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I'm just curious as to how other families settle down for the night.
This is what we usually do:
We usually eat dinner at 6:30. Anna then plays after we eat while dh & I clean up the kitchen. Around 8 she takes a bath (usually with me) and then we let her have some naked baby time for an hour or until she gets tired. Around 9:30 we pick up and "put the toys to bed", brush teeth and read a story. Around 10 is when her and I are tired, so we both go to bed, nurse and listen to lullabies. Sometimes she falls asleep earlier in her pack n play (in the liv rm) and dh & I have "couple time".

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We eat dinner at 6:00 or 6:30. Jeff gets home from work around 5:00 and does our postal run and plays with the kids (relieves me) and I can figure out dinner.

After dinner we all hang out in the kitchen b/c we each have our jobs for cleaning up. Meredith puts up the cloth napkins in the laundry room, Emelie helps clear the table, Daddy holds Kenny and I wash up dishes.

Then, we do baths - the girls bathe together and Kenny usually sits with me and Jeff in the living room while the girls play about 15 minutes before getting cleaned up.

Blow dry, brush teeth and crawl up for night-night prayers and kiss-hugs.

Kenny is usually changed into his night time diaper and nursed to sleep and my dh (who has to leave by 6:30 in the mornings), puts Kenny down while I finish up business for the day and finally join them a couple of hours later.

It is flexible though - and subject to change on the weekends.
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Our's varies a little from night to night. Its normally like this:

4:30ish - DH gets home with DS and DH gets into the kitchen to get stuff ready for dinner, and clean if needed.

5ish, the cats get fed, dinner is cooking, mommy is playing with Trenton.... outside or inside.

5:30 sometimes we eat, early. Sometimes trenton will take over the computer, or ask for cartoons to watch.

6pm - 6:30pm - bath time with mommy in the tub or next to the tub (which ever he prefers) or once a month or so he'll shower with daddy.
Mommy helps with brushing teeth, and Daddy gets the big boy out the bath tub and dry's. powders, and dresses him. (mommy is lying in the bath at this point!
(sometimes we will eat after bath time - if the meal took longer to cook or Dh didn't get it started early enough, then Trenton will eat while he watches his cartoon)

7pm - Trenton gets to watch a cartoon on TV.

7:30 - bed time with Mommy - mommy gets the bedroom ready (night lights, air purifier on) and then its tickle time, cuddle time or BAD kiss time (a bad kiss is when I let my hair down and it covers him while I make snuffle noises in his ear)
Weekend bedtime can be as late as 8:30.

By 8 he's asleep, and Daddy is in the shower, then its our time till we go to bed at around 9:30 - 10pm

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4pm: Head home from the playground

5pm: Dinner for the three children and myself

5:30: Nakey time for all the children

6pm: Bathtime

6:30: Dadddy comes home all the kids finish up bathtime

6:45 More nakey time and Daddy time

Get PJs on, Nurse the twins, Daddy lays with the twins to get them to sleep I read stories and snuggle with our 4yo.

7:15 Hopefully all the children are tucked in bed and fast asleep...........for the moment.

My kids don't nap much during the day so bedtime is early in our house and we are usually up by 5:45/6:00 am.

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Wow, 7:15 - well, we nap . . . so, I guess if we didn't that would not seem so early. We are up and rolling around 6:45. Do you and your dh go to bed that early as well? Sounds like a 'farm' schedule!
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We always mean to go to bed early but..................don't hit "the hay" till about 10:30. We need the down time at night,for our relationship as well as our sanity. The twins really take a lot of energy especially since they don't nap well during the day. My 4 yo needs the early bedtime. I wear them out during the day. We have a very busy and productive day. Lots of playing.

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dh gets home at 4:30
5:30-dinner time
6:30- I do dishes dh starts the kids bath and gives them bath
7:00- help dd with her homework,usually just her sight words and number cards
7:30- play with the kids staighten up the room
8:00- brush teeth,story time
8:30- dd is in bed and ds is being nursed to sleep he is by now almost asleep.
This is usually our schedule, the times do not apply every night. We do things more by routine then schedule. we do try to have dd in bed by 8:30, she goes to all day kindergarten and needs the sleep.
Wednesday dd has ballet so we eat dinner later.
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Times are approximate, of course...

5:30 - Dd takes a bath and puts on pjs
6:00 - I start preparing dinner, straightening up the house from the day, while dd plays, listens to music, or watches a video
7:00 - Dh comes home from work and we have dinner
7:30 - Dd brushes teeth, has two stories, and goes to bed!

She doesn't get to see Daddy for too long before bedtime, but he always gives her lots of attention when he gets home!
She really needs to go to bed early, as she gets up by 7:00 every morning and has pretty full days - preschool every morning, and now that the weather is warm, lots of playground time!
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Our routine since my oldest turned 2, middlest turned 1 and youngest wasn't born yet (youngest didn't join on this routine until she was about 1 1/2 or two since babies & routine just don't seem to work around here! :LOL)

4:30 pm - supper
5:00 - 6:00 pm - playtime while I clean up
6:00 pm - upstairs - the girls set out their clothes for the next day, put on pjs, brush their teeth, use the toilet, fill up their water sippers that they keep in bed
6:15 pm - story time
6:40 pm - tuck in time!

On bath nights playtime ends at 5:30 and they get into the tub then!
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I see all of these early bed times!! Even if we start the bedtime ritual early, ds still goes to be between 9:30 and 10:30 PM.

We usually have supper at about 5:30, then we play outside or go the Y. I work out and ds plays in the nursery.

8:30 "Snack" of oatmeal, applesauce, and yogurt, usually while he watches Jay Jay

9:00 Daddy gives ds a bath and puts his PJ's and Fuzzi Bunz on

9:30 Ds nurses to sleep

We're going to Grandmommy's tonight, so wish us luck!! It's WAY too exciting to sleep there. Dogs, fish, Uncles. . .
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Wow, you guys make it sound so easy! Here's our routine, for the time being anyways:

4:30-5:00ish - dd and I get home (on days when she's in daycare); dd has a snack (usually some fruit)
5:00ish - dh gets home
5:45ish - we all interact happily until dh tries to take dd upstairs so I can make dinner; dd protests loudly
5:45-6:00ish - I frantically chop veggies and try to finish all dinner prep that involves 2 hands
6:00ish - dd makes her way downstairs and hangs on my legs; I either finish cooking one-handed or reluctantly hand the reigns over to dh (who cannot cook to save his life).
6:30ish - we sit down to eat; dd eats in 5 minutes; dh and I finish our dinner while trying to distract dd with toys and feeding her additional bites of food.
6:45ish - I take dd off to play while dh cleans up; dh joins us for play after he's done
7:30ish - bathtime if she needs one; otherwise, one of us chases dd around house in various stages of dress, undress, and diaperage; more play til she's sleepy
8:00-8:30ish - brush teeth and bedtime!

~ Meredith, mom to dd(Jan '02), ds1(May '04) and ds2 (June '07) ~ :
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530- husband gets home from work, cahnges clothes and plays with the girls
600-we start talking about dinner, usually dh prepares (culinary school god that he is) while i study and talk to him about his day and the girls play in the living room.
630-730 eat dinner, talk, wash dishes
730-dh give lylly bath while i make sure ma'ire rinses her hair in the shower.
800-whatever, maybe playing, or studying, finishing homeschool stuff or maybe watch a movie.
900-lylly goes to bed
930- send ma'ire to her room, she is allowed to stay up as late as she wants as long as she doesnt wake anyone. she usually reads until about 1130.
1000--either a grown up movie or go to bed and read with husband. almost always asleep by midnight.
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routine? what routine??

on dh's worknights, i play with the kids until 6 or 6:30 then put a video on and give them food which they may or may not eat while i throw something together for myself and try to eat it before ds starts climbing on me to nurse. then more play until dh gets home at 7:45 and i try to clean up a bit or put some food together for him if he's hungry. dd gets tired and wants to go to bed by 8 or 8:30, which involves reading several books first. she usually wants me to do this but ds wants to nurse so dh takes him to the playroom and plays with him while i get dd down (if dh reads dd to sleep, he *always* falls asleep with her), then i nurse ds down, if we're lucky he's asleep by 9 or 9:30, if we're not, it's an hour later (depends on how long he naps during the day, i think.) dh usually falls asleep before i can get ds down, so then i get online and hang here before crashing by 10:30, if i'm smart, much later if i'm not!
on night's when he's at home, we try to get a real dinner cooked and we try to eat it together. neither thing happens with any consistency. the rest of the evening is similar.
oh, the kids do sleep in til 7:30 to 8:30, so i suppose that's a bit of a trade off for the late nights...
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