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OneSassyMama's Avatar OneSassyMama 09:15 PM 06-09-2003
I hadn't heard of the Ezzo sex-ed program, so I did some research and yep, it's scarily true.

It's a series called "Reflections of Moral Innocence." Here's a quote from a review on

RMI methodology is predicated on the premise that word connotation and denotation are essentially invariable. Ezzo accents two techniques. First is reliance upon ambiguous genitalia names ("hiney," "bottom," " pee-pee," and "little bum") that are judged to be "morally neutral." In contrast, specific labels or medical terms are indicted for encouraging "evil imagination" that "runs wild." Similar censure is directed toward anatomically correct dolls, home birthing videos, explicit books and pictures.

A second RMI instructional feature is utilization of flowers as models to explain human reproduction. Like vague names for genitalia, flowers are postulated to be "morally neutral" and are extolled as accurate illustrations of human beginnings. RMI clients are frequently reminded to go back to the flowers.

You can read the full text at

I'm sorry to say most of the other hits on Google are churches offering this program to their congregation. One describes it as "a proactive, intentional approach to dealing with this topic in a way that protects your marriage and avoids forcing your children into premature adulthood." :



BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 09:27 PM 06-09-2003
I think it would help if church people would stop and think for two seconds how Jesus was actually raised. In a culture where families slept together, moms and babies stayed together all day, and babies nursed (with no clocks in sight) til they were three-ish. If they think God really planned all this, why not follow insticts he gave us instead of some stupid little evil book?
What a truly awesome idea. Duh Sure makes sense, doesn't it.
LunaMom's Avatar LunaMom 09:59 PM 06-09-2003
Ugh, that's terrible. And as much as it may turn your stomach to read this, I've heard that many pedophiles find the use of childish terms for genitalia very arousing, BECAUSE they are childish.
DebraBaker's Avatar DebraBaker 09:59 AM 06-10-2003
Ezzo's ROMI is particularly evil (IMHO)

And as far as creating children who are vulnerable to pediphiles this artificially niave environment coupled with Ezzo's insistance that children submit to adults (and that "shyness" is sinful in other words if Aunt Tilly wants a kiss the child *must* give Aunt Tilly a kiss) the *adult* is always right and the child (who is low on the social pecking order) is *always* wrong!! these children are completely vulnerable.

Ezzo doesn't believe that *parents* have the sense to be able to gradually and appropriately educate their children regarding sex and reproduction.

When has ignorance ever been the answer?? No, I can see why *I* was kicked out of an Ezzofying church, oh me who actually had my older children *present* at the younger child(ren)'s births.

My children know the medical term for their body parts (pee-pee, p-lease!!) They know how their bodies *work*!!!

Ezzo, ug, do any of you remember the book (movie) "Carrie" in which poor (gifted) Carrie was being reared by a religious freak mother and she got her period in the girls locker room in gym class. Didn't know what was happening to her!! I'm afraid *that's* happening to these poor Ezzofied girls when they reach puberty.

Plus they don't know about actual sex (as in intercourse) until their wedding night!!!

Can you imagine!!

OneSassyMama's Avatar OneSassyMama 07:51 PM 06-10-2003
Originally posted by DebraBaker

Plus they don't know about actual sex (as in intercourse) until their wedding night!!!

Can you imagine!!

Right! Imagine the awkward wedding night of two poor young "morally innocent" newlyweds, both Ezzofied from birth, who know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of sex. I don't really think the flower model is going to do them a whole lot of good.

Hey, maybe the whole idea is for them to just never figure it out at all! WDYT?
sohj's Avatar sohj 10:37 AM 06-11-2003
"Hey, maybe the whole idea is for them to just never figure it out at all! WDYT?"

So Ezzo is really out to discontinue the species?:

Well, you never know.:
LunaMom's Avatar LunaMom 07:47 PM 06-11-2003
Hey, if people like Ezzo stop reproducing, who are we to complain?
DreamerMama's Avatar DreamerMama 10:10 PM 06-11-2003
I just have to butt in and say that Ezzo isn't the only one who suggests raising teens (children) in this way. Many churches bring up children in the same respect. I was brought up this way, and to make a long story short, it left me vulnerable for all sorts of problems. Sexual disfunctions, misunderstanding about bodily functions, not understand importance of bc. Honestly I could go on and on and on.

It is such a dangerous road parents take when they ill equip their children for "real" life and the problems that may arise. I know it made me face up to some real life issues at a very young age when I know it could have easily been avoided. I have learned about Ezzo and would love to squash his narrow minded arse However, I must be content in just educating and loving as many children and teens that I can.

-Stepping off soap box- to introduce myself I hope to get to know more of you better.

LisaG's Avatar LisaG 12:27 AM 06-12-2003
I was just getting ready to start this very same thread after talking to my friend last night who just had her first babe May 9th. She's more mainstream than me - but I got her Dr. Sears' Baby Book hoping to give her some info on AP, BF and birth. We caught up last night for the first time since the birth and she tells me they've decided not to AP because they want the baby to be more indepedent (which made me wonder did she even bother to read the book because he talks about this very thing : ), then she follows that with "we're doing Ezzo Baby Wise" and I about choked and spit up (where did that hurling icon go?). And then she proceeds to tell me how they want her to have a schedule and she knows some parents who's whole lives are completely swallowed up by their kids and yet how hard it is to let your baby cry.

So I tried to be diplomatic even though I wanted to . I told her my business partner (lactation consultant) has had babies fail to thrive on this program and to please be careful with this.

I realize that AP isn't for everyone (although I think if they could see it in action - not just the imagined "I'll constantly be at my baby's beck and call and never ever have a life again" - they might rethink that). But for crying out loud - NOT EZZO

I can't help but feel ethically obligated to say more. I think she really has no idea, it's just Ezzo does such a darn good anti-AP, pro-perfect baby snow job why wouldn't anyone go along with it?! So I'll check out the sites, pass on the info and then it's up to her and what she's comfotable with. But her poor one month old crying herself to sleep

DebraBaker's Avatar DebraBaker 10:18 AM 06-12-2003

Your friend says, " they want her to have a schedule and she knows some parents who's whole lives are completely swallowed up by their kids and yet how hard it is to let your baby cry.

Y'know this is part of the Ezzo attraction....parents can behave in unbelievably *selfish* ways and, because of Ezzo, NOT GUILT about it!!!!!

This man is essentially creating an entire subculture of insensitive calloused selfish parents!

Yes, you have a moral obligation to warn your friend....Think about it what's the worst that could happen? You could *lose* your friend but would you want to keep a friend with such a frozen heart?

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