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kykarraliv 02-02-2002 01:05 PM

I understand your concerns about your child being labeled. My 16 dd was labeled as ADHD. She received very poor grades in gradeschool. I moved her 5th grade yr and the school accidently sent me her school record. What was in her file has horrifying. My dd who is sweat and kind had all sorts of things in her file relating to things that were not accademic or even correct. So I "cleaned" her file up. Taken out everything that did not relate to accademics. What had happened in her file is one teacher had made a wrong assumption and it had snowballed with every teacher there after adding to the assumption. When I started her in her new school, lo and behold she brought home A s and B s!
Her 7th grade yr she started having problems with epilepsy and because of the schools response to that I homeschooled her. She did really well. Then she wanted to try highschool and did great her 1st quarter. 2nd quarter she nose dived. By the time we brought her home to school again she was convince she was stupid. They had her in remedial math. I am happy to report she is doing wonderfully at home, she is doing prealgerbra and doing it well. She has always had a talent for English and we are able to really strengthen that. Luckily in highschool we had a school councelor that was very supportive of us homeschooling our daughter. Children have different learning styles and learn things at different paces and just because a child is different does not mean he/she is wrong. Just as reference my 13 yr old is in public school by her choice and is carrying straight A s. Her learning style and pace is different than her sisters. My biggest piece of advise follow what is in your heart and do what you feel is best. You are raising your child not the state. What a wonderful gift you give your child when you give of yourself. Kudos to you mom.
Kim mom to Kyla(16), Karra(13), Rachel(11), Olivia(2 1/2), Annika(5 months) and her twin Hannah

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