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Galatea 06-10-2014 03:03 PM

School is over
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And they're all gonna be here all day every day, constantly wanting food, whining, fighting, losing things, making messes. No money for summer camp, no job for me, and I'm pregnant and grumpy. I was dreading this last day of school, and now it's here, and I'm gonna lose my mind.

One_Girl 06-10-2014 03:20 PM

If you have a ymca in your area you may be able to get a scholarship for some fun programs or a membership for swimming. Our city has great summer programs and scholarshops that rrange from partial to full. It helps me get through summer.

philomom 06-10-2014 04:43 PM

Maybe you aren't looking hard enough? I googled just now and the usual free concerts and free summer movies came up for Pittsburgh same as they do my my fair city.

Have fun!

Galatea 06-10-2014 05:38 PM

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I do have a YMCA scholarship, but even with that, putting the kids on one two week camp would cost me $400. We cannot afford that.

I know there are free activities, but being pg, I don't have the energy or patience to take four kids to some activities. I just cannot corral or manage them without coming out in even worse shape than I started. And that is the problem. I just really don't want to spend that much time with them. I really regret not having a part time job before I got pg again. Or maybe I just regret that.

IdentityCrisisMama 06-10-2014 08:10 PM

Oh, mama!! I know so many parents who feel the same way. Big hugs to you for a speedy, cool summer with well behaved children who play in the mud, clean up after themselves, learn to make lunch, and let you put your feet up. :love

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