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This is mostly just a rant, so bear with me, if you please....

Thursday was a rotten day. I'd been fighting with a massive headache all day (towards 4PM it got so bad I was nauseous). My DH got home at about 545PM and got ready to take DS1 to his baseball game. DS2, DD1, and DS3 had spent the day indoors with me as the air outside was icky (we have a bunch of smoke drifiting up from Mexico and Central America and the air is just inhospitable). . I asked DH to take DS2, DD, and DS3 to the game with him, but, of course, he didn't (sometimes, I think he's incapable of handling them on his own). So, here I am with 3 kids under three (almost 3 YO twins and an 18 month old) who are antsy 'cause they didn't get to go outside all day, and a mammoth headache. . DS2's new thing is to beg for "nogurt" all day long and DS3 thinks I'm his walking pacifier (which, I am, but some days are better than others!). DD is so sensitive that if you tell her "No!" she wails like a banshee. I introduced them to the computer in hopes of relief...No luck. They fought over it (and you get the drift.). The baby was pulling on my shorts and crying as I tried to sort it all out. Finally, I had enough...My neck was so tense I could feel it about to snap, my head was throbbing, my stomach was going nuts...etc. I blew my top. I yelled, I screamed, I threw a pile of clothes in the corner....(thank Goodness for that!). Finally, after I scared the living daylights out of my kids, I sat down on the bed with them and cried and cried. Each kid gave me a hug and a kiss . Of course, that made me cry more. Finally, I told them all to find their shoes. We went SHOPPING at Target 'cause I needed some stuff anyway. We got home at 930PM and DS1 and DH had just got home. DH told me to take some tylenol and go to bed. He'd take care of the kiddos. What a bad day.

Please tell me this won't scar them for life!!!!
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Don't worry my dear, we have all been there and for me the past two nights (due to sheer tiredness and left over PMS) and trying to get my ds to take his chestal to make him well from his nagging cough he has had all week long.

We were both covered in his chestal tonight, as he spewed it all over me after taking and which up until these past two nights, he has taken it quite fine, has decided he does not want to take it any more and it has been a fight.
I had to leave the room and keep thinking myself out of the thoughts that were running through my head (although I did express my frustration with some voice raising) and also sat down to tears and some mee's(ds's name for nursing) and apologies.

It is all about being real and as long as it is not everyday your little ones will be fine.

Try to get some sleep and nap it always makes a world of difference.

Free To Be~
"Living is learning and when kids are living fully and energetically and happily they are learning a lot, even if we don't always know what it is."
~John Holt 

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It's sweet that they wanted to make you feel better. It's good for them to know when you're at your limit. They'll be fine.

Sometimes it seems like those hubbys are about worthless, huh?
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"D"h.... I can think of so many things that the "d" could be.... ahh.. well, it's hard to blame them for being clueless. He wised up enough to get it so you could have a bit of time after, at least.

I just saw all your beautiful babies & I don't think there could be happier kids! They know you love them, and they weren't afraid to come & try to help you feel better, so I'd say that they were okay with it. It's good for them to see mommy has sad/mad moments - it teaches them what to do. You lost your temper & took it out on some clothes (hope they didn't wrinkle!! ), then you sat down & had a good cry (the good kind of cio -- stress relieving..).

You are a great mommy, Lisa

Lotsa to you
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It's okay, Lisa...I promise they won't be scarred for life. You were just being a stressed out mom, it happens. I can speak from experience :

I always apologise, explain why I acted that way (though I tell them it's no excuse) and then we go do something fun...just like you did. No one is calm and peaceful and centered all the time, especially those with young kids. My boys are older now, but there was a time I had two toddlers and that sent me over the edge at times. time call me! We'll herd all the kids together and go have some fun. Isn't this smoke and junk in the air just the pits
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