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heartmama's Avatar heartmama 03:09 PM 06-03-2007
Midwestmeg--thanks for such a balanced and thoughful post

roxyrox's Avatar roxyrox 03:17 PM 06-03-2007
Originally Posted by jazzharmony View Post
Say you are a passenger, your partner/friend is driving. You are on a highway with no sholder. No place to pull over. Your infant has been screaming hysterically, strapped in her car seat, has vomited from crying, and begins to choke on her own vomit. Do you remove her from the car seat?
Just curious.

I have on many occasions taken my ds out his carseat.. It was worse when he was in the infant one, rear-facing. He was totally traumatized every time he went in it.
So most times I sat in the back and took him out to nurse. We only really drive in slow moving city traffic, and I made a judgement call. To me, having my tiny newborn screaming so much he was sick was far more dangerous than him being out the carseat for 5 minutes at a time. I could not physically have left him there. I just couldn't. (plus dh could not drive with the crying).

He is slightly better now, but not much. He cries and thrashes about and gets himself so hysterical he can't breathe. So yes, I still take him out - just enough to calm him down and then put him back in. We tend not to drive anywhere now though if we can help it. He likes the bus and train thankfully!
BelovedK's Avatar BelovedK 03:25 PM 06-03-2007
this thread has been closed for going so off topic. Please start another thread to discuss the issue of carseats vs. no carseats.
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