroller? Oh-so-wonderful for hitting the local trails, as well as wonderful for running. Schwinn Arrow, best bang for your buck. <$200, no bells and whistles, just a sturdy jogging stroller that disassembles in a jiffy so you can pop it in the trunk. All of the major stress points on the stroller are secured with bolts, not rivets like most $250+ strollers. We had been gifted a $350 jogging stroller that collapsed with the little one in it, because it was manufactured with rivets at the stress points. We walk a lot in this family. We have run 2 strollers into the ground already, and our only child is 3 years old. We still get plenty of use out of the jogger, though she prefers to walk along with us now.

OhMrBrown's Avatar OhMrBrown 09:55 AM 03-04-2014
Best baby product I've got so far (aside from my ergo!!!) is the Weleda Baby Calendula Creams! Love that stuff.
Yaliina's Avatar Yaliina 10:50 PM 03-04-2014

I have to second a mei tai as most-used.  Unless you count cloth diapers, of course.  I, too am a baby gear minimalist. I don't even know if I'll buy a stroller for the next one. My mom sweetly bought us an Arms-reach cosleeper for DS2, but we mostly used it to store clothes & diapers. I have boobs & cloth diapers & onesies. A mei tai, & what else do we need?

wookumus's Avatar wookumus 12:06 AM 03-06-2014

Ergo carrier, now using with 2nd kiddo

Prefolds, 2 kiddos, then great for household/personal cleaning

Triniity's Avatar Triniity 02:34 AM 03-06-2014
 aden + anais swaddling blankets

Are they really worth it? Can't you just use anything with the same size for swaddling? I must admit, I am no big swaddler, but want to try again this time, since I have real back problems and am worried that the carrying around all day won't work...

mercy589's Avatar mercy589 06:05 AM 03-06-2014

The thing about the aden + anais blankets is that they are so lightweight for their size.  If you tried to use something else that big, you'd find it heavy and bulky.  The blankets are pretty multipurpose if you find you don't love swaddling - a nursing cover up, a stroller blanket, a summer blanket bc they are light, a toddler sheet, and so on.  :)

edensmama's Avatar edensmama 01:36 PM 03-06-2014

Love my Ergo!!

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