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stinkerpie's Avatar stinkerpie 11:19 AM 02-20-2003
I'm on the hunt for an AP-friendly pediatrician in NE Ohio---we live in Massillon, just south of Akron and west of Canton. None of my friends IRL practice AP, I haven't been able to get any good referrals from them. I checked with my local LLL group and the one doctor they mentioned is not covered by our HMO. There are no API groups in Ohio that I can check with. Anyone know of a good doctor, or some other places where I could get help in locating one?

At a recent appointment with our current pediatrician, the nurse was visibly appalled when she realized that our 11 month-old son wasn't circumsized, and then tried to forcibly pull the foreskin away! Luckily I stopped her, but I was very angry and told the doctor. The doctor herself is giving us a very difficult time over our delayed vaccination schedule and our decision to give the separate MMR. I'm tired of having to talk around certain issues to avoid debating with her and the staff at her office.


OhMel's Avatar OhMel 11:29 AM 02-20-2003
Hi Amy,

You might want to post this in the Finding Your Tribe area. There are quite a few NE OH mommas out there. I'm in Cleve Hts and having a similar issue. We're not vaxing at all, so I'm not in too much of a hurry to find someone. My idea was to start searching for a family practice DO.