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July 2006 > what's your due date?
Mama Poot's Avatar Mama Poot 03:27 PM 06-14-2006
My due date is July 31st!! ( Although I KNOW I will deliver before then )

shoefairy3's Avatar shoefairy3 12:41 PM 06-15-2006
Hello All

I am due to delivery #4 on July 18th....hopefully it will be sooner as the excitement of being preggo has worn off months ago...lol
miss_honeyb's Avatar miss_honeyb 11:44 AM 06-20-2006
Hi, I'm due July 8th with baby #3 (baby #2 is in heaven, though). These last couple weeks have been D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G! On top of it, DH's birthday is July 11th, so of course he's hoping I go 3 days LATE!! How insensitive!
JulesP's Avatar JulesP 02:20 PM 06-27-2006

I've posted a couple of times already, but here's my due date - 19th July.

I didn't find this forum until a week ago and I've been struggling to keep my mouth shut on really mainstream sites all the way through!
wubanub's Avatar wubanub 06:14 PM 06-29-2006
Im actually not due till August 5th but am having a csection on July 27th!
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