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My thoughts have to do with some life experiences.
First when I was a kid there was something really important to me that I was suppose to do and suddenly my parents changed plans and took us to Florida to visit family and we got to go to Disney and Epcot. Ok so even now I look back and say WOW I really wish I could have done that other thing because it is something I was very pasionate about, who cares that I got to go to Disney when it rewened what I could have done. I mean really rewened it for the rest of my life.
I have a 6 year old daughter who lives with her Dad, for awhile he lived with his parents before he got his own place. And his Mom is a real controling obnoxious woman which made my daughter really misserable. I had a difficult time getting to see her because of this woman. Now that my daughters Dad is on his own I don't have any problems at all seeing her, even my parents can pick her up to see her when they make plans.
So I'd say if your sons father is being controlled by his obnoxious Mom then don't give in, but do let him see his son at another time very soon.
I know it's a bit late for this advice since the book already came out, but keep this in mind when there may be other incidents. If your son really wants to do something then let him choose to do it because he might start resenting his Dad if he's always rewening his plans. And you want him to have a good relationship with his Dad. Now on the other hand if he's always making other decisions to get out of visiting his Dad then making him go is probably in his best interest because kids need both parents.

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Originally Posted by queenjane View Post
I was too afraid to bump an old topic back to the top!

Lets see....we had a good time getting the book. It was my sister, my other sister's daughter who is 12, my son, and me. Son and niece were wearing their trusty cloaks, my son had a staff that i'd gotten him at a pagan-y store recently. They looked pretty cool. First, we stopped at Borders Express/Waldenbooks to check out their party. They were fairly packed. Not too much going on though. We saw one woman who looked very McGonagallish, standing all alone, very stern, with an anti-Snape sticker (they were giving out pro and anti snape stickers)......she had a great costume, i mean i was even afraid to say hi. My sister marched over and struck up a conversation, turns out she was only wearing the sticker because her granddaughter wanted the other---purple---one. Then we had a convo about how great Alan Rickman is. :

Then, it was on to Borders at the mall...oh geez, a huge line from the front door all the way down the building. We asked one girl what the line was for..."to get in i think"...but my sister found out it was the line to get wristbands that would determine your place in line to get the book. Well, we had a secret plan of where to get the book without standing in line with a hundred other people, so we just went in to enjoy the party. They had facepainting, a costume contest (saw a really good Luna, Neville, and some adult wizard types who must go to conventions because they had awesome detailed costumes)...there were so many people it was claustrophobic. Oh, saw a bunch of girls dressed up in quidditch costumes, that was neat.

Then the kids wanted to move on, so we hit McDonalds, and then on to Meijer which was supposedly having a party too. (for those dont know, meijer is kind of like WalMart but with groceries, and a union)...the kids looked so cool traipsing into meijer in cloaks (there were people there just getting groceries), and there was a line all the way from the front doors to the back where the books are. I said out loud "Is this the line already!?" and a woman said "Yep this is the line" (kind of like, and get in the back lady!)...we checked out what was going on at the front of the line, not much, they had cake. They wanted the kids to sign up for the costume contest (they were giving away free books and other things)but i guess they arent joiners because they really didnt want to. I think they were more into checking everything out and then moving on to the next party.

About this time we decided to go to the secret location so we could get in line for the book (it was probably 11:30)...it was the same place we got HBP, which was....Kroger!!! The dinky little Kroger grocery store down the street from my mom's was staying open til 12:30 just to sell the book. Last time, it was basically us four, and some guy stopping by on his way home from work to get the book for his daughter. This time, it was two pairs of teenage girls and their moms, so four people ahead of us in line. Then a group of about five teen boys showed up behind us, and then a dad and his daughter. That was it!! The kids went off to look at groceries while we talked about the pros and cons of the GoF movie, and whether Snape is good or not. The kids came back, got their pics taken by a witch who worked there and were given free root beer floats, and everyone got their books.

We were back in the car on the way home by 12:09! I felt kinda sorry for all those people standing in line in Meijer. We tried, really tried to finish the book quickly, but in the end we didnt read the last words until 7:30 Tuesday morning. Do you know how hard it is to read out loud while you're blubbering like a baby??

So, overall my son said he was really glad that he stayed home, although in retrospect i think he could have probably gone on vacation...given that we didnt even finish the book right away, and managed to avoid any spoilers along the way. But he's not sorry he missed it.

We havent heard from his dad at all though. He is supposed to be coming up here next weekend so i guess we will see him then.


Glad you had such a good time. I will tell you though that we simply got our wrist bands at Noon at a big Barnes and Noble and then got back around 9:00 for the party.

Although there were 500 people "in line' everyone had their book by 12:25. We were number 150 and had ours at 12:09!
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