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Do you have one? Do you like it? Was it worth the money? Has anybody sunk theirs into the ground? How did you do it? Did it work? I am thinking about purchasing a large (14 or 15') tampoline for the summer and want to get feedback from others about brands, quality, shape (round versus rectangle), how long they lasted, who used it most, etc.

I am aware of the safety concerns, both in regards to falling off(impact with ground) and incorrect landings on the tramp itself (neck and back injuries). I feel comfortable with those risks, since I have spent a great deal of time on trampolines as a high school and college athlete. We also spend time at a local gym with numerous tramps and runways.

Any help would be appreciated. This would be a major purchase for us and I'm trying to get feedback from owners/users everywhere so that I can "invest" properly. Thanks,

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Quigley...i was going to tell you about the terrible things that happen on these things, but you already know all about them, so i wont comment.

Good luck. I am sure there are alot of mothers on MDC that can help you choose an appropriate one for your family.
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I don't know anything about the dangers of them but they sure are fun. I will tell you though I didn't do my kegels while pregnant (I know, bad me) and I can't jump on one without peeing my pants, kind of embarrasing.
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We have several friends/neighbors and cousins that have them. Only one has it sunk into the ground, which does seem a lot safer to me. All of them have the round ones - don't think I've ever even seen one that wasn't round. One friend did have a minor legal problem on her hands when a group of kids let themselves into her backyard when she wasn't home and one of them broke her ankle on the tramp. Her folks tried to sue my friend (or, to be exact, her insurance co.) because her backyard gate wasn't locked.:

So, besides the dangers involved, I'd recommend that you check on how it will effect your insurance and what kind of extra fences/locks you might need to protect yourself.
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We have had one for years. It has been so so great for our family. It is something that my wide-age-spread dd's and I can all do together. Our dog even jumps!!! She's crazy. I think the idea of putting them in the ground looks cool. I have seen those ones surrounded by the nets too, and have wondered if they are safer. We use ours almost everyday. I have pictures of kids out on it in full winter dress!!! We have all slept on it too. In warmer weather, of course. Having said that, it is dangerous. I do not allow anyone in the neighborhood to jump UNLESS they come over with their parent and then the parents have to sign a release. The parents have to stay and spot their kid, the whole time they are jumping. I was told by the insurance folks to put up signs on the fence and to lock the gate. We also got a dog who barks if anyone tries to come in the yard. I know this sounds a little harsh, but if somebody's dd or ds was hurt, I would feel so so bad. And I am a single mom of three and if someone sued me, and I had to help support a injured child because they were on my tramp, our dreams of a vacation and college go down the drain.
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I saw that show on 20/20. According to the report, injuries occur most often when there is more than one person on the trampoline. Take basic safety meaures, and all should be fine. Frankly I find the hype about the danger to be a little over-the-top. Sure there's a risk, but there's risk in any physical activity, whether it be skiing or driving 65 mph in a car down the highway.
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I don't personally have a trampoline, but a good friend of mine has one. Her's has the net around it and I personally felt much safer with that, b/c It was on the inside so the springs weren't expoxed(even though many have a cover it is easy to slip down in between the springs if one were to jump to close.) I also liked that the netting was rather high maybe 8-12ft nto sure exactly, so it would keep one from jumping over and or off the trampoline. Very important consider hers was only a few feet away from her pool. who knows what kids might decide to do with a combo like that
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We have one and have the enclosure. Ours is 14 ft round and we got it from the local warehouse store.

I allow my kids on it together but we have a rule absolutely no touching. No bouncing into each other, no "accidently" bumping into another person.

I originally thought that I would only let them on one at a time but I noticed after we got it that they wanted to be together, so I do allow it. I stay outside (set up a nice sitting area next to it) and read or whatever.

When they have friends over, only two at a time. That way kids with similar weights are together and not one kid who weighs 70 lbs with someone who barely weighs 40 lbs.

My kids LOVE it. I have ds#2 who bounces around on anything so it was a natural that we get the trampoline. Every kid who comes over loves it. It is a great outdoor activity and burns tons of energy. I think they used every day last spring/summer/fall. They even used a few times before it snowed.

I would reccomend though as with a pool you moniter it. I did know of a kid who broke her arms on one when she was bouncing with some friends. But I do think the hype is overrated esp. if you have the enclosure to prevent small people form bouncing off.

On a side note we looked at gym quality tramps (on the web) and the warehouse kind. Since ours would be outside in all sorts of weather (esp. in New England), we felt that cost was prohibitive in getting a gym quality one ($600+) Ours cost about $180 and we figure that we will have to replace it every few years which made it more feasible to get the cheaper model.

Good luck!
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My mother broke her back using a trampoline during a high school gym class. She was using it correctly and with supervision, but she landed funny and did an odd bounce onto the springs.

Please, be careful.
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I think sinking it into the ground is a very cool idea. i have never seen a privetly owned one in the ground though. We don't hve one yet but will get one when we have a yard big enough and a fence the problem here is that they have to be taken down for the winter. Something to think about is what replacement parts cost. My uncle had to replace several spings on his and it almost cost as much as a new trampoline.

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we have one. ours is a 14' circular one. we also have the netting that goes completely around to prevent falls. Although my 2yr old fell out of it this winter because I had forgotten to latch the entryway shut. She didn't get hurt, tho. She was bundled up in her snowsuit and landed on the chair we use to climb in and out with.

They are great fun. Most all of my immediate friends and family with children have them.
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Our childcare provider has one. The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I too know about he potential dangers, and I am ordinarily a nervous wreck, but our provider is so careful and conscientious, only lets our son on it alone or w/ one little one his size, and has a huge fence all around it. (FWIW, she also has a full sized, in ground swimming pool all the "bigger" kids are allowed in, and she has a hot tub which she fills w/ warm water for the little ones- and she handles it all w/ extreme supervision and caution.)
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Have you thought about your home owners insurance? You should call your insurance company. Here in Texas your rates go up significantly and in some states your insurance company can cancel you. I know someone in Pennsylvania that was having a hard time with her insurance company, they were going to cancel her. Not sure what the outcome was. Something to think about.
Here in TX HOI is very expensive and I don't need to add to that.
Not to mention I would be a nervous wreck.


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