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Which shoes are best for little feet

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Author Topic: Which shoes are best for little feet
Member posted 07-04-2001 07:45 PM
My ds whois one, is not yet walking. He does pull up on things and cruise. And just recently,(many times today), he is starting to let go and stand by himself! He wears soft leather shoes. I was under the impression that they are better for developing feet and not the harder soled ones. My MIL believes the reason ds is not walking is because of the shoes. He did not crawl or cut teeth until ten months and she would always say, "all babies are different, he will crawl in his own time." Now, when it comes to walking all of a sudden "his own time is not good enough." It must be the shoes. Is it the shoes? I mean, he can stand on his own; and he is getting better and better. Should I look for a firmer shoe? I have already told her that he does not need them and that many children in the world do not even own shoes and they somehow learn to walk. She is also starting in on the calcium thing, and the, "how long are you going to breastfeed" thing. It is like she is coming at me from every direction all at once. I have things to counter the cow's milk and ebf, but not too much data on the shoes. Please help.

Member posted 07-04-2001 09:05 PM
i was under the impression that hard shoes were bad for developing little feet. i remember reading that when little ones are learning to walk, it's good to keep them barefoot so that they can feel the floor beneath them instead of being detached from it. kind of like how women walk with more confidence in their birkenstocks then in stilettos.
birkenstock does make excellent shoes for kiddos, by the way.

Member posted 07-05-2001 01:35 AM
We used soft shoes at first and all my kids walked by 14 months. I think upto 16 months or so is normal. Elefanten makes great, but expensive shoes.

Member posted 07-05-2001 02:05 AM
Definitely soft shoes for tender little feet! Little feet must have room to grow to be healthy! I like soft star shoes, myself. In fact, I'm just about to order some new shoes for my sons...They have been wearing theirs for 10 months! I can't believe they've lasted this long! That means my son was 16 months old when he started wearing these shoes! Both of my boys walked really early...one at 10 months & one at 8 1/2 months...mostly barefoot. It's perfectly normal for babies to walk MUCH later! Hang in there & let him do it on his own time schedule!

Member posted 07-05-2001 06:42 AM
No shoes at all!!! I would even take off the soft leather shoes baby is wearing now. Your best choice is to use socks with "gripper" on the bottom of them (you can even make some by applying puffy paint to the bottom of socks youalready have). What happens when you wear shoes on an infant is...it conforms their feet in a shape that may be unnatural to their feet structure. Baby feet are usually pretty rounded to begin with, and when they step down, the feet widen, completely changing the shape of their feet, and this may be constricting if they are wearing shoes. It is best not to put any shoes on a baby untill he/she is walking pretty well. Then, what you need to buy would be a shoe with a soft leather upper support, and a sturdy, but flexable sole. My youngest dd has problems with her feet and to wear orthipedic corrective shoes, so I am pretty familiar with this topic. Hope this info helps.

Member posted 07-05-2001 07:42 AM
My son also wore the sft star shoes( we are on our 4th pair-he's 3) but didn't wear any shoes at all when he was learning to walk. I think your child will probably learn to walk when he's ready, regardless of whats on his feet.

Member posted 07-05-2001 09:25 AM
Thank y'all for your help. Around the house, which is most of the time, ds is almost always barefoot. What about outside now that he is wanting to walk with help? I mean would the soft leather shoes or even the gripper socks be okay on the ground? Would he need something different to protect his feet? and what about in the grass with maybe bees? I know I may sound paranoid but this is my first time.

Member posted 07-05-2001 10:01 AM
I'm with RosesRoses. No shoes is the way to go. My boys never had shoes until they started to walk outside. It doesn't have any bearing on how soon or late they walk either, I had one start walking at 10mths the other at 15mths. Once they got shoes on it slowed them down for a couple of weeks. We went for fittings at Stride rite as my guys had the fattest roundest feet I'd ever seen, both ended up with soft leather tennis shoes so I could loosen up the laces enough to fit them on.

Mom 2 Maddie
Moderator posted 07-05-2001 10:52 AM
I agree. NO shoes til babe learns to walk correctly. Then I would recommend Stride Rite. I've gotten ALL of Maddie's shoes there. They are caring and great with children and they know what they are doing. They will not sell you a shoe that isn't a perfect fit for your child. I have had many a problem at Kids Foot Locker where they just want to sell any shoe. GO TO STRIDE RITE
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Member posted 07-05-2001 11:22 AM
What are soft star shoes?

I think any of the wonderful shoes mentioned would be best for wearing outside. I tend to let my ds go barefoot outside, and he has been stung once and has been to the trauma physician for an imbeded splinter. Neither episode was anything I'd wish for your child. Now I try to get shoes on him (outside) as often as possible.


Member posted 07-05-2001 05:12 PM
Well, thanks to all y'all. I will take the advice. Now if I could just get my MIL to understand.....

Member posted 07-05-2001 07:41 PM
Regarding getting your MIL to understand, maybe if you show her the section in The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears she would give you a break. He sets out why soft shoes are the way to go in a clear and convincing manner.
As an aside, one of my best friends is a podiatrist and she insists that hard shoes are better because they somehow prevent feet from growing incorrectly (pidgeon toes, flat feet, I guess is what she means). I DON'T agree, but it's interesting that a foot specialist is so strongly in favor of hard shoes. She is actually anti letting them go barefoot for the same reason. Go figure!

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Member posted 07-06-2001 12:02 PM
Thanks, but Dr. Sears himself could talk to my mil, and she still would not care. She is older and set in her ways. I love her and could not have asked for a better mil, but sometimes she can be so passively insistent. I am gonna do what I think is best, which is barefoot as much as possible and soft leather if the situation calls for them.

Member posted 07-08-2001 01:41 AM
flowerpower, you can check soft star shoes out on their website. www.softstarshoes.com
If you're interested in them, let me know. I'm about to order a bulk order of them to sell! I'll be selling them cheaper than you can get them from the company since I'm just trying to cover the cost of my boys' shoes.

Member posted 07-08-2001 08:37 AM
Well, my DD didn't start walking until 13 months, mainly because she LOVES crawling!! We really didn't put her in many shoes for a long time. Her first shoes were all velvet, sole and all! She loved them. Her second, they were from Wally world{Walmart} and are a flexible leather top, and flexible rubber sole. Her favorite are her Robeez leather moc/shoe.
I have to say that putting them in really hard shoes at a too young age, well, it isn't good, and they don't like it.

Good luck!

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Member posted 07-08-2001 10:32 AM
Although barefoot is great in the summer months, other times of the year you may want to stick to the soft leather. According to what I have read, the soft leather allows for flexiblility while all those bones in the feet are developing. I love the shoes sold at http://www.platypaws.com/store.html Apparently the soft leather should be used for the first two years of life.
My mother says the same thing about the hard walking shoes - she is wrong - and all of my siblings and myself have flat feet to prove it!

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Member posted 07-08-2001 10:34 AM

Member posted 07-08-2001 11:43 AM
Dragonmama, y'all call it Wally World too
thought we were the only '...Lampoon's 'Vacation' fans around here.


Member posted 07-08-2001 12:36 PM
suseyblue- OH YEA! National Lampoon is one of my fav's!!
laurajean- WOW! Love the platypaws web site!! I want one of each!!

Moderator posted 07-08-2001 03:01 PM
I would love to go in with the bulk order, dd is about to start walking and I need to get her a pair of shoes.


Member posted 07-08-2001 03:43 PM
laurajean, so that is why my feet are sooo incredibly flat!!! My mother told me she always had shoes on all of her kids. I want to thank all of y'all for your good advice. I thought I was doing the right thing by having ds wear nothing but soft leather when needed and barefoot in the house, but I guess I was becoming unsure because of my mil. Also, thanks for the info. on keeping them in soft leather until age two. I often wondered how long he should wear them.

Member posted 07-08-2001 04:02 PM
I'm reading all these posts about the great leather shoes you all have for your babies, but I'm ethically oppossed to using leather. So what shoes can I put on dd to go out when she starts walking that aren't leather?

Member posted 07-08-2001 04:58 PM
please email me: gingibeltran@hotmail.com Thanks!


that's a good question. Hmmm... we had some really wonderful wool Padrig booties, but they have leather on the bottom. A canvas with flexible rubber sole... or maybe elefanten makes some with out leather uppers?

Member posted 07-08-2001 05:55 PM
Here's a thought,
My ped told me that ANY shoes are okay for baby. Not to worry about the orthopedic design, which a lot of moms tell me to buy those expensive Stride Rites, etc. Anyway, I love my kids ped, and trust him. He said that shoes are for protecting the feet, from the ground, and from injury like stepping on a sharp object or a hot surface. Their feet will develop just fine with or without expensive shoes. So, we just get whatever protects their feet that we can afford and when we are inside, its shoes off!
p.s. he also said they don't need the shoes until they start walking because then of course they'll be walking outside and will need their feet protected. I did also put little shoes on my crawler during last winter to keep her feet warm, too.

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Member posted 07-14-2001 01:23 PM
My sixteen month old won't wear any shoes expect for Robeez (www.robeez.com), soft leather. if we try to put anything else on him from sandals to elefanten he says, "no. no. off. off." so, we listen to him.
He especially likes the train shoe from Robeez because there is a picture of shoes just like them in the book "Do You Know New?"

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