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A&A's Avatar A&A 12:43 AM 12-07-2007
If you had tickets, would you take a 5-year old (who's into sports) to an NBA game? (8 rows up...pretty close seats!) Or would it be too loud and overwhelming?

93085's Avatar 93085 12:47 AM 12-07-2007
Of course!

Our girls have gone to baseball games practically from the moment of their birth. I guess it's a little different because baseball is outside, but I'd think the noise/energy level is about the same. Neither ever found it upsetting and DD1 is a huge baseball fan!
sweetfeet's Avatar sweetfeet 01:01 AM 12-07-2007
Sure I would. My dd isn't overstimulated easily and can handle being in a crowd. I have a niece that I don't think could handle it well. Depends on the child really, but I see no obvious reason to not go.
HarperRose's Avatar HarperRose 01:05 AM 12-07-2007
Heck yeah!!!! What team?? Ours have been to Spurs games and loved it!
limabean's Avatar limabean 01:23 AM 12-07-2007
Absolutely! DS is 3 and has been to several MLB and NHL games with no problems.
twilight girl's Avatar twilight girl 01:28 AM 12-07-2007
Why not? no worse than Disney on Ice (okay...actually much better than Disney on Ice?!)
A&A's Avatar A&A 01:35 AM 12-07-2007
Originally Posted by Justthatgirl View Post
Heck yeah!!!! What team?? Ours have been to Spurs games and loved it!

Utah Jazz. Dh is going to get two tickets for Christmas from me so he and ds (5) can go. Shhhh! It's a secret! Thanks, mamas! :
Jade2561's Avatar Jade2561 02:56 AM 12-07-2007
Absolutely! Sounds like fun! Your Dh and Ds are going to be stoked.
HarperRose's Avatar HarperRose 03:59 AM 12-07-2007
Originally Posted by A&A View Post
Utah Jazz. Dh is going to get two tickets for Christmas from me so he and ds (5) can go. Shhhh! It's a secret! Thanks, mamas! :
Ohhhh FUN!!!!

We were *handed* 4 front row season passes (just tix for that one game, of course) a few years ago from one of dh's former clients. Spurs were playing the Pistons. OMG was that FREAKING AWESOME!!! We were right behind the media table. We didn't take the kids to that one (we were not about to waste 2 season pass tix on children who needed to be in bed. ) but brought a couple we had been friends with at the time.

I love the excitement of going to games and so do my kids, even my dd. Not all girls are into games, but she has a good time.

They'll have a BLAST! (I'm as excited about this as they will be and it's not even my gift!
TCMoulton's Avatar TCMoulton 04:06 AM 12-07-2007
Ooooh yes! We had the opportunity to watch a few Bulls games from 1st row courtside during the Jordan-Pippin-Rodman era and it was fantastic! They are going to have an awesome time!
guestmama9915's Avatar guestmama9915 04:37 AM 12-07-2007
Heck yeah!!
Jessy1019's Avatar Jessy1019 08:36 AM 12-07-2007
I would, and we're not sports fans at all. Going to a game is fun, though!
dubfam's Avatar dubfam 09:32 AM 12-07-2007
I say definaltey!!

We try to take DS every year. Basketball is pretty mellow compared to other sporting events.

The only problem that we have run into is sometimes he will get bored, and we have left early before, but my DS is 4.5 and the last time we went was last season. A 5 yo might be perfect!

Fun Fun Fun!!
NaomiLorelie's Avatar NaomiLorelie 09:41 AM 12-07-2007
DH took DD1 to a Braves-Mets game when she was 4. I don't know how different baseball games are from basketball games stadium atmosphere wise but she had a blast.
Joyster's Avatar Joyster 11:18 AM 12-07-2007
You bet, I think they'd love it, especially if they were into the team and sport. DH is just chomping at the bit to take our little one to a hockey game. He's got a couple more years I think, but I can see him look enviously at other fathers who bring their kids and he's near losing it. lol
mistymama's Avatar mistymama 12:06 PM 12-07-2007
I'd give it a try! I'm not sure my 5 year old would sit through the whole game .. we tried doing a local baseball game last year and he got super bored. But basketball is much faster paced, I'd certainly try it!!
mamazee's Avatar mamazee 12:41 PM 12-07-2007
I've taken my 5-year-old to hockey games and she loves it. I say go for it!
Jenlaana's Avatar Jenlaana 12:45 PM 12-07-2007
my 2 yr old gets all excited about football because DH does so I would let him take her to a game (or rather I would go too because I dont care enough to be annoyed at missing it if she had to go outside for a breather) So I guess I would definitely take a 5 yr old since I'd take a 2 yr old.
Marcee's Avatar Marcee 02:10 PM 12-07-2007
Yep. I would.
delphiniumpansy's Avatar delphiniumpansy 02:11 PM 12-07-2007
I took my then 2 year old to a pro baseball game once. We just did not sit in our seats a lot. But, she had fun. We walked around the concessions a lot with her on my shoulders. This was before I had a pack.
Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 03:20 PM 12-07-2007
Absolutely! My 5 year old would be over the moon to see that!
katheek77's Avatar katheek77 10:37 PM 12-07-2007
Heck yeah! I'm not an NBA fan, but I went to my first Mets game when I was three, was doing double-headers by the time I was four.

My DD went to her first Mets game at 2.5 mos when they were here in town. Gotta make sure she doesn't have any twisted loyalties
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 11:03 PM 12-07-2007
Heck no you couldn't pay me to go, I hate sports. Thank goodness DH does too.
artgoddess's Avatar artgoddess 11:07 PM 12-07-2007
A&A's Avatar A&A 11:35 PM 12-07-2007
Waaah.........the tickets are too much. Oh well. Maybe next year!
HarperRose's Avatar HarperRose 01:55 AM 12-08-2007
Originally Posted by A&A View Post
Waaah.........the tickets are too much. Oh well. Maybe next year!
That sucks!!! : Well, something else will come along.
jeca's Avatar jeca 03:00 AM 12-08-2007
If my DC was into basketball then yes I would.
AlbertaJes's Avatar AlbertaJes 03:16 AM 12-08-2007
I did. My boss had season tickets to the Trailblazers and gave me a pair for one night. She had a blast. I bought her a disposable camera so she could take pictures, she liked that too.