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cjr's Avatar cjr 02:37 AM 05-30-2005
Living in Canada, we get our monthly Child Tax Benefit which has allowed us to purchase a home. We joke that ds pays our mortgage. (The CTB covers the whole mortgage.) We are paying significantly less than we were to rent a 2 bedroom apt., and now we have a 4.5 bedroom house with a big yard

Holy heck! Abac, I'd love to know how you managed to get such a huge CTB! Our payment is $40 a month! $40 - that pays for our BEll phone bill! How in the WORLD did you get such a huge payment????
My sister gets a huge CTB. Her husband is self-employed and make a lot of tax deductions he should not. Not saying that's the case. However, it's the whole "middle class gets screwed concept". The less money you make the more benefits you recieve. The big thing is that it's the middle class income holders that pay for those benefits going to the lower income class holders. This earkes me to no end. Dh makes a great wage and my all means I should be able to be a SAHM without worrying if we're going to run out of money by the 2nd week of the month. However, the government takes a HUGE cut. Our CTB in tiny too, almost not even worth them cutting a check for. We do own a home, but it's not a big home. We have no outstanding bills other than our student loans. We have 3 kids and that was a big decision, because they are expensive to raise. Babies, infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, schoolers, teenagers and early adults...are expensive. We don't qualify for a huge CTB, we don't qualify for a GST rebate either, and when our kids want to go to college they won't qualify for a student loan because dh's income is too high. However, we struggle every month.

It is easy to say kids aren't that expensive when you get assistance from the government. When you actually have to pay for everything without help form the government, then damb straight it's expensive to have children. My brothers ex-girlfriend didn't work, had 2 kids and recieved over $1000/month is Child Tax Benefits and GST rebates. She also lived in assisted housing which cost her $150/month in rent for a 4-plex suit. Medical and dental were covered through social services. She had the idea that kids were not expensive.

USAmma's Avatar USAmma 03:16 AM 05-30-2005
Okay here's our month, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff:

new swimsuit $12
clothes from Goodwill for summer $25
new undies: $12
flip flops: $5
sunscreen: $6
kickboard: $8
bday party stuff for her 1/2 bday (and we are doing it simple): $25
Food for the bday party: $30
gas/parking to drive her to science center, playgroup, children's museum all month long: who knows?? $40 maybe?
membership to above places: breaks down to $20
parks and rec Karate class: $35 including uniform
homeschooling supplies/books: breaks down to $50
wading pool: $20
allergy meds: $15
haircut: $10
misc. treats while out: $20
Food: who knows? She doesn't eat for free though.

Total for Abi, not including food: $333

Nitara, who is my medically needy baby:

visit to ER: $75
doctor copays last month: $40
prescription copays: $90
formula for her stomach tube: $140
misc. medical supplies for tube care: $12
babyfood and oral snacks: $15

and then there's the normal stuff:
swimsuit and hat: $15
shoes: $5
baby floatie for the pool: $12
diaper washing every other day: who knows?? It's not free.

*her therapy is covered through the State, thank goodness. That would be $480/month

Nitara's total: $404

Now if we used sitters, had private lessons for Abi with swimming or music, etc. it would be even more. I can't even imagine how daycare costs would factor into it if I were working!
sillymommaX2's Avatar sillymommaX2 10:50 AM 05-30-2005
I think they get expensive as they get older. DD is 7 and very into fashion. Why I dont know. I am a very plain jane type of person! (T-shirt, jeans and flip flops!). She now wants to shop at the Limited Too. WOW that is an expensive place. I told her she has to wait for the items to go on sal several times. We dont have Pottery Barn Furniture but we do have very good stuff- I want it to last so my kids can take it with them someday.

We definitly would take the hand-me-downs but nobody has any as she is the oldest of 5 grandaughters and none of our frieinds have kids yet! I used to shop at consignment shops for her but they have since closed down.

I only buy name brand clothing. I guess I am a snob in that sense. I do not like WalMart. So I dont buy there. Besides that I get better deals at the name brand stores. Just got Jammies at the GAP for next winter-4.95!

We know have 2 kids and would like another but not for several years. I need to finish my degree and we need to be finacially sound. College will be here before we know it. DD wants to go to Juliard! She wants to play piano and sing. And she is only 7. She may change her mind. My parents NEVER pushed college on me. Thats why I am 29 and still a sophmore. My kids will have to go to college and at least try. That is our rule.

If we decide to have a third it will be because I have a good job.

So I guess kids can be expensive! I think it also depends on where you live.
Gidget's Avatar Gidget 01:36 AM 05-31-2005
I dont feel like kids are as expensive as all the "studies" and news sites would have us thinking. THere are lots of ways of cutting down that they never mention in thier little breakdowns of expenses.
snugglebug14's Avatar snugglebug14 12:12 PM 05-31-2005
as a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama who loves to tag sale..there is almost no added expense for baby! with tag saling even buying clothes for ds often comes out to .25 an outfit and $100 equipment comes out to $10. tag sales are the way to go when money is tight! you'd be amazed what you can find
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 12:29 PM 05-31-2005
Oh, that's interesting- to break it down monthly. But I don't think i want to know...

I had to pay the camp down payment, which was $600. I do know we could not do camp, but it's a UU camp and we want them to have that experience. My 3 oldest go for one week each summer. We budget it, so it does not come as a surprise.

Music lessons for ds # 1-- $100/mo
Music lessons for ds # 2-- $60/mo

Could say no to music as well, but both boys are music 'freaks' and love to play.

Riding lessons (for the love of riding, not showing) for dd #1--$160/mo

DD# 2- Currently not in anything that involves payment:

Summer activies are not factored in, but they don't start until mid -july.

Organic food for a family of 6--At least $100/wk

Book fair- $44 (Buy one get one free- good deal)

Homeschool botany class - $5

2 driving lessons for teen- not sure yet. I think the whole series is $300.

Renew Aquarium membership- $ 93

Currently we have no $$ medical needs, but we have in the past.

we could not doing any of the above, which is an option. each family has to tweak the budget for those things which are important to them.
Starr's Avatar Starr 12:46 PM 05-31-2005
In our case our baby will be expensive..but that because we CHOSE to adopt. SO now on top of all of the baby necessities we will have to make a $350 loan payment for the next 10 years. But we chose to do this. For us having children was a major priority. I can see where if it were to be unplanned it could have more of an initial cost than if your were TTC. We made sure that we both had dependable vehicles, a place to live, and so on so that we were prepared ahead of time for some of the expense. But I feel alot of it is in how you choose to parent. Whether its staying at home, a private school, name brand clothing, garage sale clothing you will make it work if its important enough to you. If we were to have gotten pregnant we would have been able to make it with me staying at home. Since we chose to adopt we no longer have the option. I switched to different job that would pay better and have benefits. If I were not to work we would have to get our own insurance and would not be able to afford our current bills and the adoption loan. Its all in your choice.
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 12:52 PM 05-31-2005
Yes, that's costly. Our adoption was also $$. We were able to get a portion of the fee from house equity. I was also luckily able to take a part time job the yr before our child arrived and banked it all. We couldn't have done that if we needed that money to live.

Congratulations on your pending arrival. It's such an exciting time!!
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 01:53 PM 05-31-2005
My kids will have to go to college and at least try. That is our rule.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but how can you have a rule that they have to go to college. Isn't it up to them?
sillymommaX2's Avatar sillymommaX2 01:54 PM 06-01-2005
Not taken the wrong way!!

It is our rule b/c neither of our parents enfored good grades and a future education. I wanted to go to college but nobody helped me look into it. I now take education very serious. We live on the east coast and it is very expensive. DH makes 3500 a month and we are barely living at the moment. And he DOESNT have a college degree.

And when I say they must at least try at college I dont mean a 4 year Ivy Leage I mean any college...Business School, Mechanics School, Culinary, a technical school.I just want them to take Education serious.
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