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Member posted 07-15-2001 02:10 PM
I came across a website today which featured two slings, the Baby Bundler and Maya Wrap. If anyone has used either of these, please let me know thoughts about them.
Currently I own the OTSBH and Heart???. I like the heart one better because although it has padding, it is not as bulky as the OTSBH. Also, I can adjust it better which gives a better fit.

Some ofthe pictures of the Bundler look asif it would be perfect for a newborn but some of the other pictures look like the sling would be awkward and complicated to

The Maya wrap is the most beautiful I have ever seen, but I don't want to get caught up in aesthetics. Furthermore, this wrap does not have shoulder pads. Wouldn't that be uncomfortable?

Member posted 07-15-2001 02:35 PM
if you do a search, there are many good 'sling' threads out there; good luck!

Member posted 07-15-2001 03:48 PM
I don't know much more than you but I have been using the OTSBH but am thinking of getting a New Native Baby Carrier, it has no ring and seems very comfy for baby and easy to use for mum.

Member posted 07-15-2001 04:55 PM
I have a Maya Pouch, which my 7 wk dd and I both love!! I also have a Rosado sling, more like the OTSBH--beautiful, well-made, cheap ($25 since I bought a close-out fabric pattern!) but I haven't got the hang of adjusting it yet. I love the Pouch because it's so minimalist, so it's easy to use. I ordered a gently used one from their web site (www.mayawrap.com) and it's in great shape.
I also recently found an interesting web site called "The Sling Page" which talks about all different kinds of slings and how to make your own, as well as where to get the different kinds. I'll look up the address and post it.

There have definitely been a number of threads on this topic, just do a search! You might try on the newborn page as well.

Member posted 07-15-2001 08:22 PM
I had both of these when my 2nd ds was about 3-4mths old. I loved/love my Maya and it was easy when he was a newborn, and nice for when he wanted to nap, and great for when he got older and I could use the hip carry.
The baby bundler was great for when he was 4-5mths old and couldn't sit on my hip, but wanted to face forward. It was kinda akward with the wrapping it around you and tying it, but I got the hang of it pretty quick. I just didn't like how long the thing was. Super soft fabric, much softer than the Maya.

Member posted 07-15-2001 08:32 PM
I won't part with my Maya! I've tried Nojo, OTSBH, but for my money, Maya wins. I have no financial interest in recommending the company, but I wish I did

Member posted 07-15-2001 10:29 PM
I love my Carry Me! Sling by Kathy. She is a SAHM and makes them. They are really nice. She also makes mesh slings, which are great in warm weather, pools, and showering. Check them out at http://www.kathys-closet.com Another awesome thing about her slings is that they are VERY affordable
I also love my didymos sling. This is a really cool sling but pricey. It is from germany. It is basically a big piece of fabric (the fabric is special, super durable) and you fold and tie it certain ways for different carries. Check them out at http://www.didymos.com

I don't work for either of these companies, just wanted to share my experience.


Member posted 07-15-2001 11:10 PM
Don't know where you live but in Australia the Genkihouse is the best sling to buy. It's really just a big piece of mesh with straps to tie on bubby. Great when it's hot, easy to tie, small to stick in your nappy bag, and recommended by physiotherapists as the best sling for your back. Wouldn't live without it.
Tried a maya wrap type and couldn't move for days my back hurt so bad.

Member posted 07-16-2001 06:43 AM
now genkihouse is a new one to me!
i cannot find a web site to save my life that does other than mention how nice it is in hot weather (105' humidity in tn! ugh!)

can you tell us where such a thing might be gotten, motherdownunder?


Moderator posted 07-16-2001 08:40 AM
i love my mayawrap. I got it when ds was 4 months old, and we still use it (when he isn't running around like a madman, that is). I had an OTSBH but it was way too bulky for the heat.

Member posted 07-16-2001 09:24 AM
my favorite is the native baby carrier.So comfy and i've been using it since day one and my son is now 15 months old.You can choose the fabric and i have a wonderful organic cotton sage green one.I used to make baby slings and it is quite easy to make your own if you don't want to spend the money.Good luck!

Member posted 07-16-2001 09:43 AM
While doing my search, I came across two sites, The Sling Page, and Kangaroo Korner. The latter was very informative.
I wanted to receive feedback from more than just a couple of people which is why I posed the question. So far, on this board, the response to the, Maya Wrap, has been predominately possitive, as well as on The Sling Page. However, Kangaroo Korner, did not give it such great reviews.

I would like to buy a different sling and just would like as much positive as well as negative feedback as possible.

Member posted 07-16-2001 09:58 AM
i feel kind of dumb but i havent a clue what exactly any of these slings you are talking about look like. i made my slings out of a sarong and i ties my baby to me where ever he/she fit conveniently at the time.
a girlfriend of mine who spent about 9 months in ghana africa in 2000 also showed me a bunch of new ties for older babies and toddlers.
i never had a 'store bought' are they cool?
i didnt ever suffer back strain or shoulder strain adn i carried then all with it tillt they were about three or so. i also have a chinese lady sling thing, i find it was useful for carrying my boy on my hip and my dd in the sling. i get some looks but i dont care.
tell me more about these sling things if you dont mind, where can i go and see one live in the 'flesh'?

Member posted 07-16-2001 04:43 PM
Bobsgirl, i would like to know more about all the different ways you can tie because if I can carry my ds in a sling up until at least he reaches the age of three, that would be great. You also said you never experienced back or shoulder pain; that is why I am looking for a new sling. I don't know if maybe ds is too big for me to carry that way or if it is just the slings I already have that is the problem. When he was younger, I did not experience the back and shoulder pain.

Member posted 07-16-2001 09:34 PM
well imagine a regular sarong, iam not sure of the dimensions but for older babies if you sit your baby on the seat of a chair or a high stool and put theasrong around and under their armpits then you stand with your back facing them and tie the edges of the sarong over or under your breasts which ever is more c. the gathering of the ends for tying cause a little butt pouch to be formed and you can cruise for hours with a preschooler comfy in there. the ties are very similar for young babies except they all involove having your baby in froont or on your hip with their mouth right about at breast level for head turning nursing. you can carry them in the foot ball hold any hold baby prefers.
it saved me with five kids.
hope this makes sense if not keep in touch about what you dont understand and i will keep trying to figure out a way. maybe i can use my paint and draw an example i will check it out...
cheers and happy slinging, connie

Moderator posted 07-17-2001 09:06 AM
i am really curious about this sarong idea...
but I don't quite get it. I can picture the pouch mage by the sarong, but what do you do with the 4 corners... what i mean is- do you tie them across in an X? or the two top ones together and the 2 bottom ones together? or the 2 right and 2 left sides together? I have a lot of different size sarongs & would love to check it out. I have a mayawrap, which I love, but I can't comfortably use it on my back and I would like to be able to carry ds there sometimes too...

Member posted 07-17-2001 09:24 AM
Becca has an awesome sling for her dd (3yo?). Please tell us where you got it!

Member posted 07-17-2001 09:32 AM
I have really enjoyed the OTSBH - and my mother is a convert, she is looking into making her own. I would love to try a maya, but refuse to spend that kind of money. I am really attached to the shoulder pads, but I admit it is bulky. Maybe someday I will try ebay. I love slings, but I don't love hunting for them, and buying them on computers or for lots and lots of money, and who knows if they will work out.

Member posted 07-17-2001 03:52 PM
Three thumbs up for the Maya wrap. (Mine, Dh's and Ds's.)
- Amy, mom to Dante born 8/29/00

Member posted 07-17-2001 04:09 PM
My SlingEzee's been terrific! It has padding and is much like the OTSBH. I used it for my son until he was over 30 pounds and i use it with my 9 month old literally everyday. Both kids have loved it, it's easy to nurse in, and my back and shoulders are fine even after walking for several miles with it on.
(And I'm not just saying that becayse I sell them.) It's important to make sure you have the right size though; otherwise it won't be as comfortable.

Member posted 07-17-2001 09:10 PM
I am hearing so many positive things about the, Maya Wrap, that I think I might like to try one- one question, does the fact that it does not have shoulder pads bother your shoulders,I mean after carrying a twenty-five pound or heavier baby around for an hour or so? Has anyone tried the, Didymos?

Member posted 07-18-2001 04:17 AM
OTSBH, hands down.

Member posted 07-18-2001 04:42 AM
Suseyblue, are you in Australia? I bought my Genkihouse at Kiddies Corner in Brisbane, which is the only place I know of that sells them. I understand that they are made by one lady so she cannot keep up if they are sold in major stores like Myers.
So she probably wouldn't be selling online for the same reasons. You could see if Kiddies Corner does mail order.
And yes, it gets very hot and humid here. Our baby is due in February, the hottest, wettest month of the year so it will be getting a workout then.

Member posted 07-18-2001 04:51 AM
Me again. There is a picture of a Genkihouse sling on http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/P...39/slings.html But I don't know where you can order one.

Member posted 07-18-2001 05:03 AM
I have a fleece adjustable pouch that I got at Kangaroo Korner, I love it! The OTSBH was a little bulky but I liked it when she was a newborn. I would like to try the maya wrap eventually.....

Member posted 07-18-2001 10:15 AM
well if you use a longer sarong like i did the two bottom corners just hung down. that is for side or back carrying for older babies of course. for little tiny and small babies i layed it our long ways and gathered the two corners together then i tied each gather to each other??? a rectangle squished up on each end and then tied to form a pouch.
then i put it on and depending how old your baby is and where you want him/her in relation to your back or shoulders or breast for feeding is how you place the knot on your back. it is easy to use the width for a pouch underbaby to feel more secure and you can bare your breast right inside the sling so babe can nurse. youarent really under 'cover' but the baby has shade and a bit of private only can really see your face space.
i hope this makes sense, i learned it from some back to nature book i had originally and then like i said i ask every other culture mom i see how she does it. i gtthem to show me how totally.
happy slinging, and what is a maya wrap?

Member posted 07-18-2001 08:25 PM
Oh, I wish I was in Australia- (not as much as Amanda'smom, my neighbor, who has been there & knows what we're missing!) but she can vouch for the heat & humidity here in TN, ugh! The mesh slings at Kangaroo Korner are only for in the water- mesh sounds so *nice*. but Thanks, Suse

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