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View Poll Results: At what age did you (do you plan to) let your child watch TV at home?
0-6 months 2 4.00%
6-12 months 6 12.00%
12-18 months 8 16.00%
18-24 months 10 20.00%
2-3 years 7 14.00%
3-4 years 1 2.00%
4-5 years 1 2.00%
> 5 years 2 4.00%
Never (Don't own a TV) 11 22.00%
Other 2 4.00%
Voters: 50. You may not vote on this poll

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#1 of 12 Old 06-11-2002, 03:02 PM - Thread Starter
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Trying to post this poll again, I am thinking about when to let DS start watching some TV. He is 15 months now, and I turned on Sesame Street for 5 minutes the other day and he loved it. I really plan on waiting until he's older, closer to 3 I think. But I was surprized how much he liked it, he got mad when I turned it off.
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I voted 18 - 24 mon. I wouldn't say that I would sit them in front of the TV at any age but if they want to watch a half hour here or there I don't mind. I want to know if people consider their kids "watching" TV when they have the TV on for them. I truly believe that even when your baby is a newborn if you have violant/sexuaul shows on while your baby is in the room they absorb that. That's why I'm anti cable and basically anti TV.
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I voted 2-3 years. My ds has watched a few minutes of the weather channel while I was figuring out how to dress him for the day, and my mother put cartoons on for him once, but I was left out of that decision. There are so many things to do and explore with a five-month-old. He isn't interested in watching much of anything! He wants to taste or touch everything.
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I had to vote Other because I am sincerely hoping to convince DP to get rid of the TV. Right now we have it mainly for movies. No cable, very bad reception, sometimes we put on the news, PBS or some stoopid syndicated sitcoms. Our DD is 6 months old and already craning her neck to see what's on TV. The fact that she's started to do this has seriously curbed our viewing habits. Both of us are now in the habit of lunging for the remote if we catch her in the act of watching.
I couldn't vote on an age group, because I don't want to project into the future too much. I really don't know what it will be like to parent my DD at various future ages but I hope to hold firm to nothing before 2 or 3 at the earliest.
Ideally, there would be no TV at all, or it would come out of hiding for a movie every now and then. But chances are good that the TV will keep its living room seat. Ekblad6, I worry often about the issue you raised. If the television is on, I do think that DD absorbs it in a sense, even though we keep her from literally watching. Another reason why I want the thing outta here: I need to teach her by example, and I don't believe you can ever start thinking too soon about your example. So if we're watching and DD is not allowed to, that's a real problem.
Must add guilty confession: I let my DD watch a few minutes of a soap today. It was the only way I could get her to stay still long enough so that I could clip her fingernails.:
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well, i didn't PLAN on her watching tv until she was 4-5, if at all, but since i had it on while we were awake at all freakin hours of the night when she was a newborn, she would crane her neck to see what was going on. i know, i KNOW, i am not supposed to let her watch tv until she is at least 2, but i do let her see her baby van gogh video every once in a while. other than that, she doesn't seem too excited about it, but she does glance at it when my husband is watching sports. she seems to enjoy hockey the most!
i am a bad bad mommy.
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we have the tv on quite often.

i let alex watch one hour in the morning...while I clean and take a bath. he is 10 months. he would not look at the tv until he was 8 months though (like it was invisable to him).

i just never have had issue with tv. i like tv.

we do other things outside...playing...etc

but he gets to watch a little and the tv is on about 4 hrs a day here.
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The tv was often on in our house when our dd was very young, but I voted for 18-24 months as she had no interest in watching it before then. I was hoping that she would never want to watch it, but dh was encouraging her to do so. He's a big tv nut and figured there were programs she'd like. Now he is paying the price. She often wants one of her kiddie shows playing even if she is doing something else and not watching it. Right now she is reading a book, watching Little Bill, and pretending to be a baby all at the same time.

After reading Endangered Minds, I didn't want her to watch tv at all, but unfortunately our lifestyle seems to include a lot of tv watching.
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I hope to hold off as long as possible, we have one tiny tv in our house, that is never on when zac is awake, he has watched a few minutes of the Muzzy tapes, and his Grandparents have let him watch a few tele tubbies, but that has been it. He will ask for it when he goes to preschool I'm sure but the plan is to hold off as long as we can
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Maia's always craned her neck to see what's going on. I wouldn't let her sit there for hours on end but she really likes Sesame Street so I give her a short burst (about 15 minutes) of one of her tapes in the evening. She loves all the songs and music. I don't think there is any harm in TV as long as it's monitored and not used as a babysitter.
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We ditched broadcast/cable TV a number of years ago. I'll admit to missing "This Old House" but not much more now that Buffy is coming out on DVD. We've not yet been able ditch the TV though, 'cause we're both film buffs and have recently discovered NetFlix. We buy very few movies so we don't feel that we have an "investment" in it.

It frightens me when dd (now 6 mo) is in a room with a TV on and seems to become instantly transfixed. I literally wasted a huge chunk of my youth in front of that thing and pray that we can avoid that with her. OTOH, I don't want to overreact and drive her to see it as something desirable because it is forbidden. When dd is 5-7 we'll start doing family film nights, replete with popcorn. I don't want to start until she is of an age to understand that whatever is on the screen is fantasy.
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Ah the best laid plans...

We hadn't planned on TV at all for the first two years. And then, on his first birthday a dear friend of ours (a teacher no less, which surprised me), gave us a Bear in the Big Blue House video. We put it in just to see what he'd do. He seemed to really enjoy it... for about 10 minutes or so and then he went about playing. It was a sweet video and did seem particularly toddler oriented.
Over the next few months, he would point to the video on the shelf. When I handed it to him, he would try to put it in the VCR slot himself. Yikes! What had we started?! Alas, he likes to watch for about 20 minutes here and there. Sometimes a couple times a day and sometimes only once or none.

I was feeling sort of strange about it at first but then realized that our days are filled with a variety of tasks: He plays, reads and "helps" me with chores. We spend lots of time outside in the yard. We go to the beach, park or playground just about everyday and DS accompanies me on almost every errand. I figure if he would like to watch a little television/video a couple of times a day that's ok--it does help an otherwise wiggly toddler to relax and wind down a bit. I do often use these times to dress him or change his diaper... any distraction during these tasks is a big help right now.

DH and I have a strict rule about NOT watching TV until Gibson's gone to bed--since the beginning. We have two shows we watch faithfully on Monday and Tuesday nights (Buffy/Angel) but other than that, we watch a movie or other video (we do love movies and old MASH reruns) or get in bed and read. Always keeping in mind that kids learn by example... I imagine this is why Gibson doesn't get to transfixed on the tube. Well that and he isn't capable of sitting still for that long!

Em 43 - Wife to hubby Mom to DS born: Jan. '01
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I too planned no TV at all until 2 and very minimum then. We don't have cable but we do have movies. Well with being pregnant I am just exhausted all the time and also I have to eat the second I get up so DS now watches a Veggie Tale (1/2 hour) in the morning and usually 1/2-1 hour in the afternoon so I can rest. I know - what a horrible parent! But I don't think it's detrimental all the time, you just have to watch what they watch. Elijah watches Veggie Tales and Cedarmont Kids (kids Christian music videos). I admit that I sometimes have movies on during the day for myself while we're playing but he doesn't watch them. Compared to the way my family was (TV on ALL the time) I think we are doing pretty good.

Shawna, married to Michael, mommy to Elijah 1/18/01, Olivia 11/9/02, and Eliana 1/22/06
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