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beccaboo's Avatar beccaboo 06:27 AM 02-02-2003
OK, *I* am the one who took ds (3.5 yo) to have his hair cut yesterday. I really only meant for him to have a good trim, but somehow the guy just kept cutting and cutting and all of his cute curls ended up on the floor! I was a bit shocked in the moment, but OK with it. Now, it's the middle of the night, and in this moment of insomnia I am feeling so regretful! His hair is something that people always comment on, and now I feel like he just looks more like everyone else.

I keep reminding myself that, as they say, hair grows; by the time his birthday comes around (April) I imagine the curls will be back. His hair used to be more curly, but now it's only on the ends when his hair is longer. I did take a "before" shot yesterday - maybe I'll post a link to it when I download the picture.

Jennifer Z's Avatar Jennifer Z 01:31 AM 02-03-2003
I really know how you feel. My ds's curls are so cute and I was devastated after the first haircut left him without curls. He needs another cut, but I don't want to do it because I love his longer hair...like you said...makes him more unique.
WickidaWitch's Avatar WickidaWitch 02:32 PM 02-03-2003
I am currently being harrassed by family to get my son his first hair cut. I dont want to cut it. I like running my fingers through his hair.
beccaboo's Avatar beccaboo 08:14 PM 02-03-2003
Thanks for the support. I'm not so sad now. In the future I'll be certain to know exactly what sort of cut I want and make sure I make it clear! I think the operative word from here on out will be "trim." I often let my own hairdresser do what he wants with my hair, just because he knows me and my hair and I trust him, but I ought not to give the same privilege with ds's hair to some guy at Supercuts! We just washed it for the first time since the cut, so I'm curious to see how it looks when it dries.