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Meg Murry.'s Avatar Meg Murry. 09:46 PM 11-07-2006
Originally Posted by wasabi View Post
Um wow you have absolutely nothing to base that on.:.

With all due respect, please allow me to refer you to the OP, specifically the following passages:


My husband's father, while playing and different random times, was grabbing my boys' bottoms (grabs with both hands and squeezes several times). He does this in a playful way, but I find it EXTREMELY inappropriate. I talked to my husband about this and he said it's harmless behavior and that his father did that to all the kids in their family growing up. He did say he would talk to him about it, though. He never did. Now, I'm home from the visit and just sick to my stomach thinking about it.
To deny that one has been molested and to be unwilling to admit it to oneself is a fairly common reaction, particularly if the molestation has been male-male, as many posters here are painfully aware. I regret you disagree with my conclusion.

Dragonfly's Avatar Dragonfly 02:22 PM 11-08-2006
Your conclusion doesn't really follow. His reticence could be attributable to being intimidated by his father, or to a general feeling that his father doesn't give a hoot what he thinks, not necessarily molestation. And if his father has a history of not respecting his personal boundaries, it stands to reason that he doesn't expect him to respect the boundaries of his own children.
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