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#31 of 45 Old 09-23-2003, 04:27 PM
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I have a fairly large stroller (Peg Perego Milano XL) and I use it all the time. The problem with most large strollers is that they're not terribly manuverable, but mine is. It's absolutely wonderful and I don't know what I'd do without it.

We have a Baby Bjorn, and when ds was smaller I carried him in it. Now we only use it when he's sick (read: when he's not trying to explore the world). My back can't handle an 18-pound baby and K-cup breasts for more than a few minutes, especially not walking. And that's with 'empty' breasts. When they're full it's sheer misery. I certainly cannot imagine doing it pregnant!

I'd love to have a sling, but I don't. They're expensive. I didn't buy the stroller or the Baby Bjorn, and I don't know anyone who's likely to buy a sling as a baby shower gift. If you hang out with a group of people who are into slings, that's fine, but the people around me are, for the most part, far less enlightened. It's much easier to tell someone "I need a stroller" or "I need a front carrier" than it is to explain about slings to most people. You can buy a stroller anywhere; you have to hunt for a good sling.

If I had loads of money, I certainly would have purchased a sling or two and might even still use them fairly regularly; especially if I could distribute the weight over my hips & lower back instead of my shoulders & neck.

Oh! I just wanted to make a note about umbrella strollers: They're only appropriate for children who can sit up by themselves and I believe that most of them have a minimum weight requirement. They aren't terribly supportive, and they're very cold in wintertime.

Rynna, Mama to Bean (8), Boobah (6), Bella (4) and Bear (2)
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Not everyone needs a stroller, but for me it has been a life saver, because I'm so overweight and I simply cannot carry a baby around everywhere. It's hard enough for me just to carry my own weight.

-Alice, SAHM to dd (2001) and ds (2004) each of whom was a homebirth.jpg, who each self-weaned at 4.5 years bfolderchild.gif, who both fambedsingle2.gif'd, who were bothcd.gif, and both: novaxnocirc.gif.   Also, gd.gif, and goorganic.jpg!

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Depends on your lifestyle but I cannot imagine getting by without one. It is not used every day but it is handy sometimes and necessary other times.

Especially if you plan to have more than one kid, register for a good stroller. This may not be possible at Babies R Us - not sure which brands they carry. I LOVE my Peg Perego stroller (higher end - not sure of the specific name) with double wheels both front and back - it is not hard to maneuver if you have the correct wheels locked in position.

Get a neutral fabric - something your dh wouldn't be embarrassed to use (ditto for Bjorn fabric!) Denim or navy is always good. Nice thing about the more expensive strollers too - you can choose from a variety of fabrics - pick one that is unusual and easy to find if you are at the zoo, fair, Disneyland, airport, whatever. I got one that the girl who helped us hated - called it "man tie fabric" - but I have loved it - never shows dirt (kind of a dark taupe color with navy trim).

I would never use one of the cheap umbrella strollers - I agree with others who say that it is just painful to see a little one so unsupported and hunched over. The better (more expensive usually) strollers are usually much lighter than cheaper ones of the same size.

Do make sure you can pick it up to load in and out of the car. We recently bought a double stroller used from a friend. I love it and it is very useful (dd2 was 2 when dd3 was born) but boy is it heavy to lug into the back of the SUV....

When baby is very little, I just use the front pack or put the whole car seat carrier in the grocery store or Target cart. When baby is big enough, you can use the kid seat part of the cart. I know that freaks out some people who are sensitive to germ issues but hey, I live in the real world and my kid sits in grocery store carts... But at places without carts (like the mall) it is nice to have a stroller. Kid gets to see stuff from a safe vantage point - you can always let them out if they want and it is ok. Nothing saying they have to stay in it for hours at a time.

My main use for it is to walk to town. We live a couple of blocks above downtown and love to walk downtown to the library, post office, grocery store, Mexican restaurant for dinner. If I put baby in the front pack then I would be carrying library books, a bag of groceries, the mail, and our doggie bag from the restaurant - along with my infant, her diaper/wipes/blanket/etc. and keep my 3 year old and 7 year old fairly near me on the right side of the road! Good luck with that!

Sure, walking is good for kids but how far do you think you can reasonably expect a 16 month old to walk? Throughout the entire zoo, fair, walk around the lake, etc.? If you have a stroller, child can ride some and walk some. Use the stroller to hold your diaper stuff, snacks, water bottle for mom, etc. You want a cup holder for you by the way. Gotta stay hydrated while nursing!

Yes, you could get by without one but it makes life easier. Why not? If you are a loving parent, putting your child in a stroller now and then will do no harm. And if someone buys you one then all the better. Dh's aunt asked what we still needed while I was pregnant with dd1. We said stroller. She asked which one we wanted. I had picked one that was high $300s. She gave us $200 to put towards it. We paid the other $200 (that pesky tax...) This was seven years ago. But we are now happily using it on our third daughter. You get what you pay for. Go for quality - especially if you plan to have more than one.
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I think there's a misconception sometimes that having a stroller and using it makes you less of an AP parent. I am a petite person with a curved back and I can only carry so much weight for so long. The Baby Trekker was awesome when dd was over 2 years old, but it was not nearly as comfortable for me as putting her in the stroller most of the time.

We live in AZ and it gets HOT in the summer, and having the little one in the sling during that time made her overheat. I started using the stroller her first summer because it provided air between us and shade for her. Even in good weather the stroller was a clean place to change her diaper, put her down when she was sleeping, carry stuff in the cargo basket, carry my drink and hers, etc.

My dd's going to be 3 in December and I still use it a lot. She's very spirited and the stroller is a familiar place for her and helps her calm down if she gets overly excited. When we go walking in the evenings she'll walk for awhile and then want to sit in the stroller, sit back, and look at the stars.

I would invest in a good quality lightweight one. I got the Peg Perego Pliko and love it! It was worth the $$ because it's lasted through dd with lots of life left for our second one due soon. (We just got a used double stroller for long outings with both kids.)


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You don't need one for the first year, at least till baby can walk. After that... it depends on you. We love ours! We have two: a single, and a double. We're a couple blocks downhill from a park, we go there often, in the stroller. My guys are such lollygaggers if I let them walk it'd be time to come home from the park before we got there. We don't use ours at the mall or shopping. I use it most when I need a break from "directing" where they play when we're outside or when I just need to walk a straight line for ten minutes. We use our snack tray a lot, as in lunch on the way home from the park with a little sippy cup.

I was never a fan of strollers, until ds was about 10 or 11 months old and never quit walking (unless he was nursing). When I saw a stroller at Goodwill dirt cheap I got it and he loved it. Then I did too. It got me outside and him off the ground so he didn't eat gross things like cigarette butts. (and dirt and bugs and bark chips)We have sidewalks here and that makes it easy too.
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I LOVE my bob jogging stroller!!! I thought I would use it for running but I never could get used to the change in biomechanics. However...I use it daily for a 1-2 hour walk that is mostly on trails, a failproof way to get 12 mo little one a morning nap and mommy some fresh air and exercise. I would not/ could not live without it. although it's bulky, it collapses easily.

About your registry, if space is limitted remember all you NEED is breasts, a sling and a few clothes and some diapers.

You do not need a tub, a swing, a bouncy chair, a playpen, a crib (if you co-sleep), a fancy diaper bag (we use a messenger bag), or any of the millions of things you will be told you cannot live without.

The only thing I wish I would have gotten that at the time I thought was a bit excessive is a nice glider. I feel sad i never got to rock little one to sleep. I think we would have both enjoyed it.

Back to the stroller question, we have never felt the need to use one on outings. We still use the sling at the grocery store, library, social gatherings etc.

congratulations and goodluck!!!
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#37 of 45 Old 09-28-2003, 11:13 AM
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We used the sling when ds was an infant, but he doesn't like it anymore. He prefers his stroller. Although right now he likes to push it. Remember Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? We're the slow moving version! And I'm not allowed to help.

Now that ds weighs 34 pounds and my hand is injured, I rely on the stroller. Even if ds walks most of the way when we're out, I like to have the stroller for when he gets tired.
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#38 of 45 Old 09-28-2003, 04:00 PM
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We got ours as a shower gift, but dd was not happy in it, so at first we didn't use it much. We used a sling or a Bjorn. We sometimes used the stroller as a shopping cart. Around 10 months, though, dd seemed not to be happy in a carrier and wanted her own space. Although she was walking by then, she would not hold my hand and would not stay out of the street, so we used the stroller a lot. Now she can stay out of the street, and will hold my hand, so she walks part of the time. If I am going to be walking a lot, I always bring the stroller because dd's legs get too tired. Or if I am in a hurry, I take the stroller since dd has to smell every flower and examine every leaf along the way. Also she is just too big to nap in a sling. My back can't take it! The one that we received is way nicer than any we would have purchased for ourselves.

So, I say, go ahead and register for one. If someone buys you one as a gift, you're set. If noone does, you can wait until your baby is bigger to decide if you need one or not.
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#39 of 45 Old 09-29-2003, 06:48 AM
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I was totally into the mainstream thing as far as what baby gear I thought I needed with my first. I got a really nice graco stroller that laid all the way back. I did use it a lot in the early months, but now quite the way I intended I usually ended up carrying ds and using the stroller like a shopping cart. I did like the laying flat thing because I could use it like a bassinet when I needed one (didn't know about slings, only had a baby bijorn and those don't work too well if babe falls asleep...especially if your babe refuses to look inward and must always face out to the world.)

I got more use out of the $20 umbrella stroller once he got big enough to sit in them...but again, was used more to haul the diaper bag and only held him when my arms got too tired. Once I got the sling, I hardly ever used it any more. (also stopped using the fancy diaper bag I got and just stuffed everything into a cheaper backpack because it worked better and was actually more comfortable....left my hands free and I could carry both the pack and the sling)

Mom to 10yo Autistic Wonder Boy and 6yo Inquisitive Fireball Girl . December birthdays.

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For me, strollers have always been very useful. My son has always been heavy and although he spends plenty of time being carried via arm or hip hammock, it is too hard on my back to carry him for any length of time. He's now 15 months old, 24 lbs and doesn't walk yet. I simply cannot carry him everywhere.

Our stroller use has also evolved. We have a midsize stroller that was very useful for the baby carrier/carseat but is now too big and bulky and hard to steer for our purposes now. I keep it in my office for napping, etc. We also have a babyjogger that has been great for long walks in the neighborhood and exercise but cannot be transported anywhere without completely disassembling it. My current favorite is our Maclaren umbrella-type stroller. It's lightweight and small enough that it is easy to transport in the car, and my favorite thing about it is that if Jack gets tired of being in it I can pick him up and maneuver the stroller with one hand (a feature I highly recommend).

With that said, do what works for you. I'm firmly convinced that there is no single baby product that works as well for everyone. Some people like strollers, some don't. If you feel you want the stroller for convenience sake, get one, use it judiciously and don't feel guilty about it.
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#41 of 45 Old 09-29-2003, 10:43 PM
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I love my stroller.....I use it all the time. There is no way I'm just gonna let Morgan run free and there is no way that she will hold my hand, and there is NO way I can carry her everywhere (I mean- she weighs at least 1/4 my weight and is at least 1/2 my height.
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#42 of 45 Old 09-29-2003, 11:28 PM
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My first child I did not use one nor did I use a sling because I did not know they exist. All arms

With my second I had a sit-in-stand. It was a great place for her to sleep while I played with my first. We had a sling she hated it, she loved are arms and the back pack.

With my third. I used it a lot. My dd1 had hearing loss. During my 3rd's first year of life my dd1 needed hugs. Plus we were doing things in town were I just did not have enough hands. I was able to carry more stuff to keep the other children enertained while I dealt with the child that needed me more.

I would honestly review your life style. How many children do you have and their needs. I would try to go light weight and compact.
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#43 of 45 Old 09-30-2003, 10:30 PM
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I used mine more than I thought I would, but mostly to care my stuff at first. We had a 4 pound baby with an eight pound heart monitor, so the stroller came in handy. I had a lot of gear because he was only taking bottle of breastmilk, so I had a cooler and tons of stuff.

Once he started nursing, 3 months later, I loved taking him out with a sling and a tiny bag with a diaper, wipes and a clean onsie. Freedom, I didn't want a stoller with me. He stayed light for a long time, so we went out without most of the time. If I brought the stoller, I usually carried him in a sling and put my junk in the stroller.

I still use the stroller now because although he is 4.5, he gets tired easily and wants to be carried. So, I have a lightweight stoller that I bring to zoo, aquarium. I think I got the most mileage out of all of my baby gear with one child, because I put him in the sling just the other day and he is 4.5. He still hasn't hit the upper limit in weight at only 31 pounds.

So much of that baby stuff is unneeded, but a stoller can be nice to have. So much of what was given to us was unneccesary. I feel bad it was wasted. But, the stroller wasn't one of them. Handmade crib set that was never slept in, felt bad about that, but not the stoller.

I found it handy in airports to haul around the carseat when traveling and my bags. So, if someone will buy it for you, it is handy. Get one with a cup holder to hold water bottles for you. Mine didn't have one and I wish it did.
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#44 of 45 Old 09-30-2003, 11:28 PM
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well i have to say, my dd was 23 pounds at 6 mos and is 25 pounds now. i still sling her everywhere and wear her for most of the day, especially when out. my gramma insisted on buying her a stroller, but i haven't used it yet. maybe if we go somewhere when i'll need to carry heavy packages...

but anyway, i bet a jogging stroller would be a good bet. good to use when you go to the beach to carry all the stuff.

i would recomend a couple of good fitting slings instead of a stroller, jmho... yet at least since, you probably won't use it until your babe gets bigger. you could also put it on the registry and then return it and keep the credit until you need to use it. that way you'll still be able to get it "as a gift", but toys r us will store it for you since space is tight
i see you are in ca, the is a place called the nurture center somewhere in ca and they have sling classes where you can try on slings. also lauren (veganmama)(mamasmith website) does classes i am pretty sure
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#45 of 45 Old 10-01-2003, 01:14 AM
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I think it really depends on your situation. I live in a big city, and we walk a lot for errands - post office, health food store, etc. We have a fairly big stroller that we keep in the entryway for these walks, and we use it frequently. My son is 2.5, and he started not liking the bjorn or sling at around 1 yo. Before that I much preferred to carry him.

I keep a really small umbrella type stroller in the car just in case. Mainly because ds likes to go running off from me, tearing stuff from shelves, and dashing behind aisles thinking it's funny that I can't see him. So on rare occasion (less the 1x/week) I use the stroller when we are out and about. Honestly I use shopping carts more. Even if I don't need one, I let him ride in the big section and I push him around.

And when he was an infant, although I did use a bjorn or sling whenever he was awake, I definitely got a lot of use out of the carseat that snapped into the stroller frame. I know a lot of people get uppity about these 'baby buckets', but I don't care. My ds would fall asleep in the car every time, could not be transferred without being woken, and would scream bloody murder if he was woken before he was ready. So to be able to still stop at the bank or the store and just grab his carseat with him sleeping was a lifesaver.

So yes, I would need a stroller. If I were in a more remote location, I would probably only have a smaller one in the car for very rare use. But in the urban lifestyle that I live, the stroller has definitely come in handy.

I am jealous of moms whose toddlers still like the sling. Mine would wriggle and kick after about 5 minutes. Plus he got heavy. Carrying him in a sling while wriggling and whining, and two bags of groceries, uphill 6 blocks back to my house - no thanks.

And I have never put ds in the stroller if he doesn't want to go in, and have never left him there crying.
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