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The only thing they did to "put themselves in that position" was have sex.
Well sheesh, they should have known better.

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Originally Posted by meowee View Post
Would you breastfeed? Cosleep? Do scheduled naps? Scheduled meals? What would you be able to maintain and what would you sacrifice?
Just touching on the breastfeeding aspect! I only make milk, at all, in my left breast...that has never been an issue, I even nursed both Kincaid and Janelle for almost 2 years... but that's 2 kids! Assuming I could even make enough milk for 6 (I really have no clue!), I just can't even imagine how much time it would take to breastfeed 6 babies exclusively one at a time... Janelle and Travis each nursed for at least 30 minutes at a time every 2-3 hours (after the nursing constantly newborn stage was past)... so I would literally have to breast feed constantly all day every day, and it would be very likely one or more kid would have to wait a full hour before they got fed...and who knows where I'd fit in pumping for a possible bottle if they got hungry again before I had finished feeding their siblings! Just, wow...I don't think I could do it!

I do think we would co-sleep, at least, for awhile...3 babies could easily fit in an arms reach co-sleeper, or a side carred crib, so 2 side carred cribs, each with 3 babies in it, then as needed each dh and could hold one...

I'd guess you'd either have to hire a house keeper or do scheduled naps...I mean, if they all napped when they wanted to, which is what Janelle and Travis did (Kincaid, our middle kid, set a VERY rigid schedule from the very begining, and if we didn't follow it, he let us know), you'd always have at least one kid awake...

I'd like to say I'd never let them CIO still, but I'm not sure with 2 parents and only 2 arms a piece, that would even be possible, and obviously, dh would have to return to work!

Meals are already scheduled here...we went through nearly 3 years of feeding therapy to get Kincaid to eat at all, and scheduled meal times are a big part of that...him eating is way more important (he was literally days away from a feeding tube, and needed rehydrated more than once due to not eating at ALL)! So that wouldn't change at all.

I am 100% certain I still would never use physical discipline of any sort...

But, more so than all of this, I wouldn't even be able to carry twins, I'm on bedrest right now at 14 weeks due to my cervyx funneling, and it's only one baby... I would never do fertility treatments at all, but if naturally I ended up pregnant with high order multiples, we'd either end up losing them all before viability due to pre term labor, or we would have to selectively reduce (which I'm not sure I agree with, it would be a hard decision to make, for sure).

Jillian wife to Ryan and mommy to Janelle Ashlynn (9/09/2002), Kincaid Chance (3/29/2004), Travis Neil (8/13/2007) and River Anderson (5/02/2009).
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I wouldn't have sextuplets, but I think the same problems you are describing can arise with triplets or even twins.
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I would be very hard pressed not to drink myself into oblivion. I have 2 kids, a 5.5 y/o and an 18 month old and I am already crazy.
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I couldn't reduce. Other than that I really can't say I wouldn't even begin to pretend to know what having a large number of multiples means I'd love to say I'd at least partly breastfeed ect but honestly I don't know.


Wife to DH since August 01 mom to a bubbly girl October 2002 and our newest gal March 2010
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omg i cant even fathom having that many. :

Mom to K(7)M(4)and baby J(2)cold.gifhh2.gif

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I think I would reduce and then be haunted for the rest of my life.
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What a fascinating thread. I hadn’t realized at first that it had started over a year ago as it seemed like one of those “Did I start that thread in my sleep” things.

My DH and started TTC over 10 years ago. We have one wonderful daughter through adoption (Her birth mother is a force of nature; I have trouble imagining anyone coercing her to do anything.) We are currently undergoing fertility treatment with clomid and IUI. I personally do not plan to ever do IVF or injectables because of some family history.
We have discussed multiples. Almost a year ago a friend miscarried triplets so the dangers of multiples are not a distant imaginary thing to us. I don’t think I could selectively reduce. It would be very difficult for my DH to contemplate that.

What would I do if I found myself with 6 babies.
Between friends and church I’d recruit lots of volunteers to just hold a baby.
I would try to like heck to get them breastmilk for as long as possible. I had a difficult struggle with trying to lactate for my daughter and I know that some of the things I tried had a side effect of depression. If I were not producing enough milk I would not let myself get that far gone. I can’t imagine how icky it would get with PPD and even less sleep. I would certainly love to have wetnurses if I could find any to help. That would be incredible.
Diaper service!!!!!!
I’d build a nest where everything was within arm’s reach so we could cuddle.
I would so do a commercial for a company who would give me a babyproof wireless device so that I could visit MDC from my nest and not feel so disconnected from the world. Bonus if it take video and photos as well. I’d hang it from the ceiling on a stretchy cord so that it doesn’t get lost in the fray. (Leave it to a geeky momma to have THIS part so well though out.)
I’m not sure what I would do if TLC came knocking. I guess I’d do a one off special but not a series. My DH and I probably aren’t cute enough for that. I’d make a point of giving my older DD gum on camera.
We’ve discussed adopting a sibling group too. We certainly wouldn’t be approved for 6 in our current home. It just seems to wrong to break up sibling groups but that’s another thread.
In any case I’d make note of everyone who says “Let me know if you need anything” and not feel at all weird for taking them up on that.
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Originally Posted by Red_Lil_Mamma View Post
Honestly, I wouldn't choose a fertility treatment that could result in six children in the first place. It sounds pretty expensive to begin with, and would be even more so if I ended up with 4-5 more kids than planned. I'd sooner adopt.

If I became pregnant (naturally) with 6 kids, I'd probably make the very painful decision to reduce down to twins. It'd be one of the few times I'd ever think of doing something like that, but I'd consider it a huge medical risk.

Of course, it's really difficult to answer these questions. Until you are actually in those shoes, you probably have no idea what you'd do.
IUI only costs about $500.
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When the children got older, like around 2 or so, I would try to have one-on-one mommy time with them - like take them to get an ice cream or to the playground.

Probably is, my hubby would be stuck with the rest of them at home!
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Originally Posted by tessa67 View Post
IUI only costs about $500.
IUI itself just means taking a tube and shooting the sperm directly into the uterus. It is used for any number of reasons, some simply having to do with the quality of a woman's vaginal secretions during ovulation.

IUI itself doesn't carry an increased chance of multiples, as far as I have read. Now of course, depending on the reason someone is doing IUI in the first place, she might also be taking fertility meds, of which there are a wide variety, with varying chances of multiples. You can't simply lump all fertility meds into one category. (The meds, by the way, if used will increase the total cost of the IUI because they themselves have a cost.)

Usually when someone is talking about doing a fertility treatment with an increased "risk" of multiples, they are referring to certain injectible medications (some of which can carry an increased chance of multiples, assuming they are particularly successful for the particular patient, but most often multiples=twins in those cases).

IVF is also usually what people are thinking of when they think of an increased chance of multiples. IVF is not to be confused with IUI. It is *very* expensive, sometimes $10,000 for just one try. In the U.S. anyway, only in a few states do insurance companies typically cover it, so many folks have to pay out of pocket somehow. IVF can result in multiples, often more than just twins, *but* keep in mind that it has to be successful first. A woman who goes in for IVF has probably tried many other things, including various fertility meds, without luck. She is still facing some hard odds with IVF. Often IVF cycles will be repeatedly canceled due to continued ineffectiveness of the meds she is on. I'm sure if you (not anyone specifically, but the general "you") haven't been there (I have been treated for infertility, but stopped just short of IVF for now because my kids came to me another way), you can only begin to imagine the careful calculation of risks vs. benefits that a woman does with every little decision in the process. On top of that, it is probably very hard to imagine how after waiting *years* to get pregnant, with heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak, having two or three at once (especially if it means never having to face trying to get pregnant again) starts to sound better and better.

I'm pro-adoption reform, but not anti-adoption.
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