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48 hours unitl the nation is at war with Iraq. Reading the newspaper and watching TV has been a real downer lately. I get so upset about the situation and, of course, I worry about the ramifications of all of this. The economy is down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Bush is spending $400 billion on this stupid war, states are cutting back whereever they can. In NY they even discuss getting rid of public Pre-K programs. Somewhere I read that NY spends $30,000 a year on each prisoner but only roughly $5,000 on a student. This makes me puke. Will I be able to offer my children a good education? What is gonig to happen with this country. Apparently nobody is going to be able to stop those warmongers. I am just so depressed about it.
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I can't even think about it. My husband wants to talk about it all the time. That's how he cycles through his anxiety. I want to just ignore it all and hope it goes away.
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the thought of war just makes me sick. All I can think about are all the INNOCENT Babies, children and women who are going to be the casualties of this testosterone infused blood bath. Not only in Iraq, but the widows and children left fatherless in our own country. Truly a very sad time for our planet...
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I'm basically forcing myself to read the morning New York Times because I feel it's better to be informed than not, but I do it while sighing, gasping, rubbing my temples, and generally feeling like crap. I do worry about my state of mind affecting my dd.
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Like you all, I am depressed and terrified about this war. The only thing that has made me feel better was attending a candlelight vigil for peace on Sunday night. It was wonderful to be outside with so many others who desperately want peace. I know it won't make a difference though because W is hell bent on this war.

At least we know we are not alone.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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I expected to feel tremendous dread and fear on Monday as I anticipated W.'s announcement and its aftermath. Instead, I felt tremendous hope. Why? Because on Sunday we attended a peace rally that had been poorly advertised (I saw one flyer when I didn't have time to stop and read the whole thing, and then I couldn't find another flyer anywhere or anybody who knew about it, so we had to guess at the time and place) but hundreds of people turned up. Lots of young adults but also families w/kids, grandmas, all types. We brought cookies and went around offering them to people and taking food they offered and striking up conversations w/these kind, good people who simply will not let this war happen in their names.

After the speeches, we marched without a permit. Not only was nobody arrested, but the police politely directed traffic around us. When we did march around stopped cars, many drivers indicated their support, very few yelled anti-protest sentiments, and nobody tried to run over anybody. Many of the people looking out of their windows or encountering the march spontaneously held up peace signs or cheered or blew kisses. Some of them ran out to join us.

Some anarchists who were marching stole a dumpster from an apartment building and overturned it in a street. Within one minute, other protesters had turned it upright, refilled it, and started rolling it back to its place. They didn't yell at the anarchists, just set an example of gentle behavior.

We marched for two solid hours. It was exhausting, but there was a beautiful, joyous, exhilarating spirit pervading the group. At least 200 people stuck it out to the end.

I'm horrified at the actions of my government and the attitudes of some of my fellow Americans. But so many people have built up so much positive energy opposing this war that I feel certain we will prevail.

Mama to a boy EnviroKid 10 years old and a girl EnviroBaby 1 year old!
I write about parenting, environment, cooking, and more.
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Right now I am so thankful I ditched the cable. Had I still had it I would have been glued. I watched Oprah today, depressing. The TV is now off and staying that way tonight. I just dont want to hear any more.
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I'm anxious too. I don't turn on my TV much, so when I sign online the AOL font page news has been my only indication for whats going on. All I can do is look at my babies and wonder if my feeling that we're secure is false (like the shatter of 9/11), look at them and feel terrible that there are mothers out there in the world who are also looking at their babies and wondering if their country is going to get bombed tomorrow.
thouroghly depressed about it - the whole thing stinks.
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I try to know GENERALLY what's going on... but not ever watch the news or read the newspaper. Some people may think that's irresponsible but I feel so helpless... and knowing all the horrible possibilities and worrying all the time will rob me of enjoying the day that I have now. I also wouldn't want the fear that I would feel if I were thinking all the time about war, biochemical warfare, etc.... to seep into my dd through me. I can't do anything about the situation besides pray (which I do all the time) so I feel that it's pointless to watch every news cast and be constantly bombarded with bad news.
Pray, enjoy every happy moment that you can and refuse to be sucked in to the violence. Be there for you kids.
My dh likes to get all into it and I see how worked up it gets him. Then he's grouchy at home, or stressed.. and it ruins dinnertime or whatever. Its not worth it to me. He wants to talk about it with me but I'd rather not know...
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Mamas, make sure to reassure your children that you will do you best to keep them safe.

They are aware of all the war talk. And they are scared, too.
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How does it feel to be not only in the minority, but wrong, too. 70% of Americans feel that we ned to take this nut-job out, and 75% feel that the UN dropped the ball. Bad people do bad things, always have, always will. The good guys always gotta clean up the mess, and THAT IS US, again!!
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