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z-girl 02-08-2002 11:36 PM

What do you think about me having the 12 year old neighbor (babysitting class trained, very sweet and good with 7 month old DD) come over one afternoon a week to babysit (play with DD) while I'm in the house doing other stuff? What's the going rate? Am I ok for wanting to do this? I'd sure love a little time to email, read, cook dinner, whatever....

zipperump-a-zoomum 02-09-2002 12:40 AM

I, for one, think you are totally ok doing this. Don't know the going rate, though.

busymom 02-09-2002 12:51 AM

I had a 12 year old come over to play with dd once or twice a week while I was in grad school taking 12 credits one summer. I was able to get assignments finished, dd had a great time and the babysitter got some experience in a safe environment. It worked great for all of us! I think I paid her about 3.00 per hour since I was home, we pay older babysitters 5.00 per hour when we go out when we have to hire someone (usually we exchange with dd's friends)

I discussed the amount of pay with the girl's mother as well as the girl to decide what we all thought would be fair.

jasnjakesmama 02-09-2002 02:47 AM

I think it's fine as long as you are at home. I think 12 is too young to babysit a 7 month old alone.


Mallory 02-09-2002 12:01 PM

We have a 13 yo that lives across the street and comes over once a week. We pay $3.00/hour. I read, get on here, clean, take a shower, whatever. Dh also doesn't come home until late that day so he can have a break too!

friend of mine 02-09-2002 01:03 PM

I have a wonderful girl that DD loves! She comes once a week after school. She has been doing this since she was 9-years-old when DD was just a baby. I've always been home.

Now that she is 12 though, I've been thinking about leaving her with the kids (DD is 3-years-old, DS is 3-months-old) to go for a run. My plan is to run for 20-30 minutes in the neighborhood. I'd bring the cell phone with me.

What are your thoughts? I really feel comfortable with her, but is 12 too young to be left alone?

kykarraliv 02-09-2002 01:45 PM

Depends on the child. If you are comfortable and since you have know this child for yrs I say take your cell phone and go.

lilyka 02-09-2002 02:18 PM

I prefer a 12 year old to an older baby. They still enjoy playing with them and if they do turn on the TV or radio it is very innocent stuuf so I don't have to worry about them being exposed to bad stuff. I left my baby alone with her all the time. But, I guess I should add she is very responsible and was an AP kid.

mommybritt 02-09-2002 04:40 PM

With you in the house? Definitely. I have to say that, as always when this question comes up, I'm surprised at what people pay their babysitters. I would think 5$/hr at least! When I was 12 years old and babysitting, I was paid 4$/hr and that was 17 years ago!!

A sidenote - one summer home from university I was home earlier than my summer job started so I figured I'd do a bit of babysitting to make some money, a woman called me on a recommendation from a friend, she had a 5 month old and wanted me to come over during his nap time so she could go run some errands. When I quoted my rate (up to about 6$/hr - and me now with my cpr/first aid, etc), she was quite taken aback and said - "so much for watching a baby sleep!" I have always remembered that and thought that that pretty much summed up all that was wrong with the way society treats children - 6$/hr to watch the most precious thing in the world to me and react appropriately should he wake up and if, God forbid, something happened - seems to me to be a bit of a bargain!

kykarraliv 02-09-2002 06:44 PM

My older girls are the area babysitters. They are the ones everyone ask for. They too have training in CPR. We have gotten so many calls from people saying,"So and So reccommended your girls. Would they be able to babysit for me." In fact it was getting out of hand so Mom put down a few rules as to when they would be able to babysit and when they needed to be home. We sat down as a family and discussed how to approach this whole thing. We decided as a family that the girls would charge $1/hr per child. It was a way for them to give sevice to help out the little community around here and that any money earned 1/2 would go into the family pot. To help out the family and 1/2 would be theirs to spend as they saw the need. The 16 yr old is getting a part time job in the community and 1/2 of her pay will go into the family pot. We have not forced the girls to do this, we decided as a family to do this. So we could keep mom at home raising the kids and have a little bit of money sometimes for the "fun" stuff. Like pottery lessons, dance lessons, movies ect. The girls did something 2 nights ago that brought my dh to tears. We really need a couch it has just had it, but we are paying off quite a few medical bills so a new couch becomes less than a neccessity. Well the girls knew how much I wanted one and they really wanted one too. So they are paying for 1/2 of the new couch! 2 nights ago we had the funniest time going RC WIlleys and choosing the couch. The girls were so excited. We ended up getting a leather couch one that won't break down on us for many years. The salesman found out the girls were paying for 1/2 and he was so touched. In our family, family comes 1st and we are all in this together, so if you have and you can help another you do. I tried for many yrs to instill this in them and now they are showing time and time again that there have hearts of gold. Sniff makes a mom happy. Anyway boy that got way off topic sorry. My 16, and 13 yr old babysit quite frequently and the 11 yr old is starting to babysit by going along with either the 13 or 16 yr old for short periods of time. Sorry this got so long.

lilyka 02-10-2002 12:21 AM

Wow, $6 per hour is a lot to me. We would never get out. I pay my sitter $10-$15 for 3-5 hours with a $10 minimum even if it is only half an hour. More if they drive themselves and I have two high strung girls. I agree you can't pay enough for daycare but I know my girls (the ones who babysit) are happy to hang out at our house and play with the girls and have a little spending money to boot. None of them come from really well off families and there fore aren't accustomed to rolling in spending money, so $10 a week still seems like a dream come true and a heck of a lot of money to them.

When I was doing daycare i charged about $3/hour or $125 for 50 hrs/week. I was considered expensive. I guess it all depends on where you live.

lunarmomma 02-11-2002 09:16 PM

Wow, I guess I live in the high rollin' part of the country! Mind you, I am not talking about a teeneage baysitter, but I have heard that regular babysitters here charge an average of $10 an hour. $12/hr is even a possibility. :
I saw one girl's notice and it said $12-14/hour for nanny work.
We don't have anyone yet. Once I had someone come over to be with my son while i was here and for them to get to know each other to see how he was with her. A tester visit, of sorts. Her price would have been $8/hour with a 3 hour minimum!! Then she went off to do senior year abroad so we never got any further.
I havent found anybody yet! Just my mom.

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