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my poor bean

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Author Topic: my poor bean
Member posted 08-23-2001 05:18 PM
My 13 month old only has four teeth. Today he is teething hard. Like this morning he had four teeth and now he has five and two more coming in. He is in so much pain. He has just been sitting on my lap wimpering and crying all day. He finally got a nap and woke up full of snotty nose and drooling like I have never seen. (My older son had almost all his teeth already at this age and seemed to not even be bothered by teething.) Is it that the beans gums are harder because he is older? My heart is just breaking he is so obviously in real pain. I have been giving him camomile and hylands teething tabs. I even did the oralgel numby stuff. But that just made him spat between whimpers. What else can I do? He is refusing to nurse but is taking solids and the sippy cup fine. (I'm fuller then a jersey cow but whatever I just want him comfortable) Right now he is chewing a lincoln log and looking at me with these 'come save me from this pain eyes'. Anyone else ever been through a marathon teething session?

Member posted 08-23-2001 05:23 PM
I'm so sorry for your little one. Both my ds's went through a phase where they got four teeth at one time - and it was no fun. You are probably doing the best thing you can for him by just being there to comfort him as he needs it. Usually it's only bad for a few days and then the teeth start to break through and will feel better.

Member posted 08-23-2001 08:26 PM
Wow, your son is different from my 13 month old dd. Everytime she gets teeth (she has 12 now!), she nurses and nurses and nipples are peeling right now and it's not from thrush Anyway, you sound like you are going the holistic route but I found that ibuprofin does miracles when dd is inconsolable. Also, ice cream or all-fruit juice ice pops (the wide kind so no choking hazard). Ice water helps too, and some kids like frozen peas.
Just a suggestion! Hope you can express to keep your supply going.

Member posted 08-23-2001 08:31 PM
Julia is 18-months and only started getting teeth a few months ago, too. We also use the Hyland's tabs and gel. How about letting him chew a frozen washcloth? And maybe you could try expressing a bit of milk to prevent engorgement.

sweet bunny's mama
Member posted 08-23-2001 11:41 PM
my dd is getting her 7th & 8th teeth now and she is also miserable! we are avid homeopathy users, but ya know what? when it gets this bad, a dose of baby tylenol is the only thing thnat seems to work. i hate putting all the extra stuff that's in there into her (i.e. corn syrup, red #40, etc.) but it works, she sleeps, we sleep and hopefully those teeth will cut soon.
good luck to you and your bean.

Member posted 08-24-2001 12:02 AM
Sorry to hear about your babe. Mine is 5 mo and is cutting his second set. He has been teething for about 3 weeks and it is so hard to watch. He too is crying, drooling, booger nosed and not nursing well when the pain is at it's worst. He too likes lincoln logs! Mine is too young for frozen foods. I remember giving dd frozen blueberries and such. Hang in there!
tandum nursing mom of 4yo and 5mo babes

Member posted 08-24-2001 04:47 AM
I could never handle Edie being in pain, so I would give her motrin.
I don't give it to her for any other reason, so please don't think that I am prone to medicating her. She sees a homeopath, and doesn't get cough syrups or anything like that. I would just put myself in her tiny shoes and know that the motrin was the best choice for us. I know that when my wisdom teeth were coming it it was painful(and they came in nicely), and I knew what she was going through.

Member posted 08-24-2001 08:52 AM
Try wetting and freezing a washclothe for him to chew on.

Moderator posted 08-24-2001 09:16 AM
Oh, poor guy. It is so heartbreaking to see a little one in pain. I donn't rally have any suggestions. Everything I've ever tried never worked. Give him a kiss for me. Hopefully it will be over soon.

Member posted 08-24-2001 10:39 AM
Well, last night was loooooong. He didn't go to bed intill 11pm and then was up every hour screaming and was actually up from 2-3:30 whimpering and chewing on everything in sight. The runny nose wasn't letting him nurse so I gave him some dimetap, nothing like running out to Safeway in your PJ's with a sreaming kid at 3am. The dimetap helped the nose and knocked him out intill about 9am. So far this morning he has been ok, not his cheerful self but not miserable either.
I'm off to get myself the biggest white chocolate mocha available in this little town!

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