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Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 03:25 PM 10-14-2007
Sorry, no time for a lot of writing. Baby is being very needy recently. But I read all the replies while he was eating.

I am glad I finally explained it well enough for people to understand what I was talking about.

The reason the issue came up now, and not in a different year, is that they separated my ornaments from theirs just after last christmas instead of packing them away with the others. Originally, I figured we would not have space for a tree this year, because our apartment was so tiny and the place we would have put it was occupied by piles of stuff for the new baby. So, I thought we would have time to figure it out. But, unexpectedly we moved in September instead of next Feb as expected, so we now have huge amounts of space and the perfect place for a tree.

If i could make this issue arise in August instead of around the holiday season, I would.

About killing a tree...I have heard you can get potted christmas trees. Maybe I will look into that. Probably expensive to get one intended for a christmas tree. Maybe from a store that sells trees with the intention of planting them in your yard. Then we can find somewhere to plant it afterwards. I had a tiny potted tree before.

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I will let it stew for a while.

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