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aran's Avatar aran 06:08 PM 08-21-2006
CDing is an aspect of APing.

-- CDing falls into the camp of NFL, but I can see no link between the type of material on my child's bum and the attachment relationship between me and my child. My child is not more or less attached to me due to the way I choose to clothe and diaper him, as long as it is effective (i.e., not dirty, sufficiently warm, etc.) Lots of people seem to lump CDing into AP, but it has always boggled my mind.

thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 02:44 AM 08-22-2006
While Dr. Sears makes recommendations and does imply that these will work for many children, even he himself has said (re: co-sleeping, babywearing) if it dosn't work, then it's better to find other things that will...which can mean that baby sleeps in it's own bed, or that it isn't worn because it dosn't like it. He also gives recommendations on how to help reflux and how to help a sick child....he dosn't imply that breastfeeding is the cure-all.....I rather think he makes those recommendations because women can give up breastfeeding due to a child being sick or having a form of reflux, and he's encouraging women NOT to give this up.
velochic's Avatar velochic 10:25 AM 08-22-2006
Personally, I think that what causes the most misconceptions and misunderstanding is people who *call* themselves AP, but are actually mainstream parents. It's "CooL" to be AP now, so people use that as a label. Most of society do not look at things objectively. They accept what they are told. So they see these horrid parents who say they're AP and then assume AP is... horrid.
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