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Ofwait's Avatar Ofwait 12:22 AM 11-06-2008
I am so sad, my 3 year old son was jumping off the couch like he often does, and I often tell him not too. Today he did it and I guess he landed a little bit wrong. Oh the scream, it was awful.
I got him some ice and sat with him a little bit and I could see a little bruise on the top of his foot, just back from the big toe. He said it was okay, and then about an hour later started crying about it, I looked and it was pretty swollen... so off to the Drs we went. He did very well, the Dr looked and then had us go for x-rays, and it was broken so he is in a splint till the swelling goes down. We have a consultation with the Othopedic department on Friday, he may be getting a cast, we don't know yet.

They told me this was a typical break for active kids.

Has anyone else had this?

Lemon Juice's Avatar Lemon Juice 12:34 AM 11-06-2008
oh mama That is so awful for you poor ds I haven't had it happen (knocking on wood here!) but my 6, 5, 4 and 2 yr old do this all.the.time. I get so worried and now they slide down the banister : I need a fluffy pillow padded house!

I hope he feels better soon. And you too, it must be so hard to see your little one in so much pain
HarperRose's Avatar HarperRose 01:24 AM 11-06-2008
No broken bones but my ds has had stitches twice! Once in each foot.

U2can's Avatar U2can 01:39 AM 11-06-2008
Happened to my brother when he was about 5. He jumped from the top of a retaining wall which was about 3' high, landing on the concrete sidewalk.
becoming's Avatar becoming 03:03 AM 11-06-2008
Oh no, I'm so sorry, mama.

We haven't had any broken bones yet (touch wood), although with three rowdy children I'm not quite sure how we've managed to all stay intact.
devster4fun's Avatar devster4fun 09:51 AM 11-06-2008
So sorry! My DD broke her ankle, just above the growth plate at 18 months old.

We had those "pet steps" near our bed for an elderly cat...She was goofing around on those, slipped and came straight down on her foot.

The orthopedist put a cast on her leg from foot to just below the knee. She did really well, actually. She started walking on the cast right away and it stayed on for 3 weeks. The hardest part was NO baths.

The cast came off after they did x-rays to be sure the break had healed.

This time was the hardest part. It was sore and stiff and she was reluctant to walk. After a few days she was back to new!

Kids heal so fast...
j924's Avatar j924 03:56 PM 11-06-2008
I had a day care child do that. Like your ds she jumped from a couch and just landed wrong. At first they couldn't see a break, but she kept all weight off of it so they brought her back a few days later and saw the break. She had a long cast for abot two weeks and then graduated to a shorter one. She couldn't figure out crutches but did well with the slide, hop crawl method when she needed to get around. She is now 9 (3 when it happened) and has no issues.
Ofwait's Avatar Ofwait 05:36 PM 11-06-2008
Thank you everone for your responses.

I was prepared to keep explaining what happened, as my friend a few years ago got grilled by the social worker when her daughter broke her arm, but they didn't.

Just yeah, typical of an active child etc. The nurse who did the splinting said her son did the same thing when he was 3.

Hes feeling a little better today, the swelling is starting to go down. He was crying this morning, and I went in to check, and he was upset because he didn't want to stand up so couldn't turn the light on. Hes been crawling, its rather cute.
LuxPerpetua 05:48 PM 11-06-2008
My dd broke her foot in the exact same place this summer (she was 2.5). She was casted for a month. Now, she's fine and still talks about the time she broke her foot as she takes another leap of the couch! Her cast did not slow her down one bit--I mean, she continued to climb, leap, run, jump, you name it.

Big hugs to you, though, mama! I think this kind of thing is harder on the moms than the kids. My dd screamed through her first set of x-rays and we had to have someone hold her down. I hated hated hated that. Thankfully, we had a better plan (letting me hold her and position her foot myself) and a better set of x-ray techs when we got her cast off so that went a lot better.
bl987ue's Avatar bl987ue 02:45 PM 11-07-2008
If he needs a cast, get one with a gore-tex liner, and then he can have his baths. Worth every penny!
Scullery's Avatar Scullery 03:12 PM 11-07-2008
No experience with broken bones, but I hope your little one feels better.