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any other students?

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Author Topic: any other students?
lil' love
Member posted 08-26-2001 08:30 AM
I'm a student at the University if Central Florida and I'm taking 3 classes this semester. It is a lot harder then I anticipated to go back to school and make enough time to love my two children. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.
We went out and bought this new computer I'm typing on yesterday so That I didn't have to also make time to go to the library and type up papers and do research. Which is very nice!
Before, I also had to somehow find time in the day to do that also.
I'm an eduction major right now. i would like to teach Science, particularly earth sciences.
Anyone else a student mother? what are you studying and how is everything going for you?

queen bee
Member posted 08-26-2001 11:22 AM
I used to be.
I was in a graphics BFA program, with a grueling class work load, a husband in grad school, and a baby that was sort of a surprise. I regularly did these all-nighters on campus where we had studio space. I'd set up a little playpen under my big drafting table (late 80's...I bet they only have little computer tables now...) and my sweet boy would sleep and I would cut and paste and draw the night away. Sometimes I would bring him to class. We were a very small, close-knit department, and people were very supportive. It was very hard though, and in the end I decided not to do a BFA project. It was a matter of sanity. It was all worth it though. Having my son, and finishing college.
Be flexible, and don't be afraid to re-examine your goals every once in a while. Good luck!

queen bee

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Member posted 08-26-2001 11:24 AM
I am a full time Social Work student at the University of Southern Maine. Yup, its hard. I leave Edie in daycare from 8-4 and make sure i get ALL of my work done in that time. When I pick her up its just her and homework, reading...nothing.
I used to feel guilty leaving her there that long, but if and when I would pick her up early, I would have to be busy doing other things, and she hated that!

Sometimes I even nap, or clean the house, or shop!

It works out well. The daycare providers are great, and I trust them explicitely with her. The curriculum at the center is great, lots of activities. That and I make sure to spend MUCH time interacting with Edie, the other kids, and the teachers at daycare, so that Edie will know that I feel comfortable their , and with her teachers and friends.

Good luck.


Member posted 08-26-2001 11:24 AM
Well, I am not a student Mother any more, I just graduated this summer. I certainly can relate to the stresses of trying to play both roles at one time...I always took the minimum course load that let me get financial aid, but it still seemed like too much sometimes. I can't believe I actually made it to graduation. It was hard for both of us (ds and I), but I think it was right for us at the same time. I got my degree in Education also, but not science. I majored in Early Childhood Ed. I loved it and learned so much. The school I went to really emphasized the importance of attachment and less structure. I feel really lucky...some schools just baffle me in what they think is important in Early Childhood....well anyway, now I am babbling...Good luck with school; I think I understand a little of what you are going through!

Member posted 08-26-2001 11:34 AM
I love what Queen bee said about re-examing your goals...that is so true. I also did the same things as Edies Mom, I found a great child care provider who was AP even more than me (I think just more patient!). That felt so good to know my son was in a great loving environment. When I learned to resist the urge to temporily put off work and pick up my ds early, it helped a lot. Then our time was just that, our time. I think as soon as I figured it out-It was time to graduate. How much longer do you have? I think when ds gets older, I want to get my master's degree.

Member posted 08-26-2001 11:57 AM
I'm a full time law student at Duke (starting the last year). I took last year off with the baby, so we'll see how it goes. I never studied much to begin with and I did well, so I'm hoping that even with child-induced study negligence I still pass

Good luck to you with your classes and children!

- Rebecca

Member posted 08-26-2001 02:21 PM
i'm in school....majoring in journalism..i have two more classes and i have my associates. i am determined to finish the last two years in, not kidding, TWO YEARS!! it's taken me five years to finish two years worth of work so far. i teach preschool part time and was only taking a class or two at a time.
then last semester i was working 30 hrs a week (ds is seven) and going to school 3 nights a week and it was wayyy to stressful. i felt i was not doing anything well, just getting it done.
so now i'm 4 months pregnant and my plan is to finish my associates and then when i begin major work, i will take out loans and muddle through best i can.
it's been a definate incredible juggling act between mommy and school and pt work....before kindergarten my ds came to work with me as a nanny and then as a preschool teacher.
finishing school seems like a dream...i think i will be incredulous when i actually do!!!

lil' love
Member posted 08-26-2001 07:35 PM
Good luck to all of us mamas that are trying to finish school and raise a family!

Member posted 08-26-2001 09:49 PM
I am starting school in January. I'm really nervous. Ds will be a year old then. I'm majoring in poly science and will most likely be taking 3 or more classes.

Member posted 08-27-2001 08:57 AM
I'm starting back next Friday, with just 2 classes a week in one day, then working full time other wise. I'm GRABBING for any other means of work. I know how you feel! Already I'm overwhelmed with my limited time with my boys! But I understand that this is necessary, and the opportunity is here... I'll also be doing my Doula training this year... I wish all of us the best of luck!

Member posted 08-27-2001 11:35 AM
I'm also a student mama, in my last year of a graduate program in Microbiology. And it is Hard! I am still having problems balancing the school/work/baby, and as it turns out, my advisor is extremely unsupportive of my efforts (basically asked me to not bring the babe with me, always irritated with my erratic work schedule, etc.) He's a MAN, of course, and even though we talked about these arrangements while I was pregnant, he seems to have forgotten about those conversations. Anyway, I'm going to finish this program (hopefully within a year) because I've worked really hard for this degree, and I know I will be happy about it in the long run. I'm also having somewhat of a motivation problem when it comes to doing my work at home but it's just not as fun as playing with the babe! Good luck to everyone!

Member posted 08-27-2001 01:02 PM
Hey, I too am a student. So is Dh. He is in computer engineering full time and is in a co-op program so that makes parent/student life a little finacially easier. He graduates in April 2002 and he was only in 2nd year (of a 5 year program) when ds was born so it's been a long haul!!!
I was just accepted full time at the University of Toronto but I've chosen to do just one course this year (sociology) so I'll be in class 3 hours once a week till May. I'm 5 months pregnant and will also be driving my school bus with Jake till December so we will see how it goes. I dood it all last year too and it was tirong but all went well. I want to be a midwife and I'm slowly working towards that. I want to focus on women's studies right now!

A good friend became pregnant while in third year university and decided to finish her degree last year when her dd was 20 months old. Her dd was with a good sitter 4 days a week and she just graduated with honours, She wants to become a teacher too but baby #2 is on the way in a few weeks.

Good luck to everyone doing this! I think a positive thing is that having kids while in school gives us that much more motivation and focus. Shcool means time away from our kids so we work our butts off to make it worth while.

Member posted 08-27-2001 02:56 PM
I am not a student, but dh goes to school full-time (3 days a week), and has taken on the role of full-time Daddy-as a matter of fact, this is the first time she is out of our home, pre-school while he is in class- while I work to make that possible! I am not going to lie and say that this has been easy (we started down this road 1 1/2 years ago), there have been times when we both were so frustrated and so exhausted that we wanted to just give up! But, we as a family have had to evaluate what is important to us and what we hoped to accomplish. By what we are giving up now, we will achieve financial security and afford more opportunities for our child(ren). We also feel that we are teaching our daughter a valuable lesson about the importance of education, and setting a goal for yourself and attaining that goal. The pot of gold at the end of our rainbow is visible now!! My dh is graduating in Dec. He started the first day of his last semester today!! Stay focused on your goal and good luck to you!

Member posted 08-27-2001 06:34 PM
Me too! I am starting my last year of undergraduate, working on a double English/journalism degree. I'm also getting ready to go to law school next fall so by the time I am done with that, ds will be ready for kindergarten. I go full-time and work VERY part-time and find that it's comparable to staying home becuase we live on campus so I can come home between classes and I set my one schedule. I start class next Thursday and am sure going to miss my summer! Glad to hear so many of you are students too.

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