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momadance's Avatar momadance 08:30 PM 04-14-2004
Last night we watched Law and Order SUV together and it was abouuthis mother who shook her baby. She was against spanking and REALLY loved her baby, she just lost control for a minute. Well, it scared the shit out of me. Not because I think I'm capable of that, but because it made me think about all the regretable things I think I've done as a parent. ANd basically for ever feeling frustrated. Well, DH was just so sweet and comlimentary and just really made me feel like the awesome mom I am. I tend to be slightly insecure and overcritical of myself when it comes to mothering. I just wanted to brag about my man...

peacenlove's Avatar peacenlove 09:09 PM 04-14-2004

mommy2be's Avatar mommy2be 08:46 PM 04-17-2004
i find it refreshing that someone else adores their dh on here, im shocked to see how many mama's have jerky husbands!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 12:45 AM 04-18-2004

mommy2be, the people here whose marriages are fine and whose dh's are really dear, don't tend to post and gush.
MamaBug's Avatar MamaBug 12:00 PM 04-19-2004
That is wonderful!!!

Glad to hear another happy mama!
homemademomma 09:47 PM 04-19-2004
my dh is also amazing. . . his 1st priority is ALWAYS me and the baby, and he makes me feel beautiful when i get down on myself for being 30lbs over my prepregnant weight. he's perfect!!!

we're so lucky to have great partners! i couldn't do it w/out him!
Alenushka's Avatar Alenushka 11:18 PM 04-19-2004
I love my Dh
the only thing he could not tdo with babies is nursing.
He was and is jsut as loving and comforting
HE changed dipers and rocked them etc
He make awesome pot roast and the fmaily cake decorator
I lvoe him with all my heart, and I know I am not easy to lvie with
I ofthen woner why do epople marry jerks and have kids with them